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  1. Have you tried the various DigiChats such as Wanton Wicked and Dark Providence? I play on both and they're pretty fun.
  2. It's help Rylinin with her homework time..

    Thanks for much for the responses so far! You guys rock!
  3. It's help Rylinin with her homework time..

    Sure Hack n' Slash: You and a party go into a dungeon, which promises to be filled with treasure. There's an orc here, a dragon over there, some trolls.. Constant non-stop inititiative! Heavy Roleplaying: You are a member of the elven/dwarven/whatever court. A few.. problems have arisen, whispers tell of a conspiracy against the king. Are you for the king or against him? The only combat you see is at the end. Mixed: There are problems at that court. From several of the courtmembers, you learn of an ancient item that could help save his throne. You head towards the dungeons and mount your attack against the baddies who lurk there. But inside you find more clues that you're being set up... Basically, it's are you a roll-player (like combat), a roleplayer (like story), or somewhere in between?
  4. Hi guys, I need a favor. An incredibly huge favor. My Marketing Research class is making me conduct surveys for my chosen product, which is Dungeons & Dragons. I need to survey a total of 10 people and it's due by Thursday night (Pacific time). I've sent this out to a bunch of D&D friends of mine, but thought it would be nice to have a "change of pace" and hear what the WoDers (who also play or may have played D&D) have to say. Would you folks be so kind as to fill out this survey for me? The first half of the survey was meant to be conducted during three separate D&D scenarios: a general hack n' slash fest, a heavy roleplaying encounter, and a mix in-between. Obviously I can't run games for this survey, so for that part please just give your general opinion on these types of scenarios. Thank you to everyone who does fill this out. I will owe you cookies. And love. And maybe more cookies. ~~ Thanks for agreeing to take this survey! There are two parts of the survey. The first past is designed as a focus group. There are three small adventures that the playtesters/participants would play. The first would be focused on hack & slash, the second on mostly heavy roleplaying, and the third a heavy mixture in between. After each scenario, the players will be asked their opinions on these adventures. Each group is filled with a mixture of new and experienced players of the game. First, participants will be asked their demographical information. What is your: Age: Income: Education level: Family status (married, single, divorced, seeing someone) Gender: After playing the first scenario, the participants will be asked the following. Please answer these questions.: 1. Was this your first experience playing a D&D adventure? If not, skip to question 3: 2. Have you heard of D&D before agreeing to this playtest group? Yes / No If yes, how did you hear about it? 3. Have you played any other roleplaying games? If so, which ones? (Ex. Vampire: the Masquerade) If not, skip to question 5. 4. What did you like about those RPGs? 5. What pops into your head when you hear the phrase "Dungeons & Dragons"? 6. Was this game what you thought it would be? After playing each scenario, the participants will be asked the following. Obviously, as we are not really playing the games for this assignment, please just use these questions as a guide for giving me your opinions on hack & slash, roleplaying, and mixed games: 7. After this particular adventure, would you play the game again? 8. Would you play or run this scenario again? 9. What did you enjoy about this adventure? 10.What did you dislike about this adventure? 11. What are some things about it that you would change? These questions will be asked after the three scenarios have been given. Please answer all of these questions. After playing all of the scenarios: 12. How often do you play (or would like to play) D&D, if at all? 13. How much do you or would you spend on the game per month? 14. If you play tabletop games, where do you buy your products? 15. Do games like D&D appeal to you? Why? Online Survey Please also answer this online survey. 1. What is your: Age: Income: Education level: Family status (married, single, divorced, seeing someone) Gender: 2. How often do you play D&D? 3. What game settings do you play? (List past and present settings.) 4. What editions of the game do you enjoy? 5. Where do you buy your D&D products? 6. Do you play any other game systems? If so, which ones? (List various gaming systems, plus write-in space for others.) 7. What do you like about the game? 8. Why do you play the game?
  5. Lost Changelings

    I wouldn't mind it, especially if there's a link between the two games. For instance, both Dreaming and Lost have Arcadia. Just how different are they? Or.. perhaps they're really one and the same. Since the Changelings in Dreaming have very little remembrance of it, who's to say that those "lovely" memories aren't really masking something truly horrible?
  6. Lost Changelings

    XDDDDDDD Point taken. The sidhe might do much better in that get-up, but.. probably only the Fiona would actually go that far. I wouldn't mind seeing a few types of Fairest in this get-up...
  7. I Am Baby Cakes

    From the same folks who brought you "Wizard People, Dear Reader" u981JhkK46o
  8. Good day

    Yay Changeling fan!
  9. Rant rant rant!!!!

    Not much difference between now and '97 - '01, I see. Well, except that there's internet speak. XD; Back during my first degree, I had a few problems with students acting childish: roommate going off the deep end (that's a fun story..), students staring and mocking at me to try to get a rise. You usually find this sort of stuff in middle and high school, but no.. Now that I'm taking an online degree, I see a lot of the "lol" and such in my fellow students' papers and participation. I also see it in some teachers' conversation. egh...
  10. Snow

    >_>;; A bit after I posted this, there were a bunch of floods in the Puget Sound region because of the mixture of snow and rain. Now today is the first day I've ever had to skip work. The black ice on the roads are so bad that the busses aren't running on it. Of course, I waited around for an hour in the cold before I learned they weren't coming. Sigh. XD; More snow on its way too...
  11. Streetfighter: The later years

    I did too XDDDD
  12. I hate Caller ID!

    Or... if it was so important that they'd call you, they'd leave you a message. I love caller id. It (usually) tells me if I have to pick up the phone or not.
  13. Gaming Mediums

    Any and all. There are times when I feel shyer than others during a tabletop game, so I won't say or do much. Otherwise, I'm up for any kind of game.
  14. Loosing my eyesight :(

    Is St. Erik's a hospital you've tried? http://www.sankterik.se/ Thinking that they'd either be more acceptive of payment plans, or that it isn't a "cosmetic" procedure..
  15. Not My Months.

    Oh dear. I wish the best for you. Take care.