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  1. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    The essentials line interests me, if for no other reason than I'm getting tired of heavy, costly hardcover game books. D&D does it, White Wolf does it, and it gets heavy to carry from house to house and game to game. I like Savage Worlds a lot these days because the books are small (and Necessary Evil is both awesome and hilarious) and easy to carry. I really do enjoy 4e D&D (currently running a home Eberron game and playing in the Dark Sun Encounters preview), but it would be nice to have smaller, lighter books, and if I get MORE content in that package, bonus. As for While Wolf, I imagine at this point that they are putting all the resources into the WoD MMO. After that (rather large) product is done, the print schedule will pick back up some.
  2. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Good point. They do a lot via 1099, so the measure of development would be if they stop getting work.
  3. "All Things Are Born Of Darkness"

    I might. But probably not.
  4. I've just noticed that it seems like their only releases lately have been PDF, and the release schedule for both World of Darkness and Exalted seems to have slowed a lot. Think this is just a response to the slow economy, the merger, or maybe a bad sign? I just don't want WoTC to be the only 'big game company' left out there...
  5. Simple question: Sap Gloves

    Damage Size Durability Cost Notes Brass Knuckles 1( 1/P 3 • Strength + Brawl* Sap Gloves 1( 1/P 3 • Strength + Brawl* Dragon Knuckles 0(L) 1/P 3 • Strength + Brawl* [/code] So, in short, Amory contradicts the core book. It is about what I thought, however.
  6. Psychic or Thaumaturge?

    I have Psychics keep the Sheep-Goat effect, but take away the need to 'trance' or 'mediate' for their powers to work. They work now. However, if there is ONE other major supernatural template critter (Vamp, Werewolf, Mage, etc) the Sheep-Goat effect vanishes. The 'bigger things' still get their extra resistance, but it gives the Psychics a slightly better chance (and substitutes for H:tV that I don't have).
  7. I got a simple question. In the core book, they mention both Brass Knuckles (+1) and Sap Gloves (+3) as equipment for brawling. In the weapons chart, they list Brass Knuckles (cost 1) but not Sap Gloves. In the real world, Sap gloves are the same cost (if not cheaper) than brass knuckles. Is there a book that lists Sap Gloves and what they do or do not do. If not, I was thinking that Brass Knuckles might only be a +1 at the cost of 1, but gain Knockout as an ability, where Sap Gloves are just a +3 with no extras at a cost of 1 or 2. Their main advantage is balance and not interfering with grappling/manipulation like the knuckles do. Thanks.
  8. Death 3 and the Soul, question

    OK, the default duration of the spell is lasting. I assume you can make one with concentration or prolonged duration with creative thaumaturgy, if one wished. Just curious if a Disciple of Death could do a short term soul extraction if needed.
  9. I just got a quick question here. Say you use Death 3 magic to remove a soul. If you dispel your own magic, does that return the soul to the original body or does getting it back in take Spirit magic?
  10. is still alive but working 3 jobs...

  11. is still alive but working 3 jobs...

  12. An interesting coincidence...

    Interesting... I can see what you're saying. In this line of WoD, however, they do a much better job at keeping the detials vague enough to leave any crossover (if any) up to the ST and not have a metaplot forcing crossovers on us. I like that. Give me the ability to have different games work different ways.
  13. What are the WW forums like?

    Oh, well... consider that part of my analysis invalid then. I haven't really been there in about 2 years except for occasional topic searches to see if I could answer my own question.
  14. What are the WW forums like?

    My experience with the actual WW forums are a mixed bag. Part of it stems from population. In any given population, the higher it is, the higher the corresponding percentage of frakking idiots you'll find. So, the forums with higher populations (basic nWoD, Vampire) have more idiots, ones like Mage and Werewolf have less, and Bitch, Whine and Moan have all the rest. It depends on what you want to do there, really. Some areas are more helpful than others. Skel is very right about the Banstick however. Conrad uses that for everything. Dissenting opinions (realistic discussions of racism, politics, and don't be a conservative) get banned the quickest, outside of actual offenses like trolling, flaming, race baiting, etc.
  15. wii friends

    Wii # - 5196 2827 3894 4885 I think. I e-mailed myself with it, so I think that's it. Still not sure how this block works. Got it used with no manual.