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  1. What a surprise to hear from these shadowed halls once again! Thank you for your kind words. I am still very much old school (ludus?); I am currently running a Dark Ages game :D

  2. I hope one day to see you back in the dungeon, Kiasyd. You are sorely missed.

  3. New Themes For Shadownessence

    ... I understood that the ambient-shadow-free look was a Lasombra control device In my infrequent visits, I missed this change, but as I go back a long way ... even unto the Dark City ... I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has enabled the site to still be here to be found, even by vagabond wandering scholars. *bows* Long live Shadownessence! - K.
  4. Good evening, old friend. I regret my infrequency in stopping by, but it is good to see you here still.

  5. Thank you, good Sir *bows* I trust that life has been treating you well between my all too seldom visits ... it is good to be remembered as fondly as I myself reminisce.

    *pours tea* To Knowledge!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to you, my ancient and dear friend.

    May hidden knowledge - and a few blood chocolates in lieu of a cake - be yours :)

    - Kemuel

  7. Words That I See...

    Why not be a "Change-pire" style Abomination? All the powers of a Changeling and Vampiric powers as well... *politely* Please do; be my guest. It will stop people claiming that that is what I am ... *a low growl might almost be heard, were this not a post from a Kiasyd too polite to do such a thing* Just ... well, no committing Diablerie with a curly straw, please? Kiasyd :letter:
  8. Month of the Lasombra

    Ah, a month-long celebration of my cousins in blood ... I suppose it would be polite to stop by, at that ... One really should take a present; I have a lovely mirror* ... Late nights make even a Kiasyd :letter: sleepy and insouciant * Cousins, yes. Kissing cousins, no.
  9. The New British Empire

    *raises a long-fingered hand politely* You will be needing an official historian/war correspondant ... ... Walk the Abyss is always useful in such endeavours ... I would do it just to see that poor missing "i" restored to its proper place in "aluminum". B-) Kiasyd :letter:
  10. Words That I See...

    And in any case, it would hardly be polite, Mr./Ms. Nopp It is in any case a myth that member number indicates Generation. *black eyes glance sidelong at number* Most definitely. Kiasyd :letter:
  11. Röma Nâim Ârt

    Another very expressive and well composed work. And so very atmospheric and pretty! ... is there any chance you could do something with an old library ...? Kiasyd
  12. The manliest woman on SnE

    *raises a hand modestly" This may, in fact, be me; I have spent a long time here being gender neutral. Since we were in the Dark City Project, in fact ... The good Lady Annael has even mentioned it. I find it lessens some of the assumptions certain people make about one's opinions, preferences and so forth. Then one can concentrate on the debate at hand. That said, I do bow, which I find looks a little more elegant in virtual environments *bows* Kiasyd :letter:
  13. The manliest woman on SnE

    Gender-neutral names can have a similar effect ... Kiasyd :letter:
  14. Röma Nâim Ârt

    Some elegant work, if I may say so I especially like the picture of Elysium *bows* Very nicely composed! Kiasyd
  15. The Library of Darkness

    There is, of course, nothing wrong with reading old books I am reading Ann Radcliffe's The Romance of the Forest, myself. Other than that, I have been re-reading my small amount of manhwa. Aside from reference books, which seems to be much of my reading of late ... Not that this is a bad thing, of course! :letter: Kiasyd :letter: Edit: Kiasyd, in The Library of Darkness, in The Void. There is clearly a theme here ... *brushes away shadows* I really am sorry about that. Non-Obtenebrated, Abyss-free service should now resume.