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  1. Grim Fears...

    And I think this is one of the most wrong-headed statements you could make about fairy tales you could make. Darklings are the classic representation of the person who made the bargain with the fairy world willingly, and got bit in the ass for it. Not that you can't do that with other changelings to a point, but the emphasis of self-damning and even self-redemption via revenge/etc -- as antagonists in other ways -- is drastically missing from this book. Honestly, I think this caters to people who expect fairies to be mostly pretty and terrible, and that's an under-representation to what Faerie is capable of producing. Or maybe they just think the players of the Big Three are shallow and won't be interested if the characters aren't monstrous in the extreme or monstrously sexy? I don't know. I just know that I was disappointed in the book, and think that for an NPC book it's very limited in scope, period. This is fine for me, but I think it might give folks who are looking into Changeling via this book for their chronicles are going to get a very limited view of it from this source. Also, I think being told that I should 'use my imagination' or modify the crunch is a fucking insult because it was diverting from my complaint entirely, but I doubt I'll get an apology. That wasn't the point, it was never the point, and trying to make it the point only proves that nobody has an answer as to the legitimate complaint and would rather not have their work questioned. Sorry, I have this problem -- I think for myself, and I'm not afraid of saying, "This book was subpar and White Wolf could have done better."
  2. Grim Fears...

    Wow. I didn't expect such a vehement and downright hostile reply to my view of the book. Guess I know better now.
  3. Grim Fears...

    I think this is the weakest book they've ever put out. I'm sad to say this, but it's riddled with errors, the new kiths are near completely extraneous, and the focus on 'pretty things of Faerie' got aggravating fast. I realize the game's subtitle is 'A Game of Beautiful Madness', but this went overboard. Let's look at the Changeling antagonists that we see in game. We have some really spiffy ideas (I loved the wizened poisoner), but we have a serious lean toward Fairest. We get two wizened, two beasts (one new kith), five Fairest (FOUR NEW KITHS!!), one elemental, and one ogre. Not. One. Darkling. At. All. Guys. Guys. Not all the bad guys need to be pretty. In fact, I don't want most of them to be lovely. There is more to Faerie then beauty. That's the point! Either way -- some very interesting ideas. I think Consus was made specifically for those who are running the Miami setting and want to throw a wrench in it (not a bad idea!), The Boy King is effing SCARY but I love the homage of 'Where The Wild Things Are' (he would have been an awesome idea for my Twin Child Keepers from the Gentle Keepers thread since they were along a similar idea), and the two fighting styles are rather neat. Social combat! What a concept! Anyway; thoughts on this? Anybody? Anybody? I would give this book a 5/10, sadly -- the NPC content is good, but a lot of the stuff that's presented with/around them is not, and the glut of Fairest really makes me go, "Oh, C'MON now!" So does the lack of Darklings ANYWHERE. The new kiths were either ridiculously narrow, or just sort of silly. Minstrel? Good. Larcener probably should have been Wizened. Romancer -- eh, it's okay. Riddleseeker? Would have rather seen Coyote's merit used/tweaked. Playmate -- err, the jury's still out on that but it doesn't look that great; I think that also could have been tweaked to better use for Wizened as well. Children are more spiteful then anything on earth -- putting it into Fairest as the Ideal Child/Friend -- ehhh, I'm not sold on that at all.)
  4. Lost vs. Dreaming

    Dreaming has some rabid fans. I'm one of them. *pets her box full of Dreaming books* But -- for me, Lost is superior for a thousand reasons, and not all of them thematic. Dreaming was a broken game on a broken system, required extensive houseruling to really make work in a fair sense, and we could go on about the whole racist ethnocentricity that stymied creativity in the game... But I think it speaks for itself. I love the game. FLAWS INCLUSIVE! But -- Lost is a superior game. People who can't recognize that have their own damage. But that's fine! Love it! Play it! Just shut up and let me enjoy MY OTHER FAERIE GAME TOO OKAY?
  5. Latest closedown in more detail

    I'd totally be a GM for good money. O_O The hell do you sign up for that job?
  6. New Project: Shadows of Utah

    I'm not sure what goes on the rez, but I know that Utah's VERY anti-gambling; I don't think the local Utes have sunk to turning the rez into casino central, and I'm honestly proud of them for that. However, there are several places (most notably advertised, Wendover, Nevada) that are like tiny Vegas strips just -- crapped on the border between Utah and Nevada. Folks I know travel there every weekend to booze and gamble. They don't head to the rez. More research would have to be done, but I will work on it. However, I really have to emphasize that the LDS got on with the natives and there were no conflicts until the Feds stepped in and said RED PEOPLE ON OUR LAND? NEVER!
  7. Gentlemen.

    I had been planning to donate from yesterday's paycheck. I like SnE. And then I got fired, and saving my money for rent became paramount. Sorry, folks.
  8. Lost vs. Dreaming

    And now in my Shiny Copy of Equinox Roads, we get FURTHER information about playing Fae and the great immortal games. Makes me happy.
  9. Going by the rules...?

    Donor's area. It wasn't a big donation, but still -- Uhm, I'd like to find out more about what's going to happen and it seems to be happening here. ...or maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. Help?
  10. New Project: Shadows of Utah

    The only way the Utes are represented in the state of Utah anymore is that in football teams. While historically, the state had excellent peaceful relations with the tribes... the US Government eventually stepped in and spoiled that. Hell, the LDS Church asked the local tribes, "Hey, do care if we settle by that salty, dead lake there?" Native Americans had no problem with it, and here we are. Alas, though -- the culture of the Native American has been marginalized here as much as anywhere. That's not to say you won't see some-- but don't expect it to be dominant. The LDS Culture, Greek culture (we have a HUGE Greek population) and Asian culture (also large here) is more likely to be represented then Indian, because most have left for the reservation. Utah is extremely 'whitewashed'; that's a sad truth, but that's the simple fact of it. History has never been kind to the Native, even when the local settlers here really had no beef or damage to deal to them. Eventually, the federal government stepped in to screw everything up.
  11. New Project: Shadows of Utah

    I do believe the historical section that the boyfriend and I will be writing up -- which is more mortal history then I really care to go into, honestly -- will clarify a great deal, teach you all about things in Westward Expansion that you forgot since high school, and dissuade people from talking rubbish about religious theocracies in the desert. Seriously, guys: the more folks talk, the more ignorance of history seems to get displayed, and the more pissed off I get. If I feel like this is going to be nothing but bagged on for 'lack of...' religious theocracies, intolerance, whatever, the less likely I am to finish it. So, could we please keep this to CHANGELING: THE LOST thematic and crunch discussion without the bounds of material as presented, and not state history -- especially when many of you seem woefully uninformed about Utah's state history, since, I guess none of you have fucking lived here??? Thanks. It's appreciated it.
  12. [NEWS] Equinox Road Preview

    I can see the Victors hating the Golden Standard as the real thing loathes a posuer, yes... Might make for some excellent conflict.
  13. [NEWS] Equinox Road Preview

    This is a bit too much like the Bearers of the Golden Standard for my taste. Sure, there are less sycophants involved, but... Still, don't we have a 'look at me, I'm awesome!' Entitlement already?
  14. Books beyond Changeling?

    I am A-OK with expansion and not being a 'full line'. Honestly, most of what's cranked out for the other books is drek that I wouldn't be interested in anyway.