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  1. Lost Files in Downloads Section

    Thanks, everything seems to be back!
  2. Lost Files in Downloads Section

    It seems that many of the files in the downloads section are missing. At the very least, most of the Month of the Lost pdfs, which are what I was attempting to get, and a good few other. When I click on the link I am taken to a page reading: An Error Occurred We could not find the file specified
  3. [Design Workshop]Silent Hill

    Take as long as you need. Both for your health and so that you can put out a book that is totally up to your standards. I know what it is like to write while sick and it sucks. While I have written some funny stuff on vicodin, none of it has been very coherent. Weretacos...
  4. [Design Workshop]Silent Hill

    Sweet, I rather like the creature stats in Chapter 2 and the modifications for vices in Chapter 3. I will definitely be using this as a side quest in the nWoD Orpheus game I am going to run this semester. It will be especially sweet as none of my gamers have played the Silent Hill games.