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  1. Recruitment Drive...

    Just a bump to make mention of updates... - We've recent added Fomori as a playable Species. Although the section is incomplete (the write-ups on the different Breeds and such are in progress) we will be accepting any applications for Fomori characters. - We are putting thought into expanding the board a little, adding new areas for people to roleplay in (the forum is set in Los Angeles, I should note) as well as giving new territories for specific Species to amass (such as a Changeling Freehold in Hollywood)
  2. Recruitment Drive...

    I like to live dangerously
  3. Recruitment Drive...

    I recently added Kiths to the Changeling section, so you Changeling fans who are interested on an all-inclusive free-form RPG board can take a look and critique it like a rowdy bunch of Nockers
  4. Recruitment Drive...

    Yeah, it's still needed and thanks for offering to help out, if I haven't already said it already.
  5. Recruitment Drive...

    Yeah, as far as Changelings go (so I can see, anyway) we just need bios of the Changeling Kiths and a description of the different Courts then we can consider them open for business.
  6. Recruitment Drive...

    At Shaoken's suggestion, I'm making this post here... it's no great secret that I run a free-form RPG board set in Los Angeles using virtually the entire range of games in the classic World Of Darkness. We have been open since early March and have been going strong for eight months now. Whilst, I will admit that certain aspects of the board are incomplete we are almost constantly updating what information we have available and have recently started making updates to the werewolf section. Currently, we are accepting the following species; - Kine (mortals, blood dolls, thralls) - Ghouls (vassals, independents, Revenants) - Kindred (any Clan... Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch) - Garou (any Tribe) - Mage (Tradtions and Technocracy... also Hedge Mages, Gypsies, etc) - Hunters (any organisation... though we would love to have some Society of Leopold Inquisitors) - Imbued (all Creeds) - Fallen (all Houses and factions) - Kuei-jin (all Dharma Paths) And we also have plans of including the following in the near future as soon as humanly possible; - Changelings - Wraiths - Fera We have plenty of material to read for newbies, multiple sections set up for people in need of help on cross-overs, places where people can offer suggestions to the board, places for proof-reading (as even we fudge things up) and multiple chat areas for OOC nonsense. So, check us out and such. Check the link in my signature for the link to the board
  7. No Need For Lurking

    OK, after registering on the board and generally poking my nose around I thought I'd just say "hi" and such to everyone. Mostly, I registered on here to help expand my knowledge of the Old World Of Darkness (which I subsequently own a quite active board of) as well as the usual interaction amongst the Internet and whatever... Kudos, - Alec