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  1. Morning

    Thank you all muchly.
  2. Morning

    Good morning, it's a phrase I use out of habit than any indication to the time of day. I'm quite the fan of WoD, mostly nWoD, although it seems I am cursed that any thread I make instantly dies. Or two posts then the thread dies. Quite strange. But hey everyone.
  3. Xbox Live Friends

    Robotgoblin, If anyones interested.
  4. Blades of Beam and Blood

    ...The world is a horrible place where we're associating Halo with WoD... Although that itself could become an interesting concept.
  5. Promethean Core Book Cameo

    It is a great strip
  6. The Idea Game - Vampire Version

    Yeah, that's the idea. "There's this bar right, full of allsorts, us, those werewolves, changelings hell I even saw a promothean in there the other night, and it's all peaceful right, then these hunters sorta found out about it and even they started coming, the place has a sense, ya know, something wierd about it, no-one wants to fight anyone, and I'm still wandering why."
  7. Would anyone be interested...?

    If it's online, i'm all for it.
  8. The Idea Game - Vampire Version

    Same thing from my Changeling Version Here but with vampires. So here's mine. "Did you hear about these Blood Tablets? Apparantly as good as normal blood, great discovery by some Ventrue but what you don't know is that if you take too many of them, when you taste the real stuff again, hell, you're gone, so we got to track down that ventrue bastard and take this thing down."
  9. The Idea Game - Changeling Version

    I once saw this thread on a forum for story ideas, basically you posted an idea for a story or a little snippet to turn into a story, some examples were; "Look, if you ever go into the cemetary and find the chained up coffin, if you ever look inside it and find the jack-in-the-box, DON'T turn the handle, Just don't, ok?" Just random snippets, whether it was one line or paragraph. So, that's what this thread is, short story ideas. And the rules? You can't comment on any other idea without posting your own. That is all. Here's mine. "Right, so you know those Elementals, right, well, they got this kith called a Sandharrowed, right, sand ya see, and what can ya do with sand eh? Yeah, you can make glass, ain't that a bit creepy, imagine if ya mirror or ya windows are actually one of them, spying on ya."
  10. Chimera: The Mockery

    Like it. You ever want to test it out online. I'm in.
  11. Changeling References

    A line from paramore Crush Crush Crush : "They taped over your mouth, Scribbled out the truth with their lies, You little spys" I seem to think of Changeling here... Oh, And Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki.
  12. Any Demon: the Fallen conversions?

    I want a Demon nWoD version. I got into this when PtC came out, Just got changeling and now have most of the books, I want to see Demon though. i dont think I need a Hunter. I want a Demon nWoD version. I got into this when PtC came out, Just got changeling and now have most of the books, I want to see Demon though. i dont think I need a Hunter.
  13. Winter Masques

    I just got Autumn Nightmares....Must resist urge to preorder....
  14. Falling Feathers...(RPOL game)

    I really need some members, Please? First one to join gets a special token?
  15. Falling Feathers...(RPOL game)

    Falling Feathers.... Little one, Lost one. Don't stray from the path. Little one, Lost one. Please do the math. ....What? This ain't a poem, Don't do it. Welcome to the town of Corby. Home of a steelworks, started the protest to keep the steelworks open. But after that, nobody has ever heard of Corby. Well, it's perfect then isn't it. Perfect for The Wintersmith. Once a Changeling just like us, but he is changed. He lets you out of the hedge though, He has no problem with it. Just don't try and leave the town. He'll always run with you.... So why is it called Falling Feathers you ask? Well, You'll find out. if you want to join, it's on RPOL and a link is right here: Falling Feathers I hope you join and get to witness the Wintersmith.