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  2. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    I disagree with that supposition. I played MtA for about 8 years (2nd and Revised). I really liked it but I didn't like the magic/mechanics system. One reason I not only have embraced MtAw is that its a much better game (no metaplot), setting and vastly superior Arcana/mechanic/thaumaturgy system. When I played MtA I had (at most) about 4 players. With MtAw I've been able to recruit 6. And all but 2 have played MtA. Things I like about MtAw: gnosticism Arcana system Atlantis (yeah, there I said it and Im proud of it) thaumaturgy 13 practices paths/orders Legacies (probably one of my favorite aspects) MUCH better antagonists (Seers/Scelestus/Liches/banishers)
  3. A day in the life of a slave!

    Yep, that could be a problem. Well, couldn't you postpone actually introducing the Seer NPC until the book is out in February? I've decided to put my PC Seer chronicle on hold until the book comes out.
  4. Raggedy Anne - A Study of an Arrow

    Works now! Raggedy-licioius!
  5. What do you want in Geist?

    I am excited about this release. Ghosts are the quintessential supernatural trope/element/character/critter. What do I want? Specifically continued cross-overy goodness with the other game lines. One critique I had about Wraith is that it was fundamentally about Wraith. I would like this version to allow complete/total crossover character interaction; meaning that ghosts are able to materialize/possess/incarnate when necessary and substantially for the duration of a game session (not just a scene or two).
  6. Is there a problem with the White Wolf forum?

    So donate and support shadownessence!
  7. donations

    Just curious, I donated to this site about 5 months ago (which I love and have been a member since for about a year). However, I've noticed that on my member profile there is no acknowledgment or how much I donated. Just curious why some member show and others dont??? I contacted the site admins and they have not replied. Maybe my money is not good enough...
  8. White Wolf forums infected?

    I use firefox and Im still having problems. When I open on IE I get problems too. Hope they get it fixed. Till then I'll hang around here.
  9. The elements of Gothic Horror

    I tend to use the following elements extensively: paranoia ancestral/generational curses vampires/werewolves/ghosts/spirits (obviously) virgin sacrifices demon possession gothic architecture (mostly as churches) storms/rain decay of urban life/architecture/decadence satanic rituals and sexual depravity as moral degeneracy Not so much Byronic heroes or persecuted maidens (unless they are being sacrificed to nameless gods)
  10. The new clanbooks

    I think it would be cool to see splat books for Mage, but I'd rather see other books for now (like a Mage tarot, which we are getting and a book on the underworld).
  11. Raggedy Anne - A Study of an Arrow

    Your link doesn't show any picks. Did you take them down? Cool write up though.
  12. A day in the life of a slave!

    2 more months and you'll get a whole book on the Seers (finally)!
  13. Max Romans Dream!

    Yep, lots more in HGR book. I'm actually using Roman as a major (behind the scenes) player in my LA chronicle. There is also more related Snow/Roman fiction (The Ties that Bind) in The Rage book.
  14. Road chronicles

    Hey guys. My group and I are starting a new chronicle using Changeling and I was wondering what resources/books are available for a motley that is nomadic/road based. Are there specific merits that are best suited for such a chronicle? So far we are considering a traveling carnival which travels a circuit. Part of the purpose for this group is to harvest glamour from locals but we need more ideas. Has anyone here ran such a game? What are common pitfalls/things to avoid? Thanks!