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  1. Nightstalkers

    The Cainite heresy was vague. I've been pondering a changeling equivalent to ghoul families, but naahhh. The .pdf hasn't been looked at on my computer for well over a month now.
  2. Atmospheric Music

    I am now a fan of Emilie Autumn. The track "Organ Grinder" convinced me.
  3. Changeling Powers and Clothing

    I agree with Ciran Kiahi on this one. Normal clothes do not bear fae properties, and so a gargantuan increasing his stature would indeed rip his clothes. Hedgespun raiment might be an exception, but I saw nothing stating that in the core book or any other. Personally, I would make hedgespun raiment an exception to reality and let it change along with its owner.
  4. Cannibalism

    I'm generally opposed to sarcasm, but I couldn't help myself. I was hungry I was thinking something along the lines of maybe a group of chimpanzee changelings. They might embody chimpanzees as hunters, according to studies into their habit of chasing and killing monkeys. This large motley might go out on secret "wild hunts" of their own, chasing down privateers, loyalists and other enemies of the freehold, and maybe - just maybe - the changeling officials are unaware of this.
  5. Cannibalism

    I eat meat. I like meat. But I hate the whole concept of factory farming. Undue stress on the animals, not to mention the slaughterhouses. We should eat children and juvenile delinquents. Spare the livestock the horrors of the blade for a day. In any case, let's think of ways cannibalism could factor into Changeling. Story hooks, characters, what have you.
  6. I made it up. As I said, that's how I look at it. It's my fault for not clarifying, sorry about that.
  7. I don't have the core book with me right now (I know, for shame, for shame), but here's how I look at it. The mask merely hides the changeling's true appearance (their mein). The mask is just a glamour-fueled disguise to make them appear as normal as possible. The mask doesn't work on the following: Children The mentally disturbed Fae entities Mages Ensorcelled mortals And the mask slowly weakens as the number of changelings in a certain area increases. If there's one changling in a grocery store, for example, his mask works perfectly well. But if there's say, five or so changelings within close proximity, the mask of each weakens just a tiny bit. A draconic's horns may show ever so slightly alongside her long tongue, or the facial hair of a farwalker will appear longer and thicker and his teeth grow more dagger-like. Should a whole crowd of changelings appear, then their masks may vanish completely. I like to think of this as "changeling radiation", like krypton's damaging rays affecting superman.
  8. Changeling Character Conceptathon

    She's the cutest girl around. Brown ponytail, thick eyebrows, straight nose, a wide mouth with full lips and a killer body to match her steel gray eyes. She's always at some party when she's not studying, and she always finds the biggest asshole with the popped collar and takes him to her apartment. When no one can find him days later, she shrugs and says he went home. Truth of the matter is, she's got diamond gears for teeth, accentuating her marble skin all too well. She's been overpowering the local alpha males with ease and devouring them alive, her teeth spinning through bone and gristle like a power drill through water. She's the cannibal co-ed.
  9. Atmospheric Music

    Here are some good bands to remember: Man Man - Dreams, flights of fancy and lighthearted tales. The occasional sad story also fits this band. The Lonesome Organist - Arcadian realms, dreams and going through memories faded by the ravages of time. Rasputina - The very epitome of fae song. Versatile with the range of songs they've played. Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Good for eerie backwater chronicles, especially for hedge towns and other isolated locales. Those Poor Bastards - Same as Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks.
  10. Triple Kiths, Anyone?

    D: In the words of Drinky Crow: "You're a real brass cupcake, you are!"
  11. Ettumu: The Were-spiders

    Okay, WtF didn't really catch my interest at first, but your idea really strikes my fancy. With spiders, the females tend to be much larger than the males. Does this scientific fact factor into Ettumu biology at all?
  12. Triple Kiths, Anyone?

    Indeed. I saw the three-kiths idea and was a little too unsure. To me, the character concept is quite possibly the most important part, but the kiths are meant to reinforce that concept in a peculiar way. In fact, mixing and matching kiths can be a great way of producing really unique concepts. Angelus Morningstar's Kith Compendium lists the Diremaw, an Ogre kith that can burp a gout of flame. I could combine that with the Stonebones kith. Now, the question I ask myself then is: How did these two kiths combine to produce this unique individual? From there I can produce a rather bizarre concept for a character. Chances are, the Diremaw/Stonebones changeling was taken by the Manherd and used like a heated rock to cook his meals. But the potential to abuse the three-kith idea is all too possible. Also, how does your merit work, precisely?
  13. I couldn't think of any more poll choices. In Winter Masques (p.98-99), there are optional kith rules for granting Changelings a third kith. I was just wondering if any of you allow for this kind of thing in your games. Idle curiousity, really.
  14. Hunters in Mage/Changeling

    I was responding to Infocalypse. I should've quote his post, sorry. I have Witch Hunters already. I was just wondering what kind of game Infocalypse is running. Whether it was all about combat, mainly politics, &c.
  15. Hunters in Mage/Changeling

    Check the "Design a Hunter" thread for an example of a potential Changeling hunter. Does your group prefer combat, or does it use social networking to its advantage?