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  1. Hello? <bounce> <bounce> hello?

    Thank you, it's good to be back.
  2. Hello? <bounce> <bounce> hello?

    Even skin changing beagles need a little glamour in their lives. It's good for the coat & puts a sparkle in their eyes.
  3. Hello? <bounce> <bounce> hello?

    Anyone remember me? Been gone a long time, as the banal world dragged me away. Thought I'd be permanently undone. But, I'm back and brought Glamour cookies to share: Missed you all, and am glad to be back.
  4. The Awards thread

    Awards for: Contributes to the Forum Most: Either in content, or conversation or "stuff" (like a certain someone's character sheet contribution) Best Recruiter. Bravery award just for being a Moderator
  5. Happy Birthday Theodore Seuss Geise!

    Happy 106th Birthday Dr. Seuss(aka Theodore Seuss Geisel)!
  6. Role Players with Disabilities

    Sorry ... I cant be of any assistance. I just wanted to wish you luck with this project.
  7. belated happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Panda!

  9. Wolfman

    The sets and setting where great! You could see some of the old Universal flare in it. The original story was far superior IMHO. You pitied Lon Chaney Jr.'s character, Del Toro, not so much. As for the wolf itself accept for the claws, and how it moved, I really preferred Chaney as well.
  10. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's everyone. For all the single SnE'rs, go snog a stranger, the magic of the day my cause sparks! If it doesn't, the rest of us will try and post bail. P-p-panda Power!
  11. bring back the old look?

    Love the people here, but, I too miss the old look too.
  12. Blood Born

    Welcome aboard, and please stop by the CtD forum. We have cookies and satyrs.
  13. Hello

    Welcome aboard. Keep checking the CtD forum, and even better start posting there. We love having company.