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  1. Claw Vs Bite

    well wolves do claw at there prey but i see what your saying, but don't forget you have to get close to some one to bite them and when you do you open yourself to attack, but you can claw at some one with out making your self open to attack. also the whole putting something strange in your mouth thing.
  2. starwars D20

    ok so my buddy starting a star wars game. i have never played it before so i could use some help with making a character so im making a jedi (shocking) human, kinda a wild man, hunter type of jedi. (need a good planet for him to come from to) i want him to be more of a lightsaber jedi then force user. hes going to use two lightsabers or to be more precise two light-Shoto's i need some help with picking feats, Force Powers, and talents. that would fit him. any ideas? plz help
  3. Looking for a game in London

    there alway online. but there really should be a website to fine gaming groups. you can try here http://www.rpggamefind.com/
  4. character builder

    i mean for ppl new to new (or old) world, i was watching 3 ppl make vampires and it took them like 2 hrs. and i was thinking a program might help speed things up... also this... 1. What is important to the character? 2. What is the character's primary goal? 3. How is the character connected to the group? 4. Why does he care about the group? 5. What are the people closest to the character? ...is all true, but this ^ should be something you think about with every character you make no matter what game you are playing. also 95? how old are you bro?
  5. character builder

    so am i the only one who wants there to be a character builder for new world like wizards of the coast did for DnD 4E?