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  1. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Selkiss, wow! It has been a while
  2. Losing my mind over an illustration project...

    1. Mav


      can offer no help, but good luck!

    2. Alexandra


      Why thank you.

      It got done in the end.

      Hmm, perhaps I should take advantage of the Gallery section here...

    3. zeroninja


      Are you in college for illustration? What kind of project?

  3. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Why hello there. So what games do you enjoy?
  4. What was I reading?

    What kind of non-fiction? I find some of my course-related reading quite interesting; I'm halfway through a book about post-modernism in relation to design. It's interesting you bring up sci-fi...myself and my brother were recently gifted with boxes of old sci fi novels from a family member who was moving house. So I have taken to keeping a book of Asimov's short stories on me for the last week or so ^^ *edit Graphic design, specifically....
  5. So...it's been what? Two years?

    I was actually given a gift of V20 a few months back, and have been slowly picking through it...it's making me want to play Masquerade again, if only I could find someone who would run it. But a Dreaming 20th Edition is something I would really love to get my hands on....
  6. What was I reading?

    "The Cocoon" by John B. L. Goodwin--"Although his father had maneuvered expeditions, experienced privation, waded through jungles, climbed upon crags for his specimens, Denny had blithely gathered his within the fields and gardens close to home." While trying to compete with his father, young Denny collects a very strange cocoon. I found it in this collection of short stories. http://www.amazon.com/Some-things-strange-sinister-Joan/dp/006023086X I like the sound of it....think I'll order the book...
  7. Cloverfield

    It was rather creepy indeed. But I found it hard to like the camera guy. His dialogue made him out to be annoying and inane.
  8. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Hello again. Judging from my account, it's been over two years since my last post. Wow. They've been spent moving around a lot, unsuccessfully attempting freelance work, and finally, going back to college. This hasn't left too much time for gaming or extensive internet use, so I kind of dropped out of the forums I used to frequent; this being one of them. College doesn't leave me much time to socialise, but the extensive amount of digital work I have to do means I have lots of computer time. ....so i figured a bit of online socialising might be nice. Well now, all that's left is to go browse the recent topics ^^
  9. Happy New Year!

    Happy New year! This new year sees me taking over as a Camarilla storyteller for Changeling the Lost. It's the only official game in the south of Ireland...Dublin and Belfast can feel so far away sometimes...
  10. Being Human

    I thought I'd do a little thread necromancy for those of you interested in Being Human. There's been snippets shown on the English channel BBC3 all over the holiday season, so I thought I'd post some linkage. From oldest to newest, posted by eagleeyes on youtube; http://www.youtube.com/user/eagleeyes4444#p/u/2/1fgoD8UpfnI http://www.youtube.com/user/eagleeyes4444#p/u/1/y8_MjpEdx8k http://www.youtube.com/user/eagleeyes4444#p/u/0/6nga8Bow8yg And as the end of that last one states, it's starting this Sunday. Only a few days left...can't wait ^^
  11. Hello All

    Afraid I haven't gotten around to posting videos online, though I do have a Flickr account with a bunch of fun stuff. A friend from Dublin has a bunch of photos of me spinning, which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet, so my flickr is full of my balloons and facepainting. That's the other entertainer-y type stuff I do ^^ You can find my stuff here, if you're so inclined... http://www.flickr.com/photos/starbrightphoenix/ I should really get around to joining homeofpoi and domorepoi sometime...but I'm already joined to a lot of forums....
  12. Hello All

    OMG! Another spinner?? Awesome...I thought I was the only one ^^ Welcome to SnE, I hope you find the Dreaming forum to be extremely shiny.
  13. is assimilating all the Changeling the Lost material she can get her hands on...

  14. is assimilating all the Changeling the Lost material she can get her hands on...