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  1. Seers of the Throne

    Chapter 1: A History of Loyalty. History of the Seers from their POV. Chapter 2: Kings of the Lie. Exarchs and Ministries. Chapter 3: Serving the Exarchs. Traditions, philosophies, dogma. Chapter 4: Heads of the Hydra. Fractions, Methodologies and Legacies. Chapter 5: Gifts of the Exarchs. Magic, imbued items, Artefacts. Appendix: Antagonists. What it says. I liked it. I also now want to introduce the Pantechnicon into my game and see if I can disturb the Libertines.
  2. A day in the life of a slave!

    What do the Seers of the Throne do? In my games mostly try to stop the Diamond Orders from destroying the world. While most Seers see themselves as priests their attitude is more "I LIKE this world. You want to destroy it and make youself gods in the process. Tell me, what is the difference between you and the Scelestus we just iced?"
  3. World of Darkness: Dogs of War

    :icon6: Imagine the target orders. "300m, 1/4 Right, four enemy, left of bloody furball." "You numpty, that furball is the CSM"
  4. Oh OK. I'm just used to the term being applied to people who abuse the rule system as opposed to someone who actually ignores it. Also I agree with Skel. Try again without the cheat. Then tell us how it works out. Edited: Because I can't proof read.
  5. World of Darkness: Dogs of War

    :017blush: Ok now I just feel like a wanker. I'm sitting here whinging about not getting enough mention in a book I'm reading, and I didn't even consider the idea of not getting enough mention in a book I'm writing. That's just not cricket. Of that I have no doubt. The book almost did that anyway. It is kind of a blessing-in-disguise though, as I can change things without players contradicting me. Well civie ones anway. A fully kitted-out infantry section could pink-mist an Uratha without air support (7 assault rifles, 2 machine guns, GLA's Claymores, 66's and HE grenades will rip anything to shreds - I don't care what your Primal Urge is or how much Essence you're burning to regenerate). I don't fear Uratha because their regenerating killing machines. I fear Uratha because Lunacy will make 90% of people who see it fall into blind panic. On the other hand 90% of the enemy fall into blind panic as well. Be grateful of small mercies.
  6. NPCs Bank

    Name: Willie Clan: Ventrue Coventant: Ordo Dracul/Way of the Locust Concept: Jaded Nice-Girl Apparent Age: Mid 30's Embrace: 2008 (In game year 2012) Humanity: 3 Virtue/Vice: Justice/Pride Quote: Actually I do know what you have done. Believe me. It is nothing to what I have done in this thing you call the Requiem. She always had very black and white views of morality. This was right. That was wrong. It got her into trouble but this only served to reinforce her beliefs. She was however very persuasive. While studying Law a Lecturer once remarked "Don't become a Lawyer. It would kill you. You have the soul of an activist, law would destroy that." She ignored him. She become one of the many lawyers working to try and "take down" big business on behalf of the little guy. She become one of the few to actually do well. Her legal skills did not attract her sire however. In fact she doesn't no what did attract her sire as he was "VIIed" only a week after she was embraced and she never got around to ask. After her sire's death she threw herself fully into reforming kindred society and rose quickly through the Carthian ranks. At least until she frenzied. She was horrified by the destruction she had wrought, partly in remorse for the damage she had done, but mostly because it was wrong. It was random senseless violence, and it violated every tenant of the strict moral code she had lived (and unlived) by. She retreated into isolation from over a year and when she return it was as a member of a new Covenant, the Ordo Dracul. While in retreat Willie first sought a way to control the beast, beat it into submission. The beast was wrong it was immoral. Never mind that the beast wasn't cognitive enough to have any morality at all. When she met a neonate of the Ordo that was naive enough to talk openly about the coils to a member of another covenant, not stupid enough to teach them the coils just talk about them, she left at the chance. Still one thing disturbed her. All the training she received taught that the beast was part of her, a violent mindless part, but a part nonetheless. Worse the training worked they were right. This shattered Willie. The immorality of the beast came from her. It is said no-one thinks of themself as evil unless they are reflecting on the past. Willie decided that she, while not evil couldn't be moral. After all, a moral person would not perform any immoral act, regardless of motivation. So she swore she would act in accord with her own desires. Be they righteous or damnable, lofteous courage or most craven cowardess, her acts would be her own and she would set herself above all. The Locust Knight who had been watching in twilight (he had a thing for voyerism and fragile women in life, death did nothing to quell this) was amazed. This neonate had effective invented the Locust Oath (OK not really but its close enough). He appeared and offered her a position. To his further surprise she didn't panic (after all he had obviously been spying on her when she thought she was alone) but instead replied "What's in it for me?" Thus began Willie's career as a Locust Knight. Role Playing Notes: You still believe in absolute morality. You still feel it applies to everyone. Especially you. Whats worse for people trying to reform you is your moral compass is the same as theirs. You just ignore it. You cannot be convinced what your doing is wrong because you know its wrong. You don't care. Your still a nice-girl if you have no reason to be otherwise and the few friends you have you defend with zeal. You still like people, most of them anyway, but if someone gives you a reason to kill them you do it without remorse, or sometimes even anger which some people find more frightening. p.s. Sorry about the non-flowiness (I know that isn't a word but you understood it) of the character portrait but that is basically how I right them. Short sharp sentences I can use to remind myself of key points.
  7. Sex in the City

