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  1. Lyrics that Make you think Promethean

    Not really lyrics, but this reminded me of Promethean so much, especially particular words that are, in-game, character traits and statistics: "His own face was in shadow, and he wore a wide-brimmed hat which somehow blended perfectly with the out-of-date cloak he affected; but I was subtly disquieted even before he addressed me. His form was very slight; thin almost to cadaverousness; and his voice proved phenomenally soft and hollow, though not particularly deep. He had, he said, noticed me several times at my wanderings; and he inferred that I resembled him in loving the vestiges of former years... ...As he spoke, I caught a glimpse of his face in the yellow beam from a solitary attic window. It was a noble, even a handsome, elderly countenance; and bore marks of a lineage and refinement unusual for the age and place. Yet some quality about it distrubed me almost as much as its features pleased me-perhaps it was too white, or too expressionless, or too much out of keeping with the locality, to make me feel easy or comfortable. Nevertheless I followed him; for in those dreary days my quest for antique beauty and mystery was all I had to keep my soul alive, and I reckoned it a rare favor of Fate to fall in with one whose kindred seekings seemed to have penetrated so much further than mine." -H.P.Lovecraft, "He" (first published in 1926)
  2. Researching questionable subjects...

    Most internet search engines won't bring up snuff even if you're looking for it. I still can't find a direct link for this "Pain Olympics" video that I've heard is floating on the net.However, keep in mind that googling Ed Gein or Carl Von Cosel will still bring up some gruesome results if you poke even just a little bit. I guess it's what you're looking for. But actual legit illegal snuff won't just pop up on the first page of the first search that you do.
  3. Frankenstein

    The movie wasn't bad - I would've watched a TV series based off if it. The first two books are AWESOME and I want the third one to hit the bookshelves, but my gut tells me I'll be waiting for a long time. I dunno if Koontz is still working on the trilogy, but if you have two out of three done, I'd like to think he'd want to see the trilogy written to completion.
  4. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    What the hell, time to toss my hat (and photo) in there. Been lurking long enough. LOL