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  1. Jack O'Vampire

    There is a carving of Medusa on the gallery here but not seen a beholder yet!
  2. The "Where'd you get yer icon?" Thread

    Damn straight! :thumbsup
  3. The "Where'd you get yer icon?" Thread

    My parking space symbol
  4. Name your drug of choice

    I enjoy alcohol when I can have it. Have currently gone through seven different types of painkiller in the past half a year to try and find something that works! So far nothing appetising.
  5. Helping Saint Michael

    If you can print off instructions for her this should help. Good luck.
  6. Hullo from UK

    I'm in Southampton myself, can be a right pain finding a decent group at times! Even with all the students in the area who claim to be geeky because they can use MSN *tch*
  7. And we're back!

    I rocked back and forth hitting F5 ::working
  8. I avoid hats, I have enough trouble with my hair as it is The colours have faded, was purple and teal Like this:
  9. Top of the Chart Song on your Birthday

    Orinoco Flow - Enya, my mother reminds me of the fact every time it's on the radio anyway!
  10. Dropping Wod, Good Or Bad Choice?

    Yup, but is a full blown product now, LOL
  11. Dropping Wod, Good Or Bad Choice?

    Best fun I had with my games in OWoD? The number of 'veteran players' who acted incredibly superior as they 'new what was coming' after briefing the groups on not to expect a straightforward game and the game was set in the current year so the build up to the apocalypse had not happened, a lot of things that happened in most of the metaplot has not happened and you will learn out in play the changes (starting as new characters, older characters would get a brief on what they had learnt so far.) The new world, to me, lacks a certain depth, it comes along and goes "this is how it is" which is fine on the whole, but it drains a lot of the feeling of mystery for me. I did not feel the depression of bleakness of the OWoD games as a heightened crushing of personal spirit and my games were often light hearted in the face of initial adversity, descending into more of a horror aspect when the characters thought they were getting to grips with their new existance and understood what was happening to them. I did not take the route of epic action sequences and heroes meddling in plot that was bigger than they were, I played games central to the characters and their affects, things happened in the background that they wouldn't always pick up as significant until a later date, the realisation they could have stopped something terrible and the drive to find out what happened and why. I did my best to make my games free and personal. Something I attempt in every ruelset I run. Something New World was supposed to counter was the action hero direction some of the games inevitably drove to. Yet it seems the manner of this was to approach from the view that as few definitions should be given as possible to broaden control for the GM and give limitless potential to players. Did it work? Not for me, personally. It felt bland, it felt like it had removed much of the conflict within the world to drive it onward, it lacked a motivation, the game looked at you expectantly hoping you would give it purpose, rather than giving ideas and inspiration it gave silent comrades that stood where you pointed then waited for someone else to react to it. It didn't feel dark, secretive, it didn't even feel like a personal horror game, it felt grey, textureless, it was a sense of ennui with a vague hope of something happening. Overall, perhaps it was the clinical feel it had attached, the detached assessments that followed the rules, the background, the human aspect felt careful evaluation rather than truly human. It felt like it was keeping all the good toys on a higher shelf until you were older, for now here's a whiteboard and one blue pen, when it runs out you are on your own, there is a cloth on the other side of the playpen if you wish to erase some text, but you're expected to keep it clean. Perhaps I am just cynical and jaded at what was meant to be horrifying for an average person
  12. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    At least they haven't pulled all publications from their old line. I still buy books when I have the disposible cash - which is fare too rarely for my tastes! : It didn't help I got into WoD at the end of the line, so I got to read a friends books on all the OWoD backstory and intrigue to be told "Oh, the new one is out now." so reading it felt so jarring in a sense of something which was still 'new' to me . I've only really gained most interest in Mage as I hadn't immersed myself in OWoD Mage, I still found it a little... plastic to the touch. Ruleswise and storywise. I ended up drawing information on some of the leaner rules of NWoD but haven't had an opportunity to test the adaptations I have since drawn upon within an OWoD game.
  13. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    I actually prefer having the PDFs, am rather annoyed Wizards pulled all theirs from online publishing, means I can't download the books I paid for anymore! May have to check out Mirrors when I next have some cash spare. Have found it rather difficult to rouse interest in the New World of Darkness.
  14. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Well there's a load of 4e books being rolled out. However I shall refrain on commenting on content due to personal bias.
  15. Dr Who shocker!

    I like the steampunk-esque take on the Tardis this time round