    Oh... My... God... That is too priceless. Consider it pinched for another thing i can make my poor PC's role frenzy on. Err... once I find a new group anyway
  8. World of Darkness: Dogs of War

    Mumble... US centrism only giving Aust four frikken lines... Aust centrism not complaining about the fact they did it to everyone else. /Mumble In our defence their is only 22Million people in Austrlia so instead of having lots of personnel we try to have really good personnel. OK slash bitching. I loved this book. I remember a couple of Sergeants at RTC that I'm sure had high levels of Fleeting Autumn (and Fleeting Summer for that matter) so... Still, while the idea of the enemy having Uratha go Garou in the middle of a firefight scares me, it doesn't scare me nearly as much as the idea of my side having Uratha go Garou in the middle of a firefight.
  9. Munchkin, the term is Munchkin. Other than the cores do you have any of the supplements, I'm thinking more blue book supplements than game-line specific ones but you work with what you've got. Edit: To fix stupid spelling
  10. Visualizing the Cosmology

    Yes. Yes I do. MtA pp. 283: The Underworld (To be honest it actually took me far to long to find this quote ) Yes, I am aware that it doesn't say The Underworld itself is in the Shadow, merely its entrances. This is however where the idea comes from.
  11. Ideas for "Shadows of" books!

    Yes!!! Question though. Would the Rainbow Serpent be a True Fae of some kind of Uber-Spirit?
  12. Riddles..

    Of Course! It's so simple! Why didn't I think of that?
  13. Riddles..

    A splinter. Doh! Why did that take so long to get?
  14. Riddles..

    As previous post, need harder riddles. Ok This riddle involves knowledge of various trees. I know the answers to some but not all The Tree Riddle What's the sociable tree, and the dancing tree, And the tree that is nearest the sea; The most yielding tree, the busiest tree, And the tree where ships may be? The languishing tree, the least selfish tree, And the tree that bears a curse; The chronologist's tree, the fisherman's tree, And the tree like an Irish nurse? The tell-tale tree, and the traitor tree, And the tree that's the warmest clad; The layman's restraint, and the housewife's tree, And the tree that makes one sad? The tree that with death befrights you, The tree that your wants would supply, The tree that to travel invites you, And the tree that forbids you to die? The tree that will fight, and the tree that obeys you, And the tree that never stands still; The tree that got up, and the tree that is lazy, And the tree neither up nor down hill? The tree to be kissed, and the dandiest tree, The tree guiding ships to go forth; The tree of the people, the unhealthiest tree, And the tree whose wood faces north? The tree in a battle, the tree in a fog, And the tree that bids the joints pain; The terrible tree when schoolmasters flog, And the tree a mother and child do name. The emulous tree, the industrious tree, And the tree that warms mutton when cold; The reddest brown tree and the reddest blue tree, And the tree one becomes ere one's old? The treacherous tree, the contemptible tree, The tree to which wines are inclined; The tree that causes each townsman to flee, And what round fair ankles are twined? The tree that's entire, and the tree that is split, The tree half given by doctors when ill; The tree that we offer to friends when we meet, And the tree we may use as a quill? The tree that's immortal, and the trees that are not, And the tree that must pass through the fire; The tree that in Latin can ne'er be forgot, And in English we all most admire? The Egyptian plague tree, the tree that is dear, And what round itself doth entwine; The tree that in billiards must ever be near, And the tree that by Cockneys is turned into wine?
  15. Riddles..

    Mumble, must find harder riddles, mumble. For Changelings "What can you keep after giving to someone else?"