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  1. And so we return again

    Wow, this place brings back memories from a decade ago. Good to see it up and running again. Cheers, Chris..

    Thanks. I don't know if I'll be doing any more soon but I believe Promethean has a section where GMs can DIY their own monsters called pandorans. Just add some features together and I'm sure you can create migo or fire vampires. Cheers, Chris.
  3. VII

    Damn. I'll try and reset the attachment soonest. Annoying. Nah, scrub that. Actually, the easiest answer for me is if you PM me your email addresses and I'll mail them to you all. Later peeps. C.
  4. VII

    Yes, I created two new VIIs, the first Seven on the premise that there were originally seven clans, two of which - the Mianglo and Nululu, the oldest and youngest Clans, respectively - had been hunted into extinction in proto-Babylonean vampiric prehistory. The Discipline powers of the Mianglo kept the remnants of the two clans "alive" but sleeping in the other five Clans. Every so often when some vampire would fail his Bloodline initiation there was a chance the Nululu or Mianglo blood would resuscitate up and take over the vampire's original now-weakened Clan. The second VII was a political Roman cult of Camarilla who had long tracked together evidence of this happening and formed a "fake" VII (which is how the Roman numerals become identified with VII). The VII used the myths of the Seven to cover their tracks with assassinations. Unfortunately the VII had a strict kill-any-vampires-who-know policy that might uncover their dirty deeds, including any emerging Mianglo and Nululur. I posted it up here on Shadownessence but those articles were wiped clean a while ago. Sorry. Cheers, Chris. I speak filthy lies, here it is. Just click on that pages link to download the PDF. C.
  5. What new WoD clan for the Tzimisce?

    I just recreated Tzimisce as a Nosferatu bloodline called the Savesence and instead of a Discipline they had sort-of spell-like Devotions for their fleshcrafting effects. C.
  6. Prefered Apocalypse

    I would like the Masquerade to be broken and vampires are hounded and torched by angry mobs. "Damn, Willy! That guy went up like a match head! This is fun." C.
  7. New Covenants!

    I wrote up a chunk for a Muslim Covenant. I called them Haramim. They had there own interpretation of the Five Pillars and the Qu'ran. They had factions which represented the older Covenant that came before. They had some easy-to-use one-trick-pony powers. C.
  8. I'm sexier too. Blame him? I sympathise with his feeling of being continually baited by people suffering from the gamer equivalent Apserger's Syndrome. C.
  9. That would be nice. Sure, what you wrote is your baby. But I cannot arbitrarily comment on someone's take on any WW book. I am only trying to put the argument into terms that everyone can relate to: product, supply, and consumers. I try and take a step back and look at it the whole argument as a model. Fair enough. I'm prettier than you. I think this thread has soured him somewhat. C.
  10. I think Temple answered this dilemma the best. I, in no way, ever dismissed your or Wood's ability to write or enjoy the product you create except maybe the allusion that it is yours. It is not. It all belongs to White Wolf. As creators for work-for-hire do not have any legitimate claim to work White Wolf has bought. I believe is that the tone of the posts on this thread may have coloured your reaction to my posts. I tried to outline the reasons of the argument from both sides in a fair and non-judgemental way. There was no subtext other than the one of individual interpretation. Wood, when did I attack your writing ability? That's why they're so filled with banter. Everyone is, unfortunately, entitled to their own opinions, no matter how they're expressed. As consumers of White Wolf product, they possess an undeniable validation to criticise the product they have purchased in any way they see fit. That is not a tautolgy. A tautology is a useless repitition (unless the values have been previously altered or expressed differently): blood-drinking vampire is a tautology, as is dead corpse, fairy changeling, male widower, or poor beggar. If someone does not like a specific product or service, it is not incorrect to declare it wrong. Appreciation of the product or service is based on an unobjectifiable subjective experience (hey, I did a tautology). To reiterate: everyone is entitled to keep on repeating the same criticisms and responses as long and much as they can. Instead of reacting to negative criticism or uninformed opinions analyse what is being said and respond to it or not. You are absolutely right in one thing, though. It is just a game. It is purely a tool for entertainment. C.
  11. This is actually a cost versus value issue. People that buy the books expect something they can use in their games (or, as it seems, just for reading enjoyment). If the consumers of White Wolf product do not feel that they are getting their money's worth, they feel they have bought an inferior product. However, if Bloodlines sell the majority of Requiem books, you can expect to see more Bloodlines in the future. Personally I feel Bloodlines as a concept are getting really stale - a flogged, dead horse. So, given that future Requiem product will feature at least three new Bloodlines, I look to what other information is available in any given product. No, I do not buy this vague marketting conceit of the Toolbox. I expect all product to have a greater or lesser impact in my game. While I do not dismiss any opinion of White Wolf writing staff or freelancers out of hand, I do see their commitment is skewed to protecting their continual employement. I will not classify them as corporate shills, just people protecting their potential of future income. C.
  12. I agree. The arbitrary hand-waving of bloodlines as proof of bad playing is absurd. I think Guardians of Order summed it up best with this disclaimer: Power-gaming is not a system problem, it is a player problem. C.
  13. I with Agasha Kumiko on this one. You have a choice of which bloodlines to use or discard. What you all should do is run down all the bloodlines and make a list of the one's you, as ST, will use in your game. Then post your lists here and then we can see which are the most popular and which are the most loathed. From there, we can try and model a Dos and Don'ts of "good" and "bad" bloodlines. My issue is that many new bloodlines are bland with only spurious rationales of origin and existence. I wouldn't mind new bloodlines if I found they had better texture instead of seeming like a flimsy vehicle for carrying a new spiffy Discipline. It comes off a little stale. I think the general negativity is a reaction to the glut of bloodlines as a marketable product. The problem is that the negativity throws off appreciation of new and worthwhile bloodlines. C.
  14. I think my problem with bloodlines is that they are often excuses to create, as you pointed out, miniature Covenants or factions. It seems bloodlines are a fast excuse to just create a new, wacky political cult not actually a new take on vampirism. I still see Bloodlines as a superspecialisation of the vampire "species". I cannot understand why only Daeva (or whatever Clan) can be members of the Brom bloodline. Ideally the Brom should be a all-Clan Invictus/Circle of the Crone cross-Covenant faction. C.
  15. Joining a Bloodline unconsciously

    Well, what the book says about joining a Bloodline and what the supporting mechanics do, are conflicted. The consensus is for you to doublethink the conflict into plausibility. I didn't like this, so I revised the Bloodline initiation rules as merits. Check them out here. C.