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  1. WoD: Mirrors

    That's an interesting picture you found there.
  2. Getting Excited For Geist!!

    Sooo. Gonna add a Geist forum? Just curious.
  3. Getting Excited For Geist!!

    The quickstart is out and says a fair amount about the game.
  4. Harvest rules

    It's not in the core. Might be buried someplace in the other books, but I don't know. In my game we settled on Wyrd + Survival for gathering goblin fruit. I'd give folks bonus dice for the harvest bit of the hollow merit.
  5. Dancers in the Dusk

    I've read it, but I don't know that I count as an impartial judge.
  6. Nightstalkers

    What did you think of the Philly setting info? I haven't heard any comments, good or bad, on that section.
  7. Geist has a name....

    That's the name.
  8. Geist has a name....

    The real news is they let Skel back on the official forums!
  9. Some of the other authors and I have talked about how much better we like the nWoD simply because it is so much more consistent, especially the mechanics. oWoD really called for a lot of ST handwaving to get stuff done because of the amount of material that was all interconnected and the fuzziness that resulted from that. In nWoD this is not the case. More often than not, everything you need to know about how to interpret a situation or rule as an ST can be found in, at most, three books as opposed to 10+ with the oWoD. Now, that doesn't mean we all think the oWoD sucked, far from it. In fact, many of the references we throw in to nWoD books display our love for the old setting.
  10. Or maybe it just seems that way to you. I'm always wary when opinion is stated as fact.
  11. I have a comfy cross right here for you, dude. B-) Honestly, I don't understand constant complaints. If you don't like something, move on!
  12. Speaking as a "new guy," I actually ask questions about stuff that's already in print and try to be fairly thorough in my research just to make sure I'm not providing the same old info yet again or the same idea yet again. Obviously that doesn't always work, but I give it a go. I suspect lack of metaplot and the toolkit approach of nWoD accounts for less chatter in general. Certainly the market seems to have shrunk a bit and the economy is currently no one's friend. What seems to pop up more is people sharing what they've done with the material, which is better than 20 page long flame wars, IMO.
  13. What is Under the Worlds Biggest Rock?

    I'm pretty sure I swiped it from deivantart. Name of the piece is The Night of Cats and Crows and it's by Quick2.
  14. What is Under the Worlds Biggest Rock?

    If I remember correctly, its in Saturnine Night.