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  1. Hi guys, I've just set eyes on the Vampire Translation Guide from DriveThruRPG (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=86202&it=1). Has anyone tried it? If so, what did people think? I've thought for a while that certain system aspects of VtR should be applied to VtM, and now, finally, they seem to be getting around to doing it. I just want some soundings before I consider getting it. And a warning to mods, I've posted this topic in the VtM forum. If this is bad form, feel free to lock one or other of them.
  2. Ar nai eleni sìla aurelya!

  3. Dr Who shocker!

    I'm not sure the Time Lords would have; they were very much a stay-at-home bunch, even before the new series. It'd be likely that Galifrey wouldn't be affected by the crack at any point, but given that Gallifrey is subject to the Time Lock now it's not likely that such a thing matters. Unless the Time Lock gets undone and we then have the Time Lords back again, and more daleks for the nth time... It would've been nice if there had been some newer ideas out before the daleks were wheeled out and given the now customary dead-horse fibrillation. Go go mighty morphin' daleks! Although on the upside, there are now two companions, which will mean less likelihood of having yet another person fall for the Doctor.
  4. Dr Who shocker!

    The grooming makes sense, in a way, though. As he said in the episode, if she can cope with a police box (which she'll likely have never seen in a normal setting anyway) falling out of the sky and a man eating fish fingers and custard without batting an eyelid, she's likely to be able to cope with several things that'll get thrown at her later. The romantic subtext that seemed to go on (go back and look at the "aren't you going to look away?" lines for a blatant example of this) was annoying though; it seems that the writers want to cash in on the idea that David Tennant became a heart-throb of sorts. Overall it just made me roll my eyes and wonder whether we really needed all the Roselike plots again. And overall it seemed that Matt Smith was trying to be made into Tennant mk 2, in several ways. While central characteristics for the Doctor are probably a good idea, it struck me that they went a little too far in trying to make the new one like the old, while at the same time trying to reinforce a break with the old to the point where is seemed silly (am I the only one who thought that the Tardis "regenerating" along with the Doctor was a silly idea?). I'm definitely keen to carry on watching to see what happens, but I will be very disappointed if the series turns into a Tennant cult/memorial.
  5. Words from Thomas Jefferson

    Is it just me, or are most Americans (speaking as a Brit here) in awe of the Founding Fathers like they were some sort of Rousseauean Legislator that brought order to the political chaos? They had a good turn of phrase, to be sure (even if they did pinch bits from John Locke), but is it much more than that? But yes, in this instance Jefferson has a reasonable point. People get complacent until it gets unbearable. Until the point where a given person considers the cost of corrective action to be less than the cost of inaction. This is lower for some people than others, which is why political interest groups and the like spring up. But wholesale system change would require more than that. And I feel obliged to respond to Bebop's attack on government. Yes, it is by its nature oppressive, but by that same nature it can provide services so much better in many ways than the alternatives. National security, public infrastructure (roads etc) and law are the big three here, along with the possible addition of medical care and associated "social security" benefits. Machiavelli (and WoD) were partly right in the claim that most people are selfish liars (or somesuch similar phrasing) when they can get away with it. Government, yes through use of force, can play a decent part in making people be less so. But, because government is made up of people, it can fall prey to the same flaws as people.
  6. is actually an efficient postgrad, wow

  7. is actually an efficient postgrad, wow