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  1. Obama's 2nd Term

    Note: Much of my knowledge on the topic is from Colbert and Jon Stewart, which are a little biased. I am really glad that Obama won. A lot of what Romney and other republicans said was unsettling and sometimes rather stupid. I know everyone says stupid things sometimes and that being in the spotlight emphases all one does that is wrong. However, the comment about opening windows on an aeroplane concerned me. I am a female scientist so anything that looks like inequality or anti-science bothers me. On an interesting point, so many of my Australian friends cared about this election and all wanted Obama to win. I was wondering if many actual Americans I am in contact with felt differently.
  2. Public transport where you are

    So, this is in response to a query from Saint Michael about public transport in Australia. I figured it was a topic deserving of its own post due to the likelihood that everyoine has always wondered (or more accurately that I ought to prevent the tangent from the other thread from getting more tangential). So I live in Sydney and the trains here are quite good. I personally like to live near a station since I like catching the train. Most of the trainline is above ground so the views usually start at okay and go towards quite nice. On my trip to work I get to go over the harbour bridge and get a very pretty view of Sydney harbour. Some suburbs don't have train stations so to get to them one must catch a bus (or ferry) or drive. Still, I know plenty of adults around my age who live in Sydney and have never learned to drive due to being able to get everywhere with public transport. Apart from getting around in Sydney, we have trains that go to the airport (domestic and international) as well as trains to other states like Queensland and Victoria. I don;t know about the train lines in the middle or West of Australia though having only gone to South Australia by plane and never having been to the Northern Territory or to Western Australia. Two more things! 1) Where I grew up was about a ten minute drive from the nearest station or shops. Also, the public transport there was pretty bad with only a few train stations and unreliable buses. Everyone from my high school learned to drive about as young as they could since it meant we could then be more independent. 2) Melbourne (in Victoria) has lots of trams which beat the buses and trains to a metalic pulp (can pulp be metalic?) since they run along the roads, thus getting to more areas than trains, but they are not held up by traffic like buses are. So... what about where other people live? Feel free to add stories about public transport etiquette or horror stories!
  3. So...it's been what? Two years?

    What's that? Time for a thread dedicated to public transport in the void? I agree! (mainly so I don't continue the hijacking of the thread). Anyways I will go start a thread there.
  4. When we were young

    Not sure if anyone else is keen to add to this but I stumbled upon the thread and thought it was a cute idea. I am the one holding the kitten. The Christmas before my parents had told us we could each choose a kitten from the RSPCA. This one was mine, Nekoko. At first we were told she was a male, but male tortoiseshells are rare and it later came out (when we took her for desexing) that she was female. She died this year but had lived a very good life and was well loved. The photo was taken in 1994 when we were playing a game that we were beggars. That makes me about 9. The blonde next to me is a next door neighbour who was like a sister (about 5 here, I think), the one behind her *is* my sister (about 12) and the one behind me is a girl from our school (about 11).
  5. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Heh I am too used to Sydney and the joys of public transport here. My first thought was 'that's fine, there are probably trains!' then I recalled it being said that the best way to see America is by car. That perhaps means that many places cannot be reaches without one. I can drive in Australia but would be kinda scared to drive there for a few reasons. 1. Driving on the wrong side of the road and with different rules 2. A dislike of driving in busy areas in general 3. Supernatural and all the scary things that happen on long drives along highways.
  6. So...it's been what? Two years?

    I too have skype... although I read that one must pay to do group chats on skype. I use gmail chat for group chats with my family. But yes, this is doable if it is of a weekend and we can figure out those pesky timezones. Washington, your location says. Well I will probably be nearer than usual come February. Likely to be attending a conference in Colorado with a couple of days stopping in San Francisco methinks. I wanted to go to many places but my work is weird about taking personal leave with conference leave (read: they don't allow more than 1-3 days) so with only a few days I thought it made sense to go somewhere I would otherwise be having a stopover. That meant California or Texas. Anyways since I am external, everything over there looks close.
  7. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Yay for internet hugs! Two of them! *happy dance* Zeroninja, did you actually hug your monitor? Or whatever device you are connecting via? Sometimes I do that. It worked so much better with the big, chunky monitors. Laptops are so angular! Thanks Saint Michael. Being back is nice (and so long overdue). I have been needing more ways to spend time on route to work and during lunch breaks.
  8. Chilling Scenes: the Hedge Edition

    Laraqua, I love the waterfall idea. It literally made me shiver.
  9. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Nice to see a familiar...icon? I too vanished for quite a while but it is nice to see people I know upon return :-)
  10. Money

    It has been a while so I feel a bit out of the loop. Still, I donated $25 for upgrade (Upgrayedd!).
  11. Help Creating a Character

    Not sure if this is too horribly late to be of help. I don't know what info you have access to but I imagine it would make sense to do it as a character sheet. For most nWod you can build a character as a mortal then add the special stuff in. I find I enjoy the back story more than choosing stats and I imagine the LARP would suit that well. My ideal character for this would be inspired by red riding hood. A woman who appears normal but becomes a ravenous beast when innocents are encountered. The wolf was not dressed as grandma the wolf was grandma. Perhaps she gained control and was able to attack her keeper thus finding her way back. This way she could choose when to 'turn'. Or perhaps she escaped by other means and still cannot control her animal urges. I guess it depends on how damaged you want your character to be. Could be a simple misunderstanding due to the keeper always hunting by full moon and this was therefore when the character was most aware of wolfish nature. Do let me know if this is still current, I am very happy to discuss ideas!
  12. Naww, thanks for the comment! My PhD thesis has eaten my life. Is due in less than 2 months so my internet is mostly restricted to reading scientific journals and emails. I miss forum too :-(

  13. Your presence on this forum is sorely missed, lady.

  14. Hey there Sweet Cheeks. How have you been lately?

  15. Strange Question

    To (sorta) follow Von Bredow, The songs I can't avoid dancing to are Push it by Garbage and Canned heat by Jamiroquai. Also a few bachata songs.