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  1. Us vs. Them?

    I am the President of the Kent A.G.S (Adventure Gaming Society), so I have a fair idea of what the situation is like in Kent with regards to WW games. As for the new system, its about evenly split between who likes it and who doesn't of about 30 people on each side. Saying that, the people who like it still buy the books but the people who don't like it just find alternative game systems to spend their money on or play the old games.
  2. Forum Con III

    Howdy all! Forum Con is now into its third year and this time it is going to be hosted in London on the 28th-30th July 2006. For those who are unaware of Forum Con, it is a chance for European Forumites to meet up for a Weekend for socializing and gaming. The first one was held with great success in Denmark and the second equally so in Sweden. Now, I was wondering how many Forumites are planning to come to this fine event or are interested in coming! John
  3. Vampire: Prince of the City

    I may buy it depending on the cost of the actual board game and what the general view of it is from other people.
  4. WOD: Armory info and picture

    I'm not that keen on the cover of the book. While the bullets around the title of the book are too expected due to the nature of what is inside. I do not like the pink/purple tenticle 'thing' on the front cover. It contrasts badly with the nitty, gritty look of the soliders that are on front of the cover. Maybe if the colour is changed or the contrast that it might appeal to me more. Also, I don't know if I will need this book for my games. I have yet to have a need for indepth weapon profiles.
  5. The Tremere

    I would say that it does. It is a very dangerous cure but you are making a deal with the devil to stay alive. So, you deserve any nasty side effect that it might produce!
  6. Shadownessence: the Eternal Posting

    I would like to thank Horatio for making that card last year. Also, there is loads more on the VtM Forum Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/community/vampi...orum/15431.html
  7. Shadownessence: the Eternal Posting

    Mine has already been created on that thread: Jahred the Hierophant (cost 8) Gender: Male Affliations: Gonites, Other Forums, LiveJournal, Mithras Fan Club W: 8 K: 8 H: 8 Specials: Switch Alliegance: Jahred can flip flop between different sects, most prominently the Gonites and the Mithras Fan Club. He can be reshuffled or held in reserve for free. Propose Marriage: This is a Threadjacking special ability. By proposing marriage to a random forumite (and spending five connection), Jahred can automatically hijack that thread and two others of his choosing. I Rule: By proclaiming how great he his (and spending two connection), Jahred is temporarily immune to flaming. This ability lasts for 15 posts and may be used once per thread. Hunter Newbies: This is a Flaming special ability. By spending one connection, Jahred can flame a new IC Hunter forumite and drain Connection/5 cards from that player's deck. "I rule."
  8. Political parties and religious thoughts

    I presume that its all depends on the Individual Vampire. I mean, we are still deciding why we are here and who put us here (if something did). So, I don't think the question changes at all with the embrace. All it does is remove some possibilities and opens up many others.
  9. Tome of the Watchtowers

    HAHAHAHA! I have defeated Matt!
  10. Holy Crap!

    Yeah, I was beating some small kids with it. The bastards were eating my house!
  11. The Story of Saint Redneckerless

    Dear God! Its the French! *runs*
  12. Invictus authors

    I wish I had White-wolf books delivered to me.
  13. RIP Pat Morita

    I liked those Movies. He will be missed.
  14. Dog tags!

    I'm not too keen of them. It reminds me of the film Dog Soliders too much.
  15. Book production

    They are still nice and shiny, also they are still going as well as my Softcovers. However, the new price increase isn't good for my finances. I would be happy with the old softcovers for the old rates. Personally, I would rather they go back to the old covers. The added luxery of a hardback isn't worth the cost in my opinion.