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  1. Xbox Live Friends

    Tomorow, Saturday the 20th (sorry for the short notice), I'm going to be playing L4D with some of the people from the Hunter forum. If you've got the game and the time, send me amessage on live tonight or tomorow to arrange to join.
  2. Hello. Welcome to the site :)

  3. G.I. Joe like you've never seen it...

    I cant watch it, because I'm Canadian...
  4. This is me and my freshly bathed kitty, Reno.
  5. Important Reminder

    I love xkcd, but I've never seen that 2nd one before. Tahnks for the heads up, I wasnt aware of today's importance
  6. Job Hunting

    Ohhh, internship. Never thought of that...
  7. Job Hunting

    So, my academic career is finally over. As of the 28th (assuming I write my exams and pass), I will be a Chemical Technologist. Now, the fun part. Finding a real job. No longer will I be a fast food worker. The only down side is that with the economy the way it is, I doubt I'll find a job that I want that is near me. I've found plenty that I could apply for. Too bad the jobs are at least 1 province away... I'm not letting it stop me though. I've been applying for jobs across my province, starting today. It feels good to actually work towards my goals, instead of being passive. Is anyone else going through this wonderful process? Or is everyone else here already employed/still in school?
  8. What do all the forum symbols mean?

    I think whn you make a topic, you can assign the symbol based ont e subject, if you feel so inclined...
  9. On the rare occasions I am nice

    I have found this to be true as well. I think its because if everything is ou tin the open, its easier no to cross any lines that shouldnt be crossed. Or cross them too early...
  10. Xbox Live Friends

    I'll look into picking up a demo for it, or see f someone I know has it. If I like it, I'll grab it and let you know.
  11. On the rare occasions I am nice

    I agree. But I'm not too invested as it is anymore, really.... I think that sometimes, its unavoidable. I've been interested in more than one person before, altough I didnt turn it into an overt competition. Doesnt make it right, or fair, but that lifes sometimes, right? Its interesting to see a married mans POV on it, though...
  12. Xbox Live Friends

    I dont have it, but I'm curious as to what kind of game it is now...
  13. On the rare occasions I am nice

    Thanks, Zibik, Bebop and Selkiss. I do appreciate the input. I'm not so bothered by it now, but it stems from a growing lack of interest, I think. Kinda hard to stay interested when it seems like you're wasting your time... I'm sorry to hear you broke up with your boyfriend, Selkiss. I can relate to the feelings, though.
  14. On the rare occasions I am nice

    So, a bit of backstory before I share my latest bone-up. I recently split with my GF of nearly 5 years. Not gonna get too far into that. What is important to the story is that I am now interested in someone new. They dont know eachother, so I'm safe there. Thing is, she's already got a guy in the picture. But they're "on trial separation". Fair enough, I'm just happy someone reciprocated my feelings, ecpecially considering how amazing she is. I can deal with that much. I may not come out on top (and I wont stand for being the "other man"), but I'll get, at the very least, an important lesson out of it. I found out she's also interested in a friend of mine. Now I'm a bit concerned, but thats not the worst. I decided to tell him. Why? A few reasons: 1) I feel she sould explore her options. I know I would want the opportunity to do the same. 2) I dont want to be the silver medal in all this. If she picks someone else, I'm not sticking around to see how it goes. I also dont want to feel that she may have unexplored feelings for someone else at the beginning of the relationship (so it sorta relates to #1) 3) I know my friend hasnt been in a relationship in a bit, and he does deserve to be happy. So, I knowingly (potentially) committed romantic suicide, ruining my chances with her by giving him the ok to express any interest in her, as I am doing. She also appreciates what I did, knowing how akward it makes things. Should I feel like such an ass after doing something nice?
  15. Some events need to be shared.

    There is only one response that fits, IMO: *high-five*