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  1. Resident Evil: Extinction

    MOONPRIDE! If you are going to give spoilers please warn people!!!!!! I have not yet seen this movie, and I am really looking forwards to it. I'll let you know what I think
  2. Packs

    Lol Zenten, nicely done! I had forgotten that working together as a pack increased harmony. That makes me happy. What makes me unhappy is that so few people seemed to have cared to comment, since I would consider this a VERY important aspect of the game.
  3. Packs

    Now, I have never actually manged to play a Forsaken game, and I am wondering how you have found pack dynamics to be. It was one of my big pet peeves in Apocalypse that the game seemed to discourage close knit packs. There was too much inter-tribral distrust and grudges. Sometimes even friction just cause of the different auspices. The whole Caern protocols and format also seemed so harsh.. made it seem really wolf-eat-wolf, every shifter for himself. Is it like that in this game too? Or are you finding the tribes work better (can't remember all of a sudden if they are still called tribe...). Is werewolf society still rigid an alienating? Or is there more flexibility? I think one of the major reasons there was this problem in Apoc. was there werewolf society seem to be almost entirely built around pride. Showing off to the elders (hence renown). If I understand correctly, in Forsaken you are showing off to the spirits, and thus not competing with each other as much (hopefully). Have you found this to be true? I always wondered what pack dynamics would be like if you cut out the tribes, auspices, and tuned down the rage a notch. I hypothesize packs would get along better. But perhaps conflict within packs hasn't been your experience. Do you find that packs tend to fight and argue a fair bit? Or that there are heavy tensions? Why do your packs stay together? Because they have to, or because they want to?
  4. Stardust

    I recognize one other way to fight, and thats with Jaggermonsters. But failing that... yeah I would have to say corpse puppetry all the way! As for the movie itself... it was rather candy-coated and simplified, and they did kinda ruin the ending, but I still really, really enjoyed it. The fight scene with Septimus' men invading the boat worked so well with the music. I don't fee like there is enough effort in movies these days to integrate action with the accompanying music. Fifth Element did a good job of this, and of course the Matrix did with it's lobby scene. Overall opinion: very, very different, not as good, but just as entertaining.
  5. Sandchigger... has...16,001 posts...

    Well Sandchigger, congrats on 16001 posts. I don't know how you do it. It hurts my brain. But congrats, my friend.
  6. Back in Ottawa

    So, I am finally back in Ottawa and back at a reliable internet connection. But I am frightfully tired. Goodnight everyone.
  7. Character Conflicts

    Wow, thank you World Dancer for all the thought and time you put into your response. I appreaciate your insights, and I admit that I do have a soft spot for trickster figures. DTT was definately a mistake, but I think he is salvagable. And for the record, DTT had been a help to the group, since he was perfectly willing bait to lure a powerful wyrm spirit into a trap, can generally hold his own, even with the garou, and was, beleive it or not, trying to save another group member's life when he urinated on the Get. But yes, he was a mistake. A serious lapse of good judgement on my part.
  8. Character Conflicts

    I know Etu, which is why I said asked myself, what the hell was I thinking at the time. And Krieg, You did indeed post an abundance of information on the chronicle. DTT would fit perfectly into your setting if he didn't have to interact with any other PCs. It was a stupid mistake on my part. Really, really stupid, now that I look at it in retrospect. And I don't think I want to do Loki, he would be just as problematic as Xichpilli, just silently different problems. The one I really want to take as my totem I don't know if I can it might be more dots then my current totem. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, it is after the apocaplyse, in a world where the Wyld has gone haywire. I think someone may have already said that though. DTT was the equivalent of coureur des bois Except in Kriegs game world the average beaver would be a celophod with peacock plumes and a dragon fly's mandibles.
  9. Character Conflicts

    It is very true that I have been making my characters in a vaccum. Most RPGs that I have played in the past 6 years have either been online or through meeting at a game store (in which we would rarely make characters together). And online what I tend to do is make the character concept first, have it fully envisioned, then try to find a game that will accomidate him. It has been a dog's age since I actually played in a game that I actually sat down with the other players and the ST to make characters (I think about three and a half years, to be percise). Making characters for the wrong setting, the wrong players, that sounds a LOT like somthing I would do. Same with going to extremes with characters. Thank you to those who said that I had some good ideas, I appreciate that. I guess next is learning to keep my characters in check, and actually makeing them with the other players and ST, instead of being in a vaccum. For the record, DTT is not that unrealistic. You every hang out with someone right after he had spent the past 3 or four months alone in the bush? NO sense of personal bounderies what so ever. Comes off as antagonizing everyone, when in reality they have no idea they are doing it. But this begs the question: "What was I thinking when I made a character like that?" (Or perhaps "What, was I thinking when I made a character like that?") And I have been talking to Krieg and we have (hopefully) resolved the issues with DTT. He is going to decide to change totems (For Nuwisha, changing totems is even easier then changing paints. You just say you want a different totem, and poof! it happens). His previous totem has been the patron saint of idiotic risks, more or less (I quote "Whenever you do somthing incredably stupid that should prove fatal, you get five extra soak dice, or the ST may rule that you simply survive" More or less). We decided that this was probably a bad influence on DTT, and since Nuwisha's personalities tend to be swayed by their totems, changing totem should give context for a change in personality and behavior. Thank you very much everyone for your feedback. I really, really appreciate your input. And yes Alek, you are a genius.
  10. Character Conflicts

    LOL, etu. I think perhaps I am looking to yank the weed at the root and avoid making a character who would chose to piss on another character. But yes, that is awefully specific. (When faced by a bane possessed Get of Fenris PC facing down a were-fox PC, every nuwisha must ask himself how to get the garou's attention, when slapping him in the face fails.) Feel free to steal Daniel, he is a lot of fun to play.
  11. Character Conflicts

    After recent events in a game Krieg is running, I have become aware that I tend to make characters that do not get along well with the rest of the PCs. Now, since I like to consider myself a good roleplayer, I have been asking myself why this is that I frequently seem to get into a conflict with the rest of the players. I do not think that I am anti-social, and it is certainly never my intent to be an obnoxious jerk. Yet it seems to happen that my characters do not get along well with others. This ranges from my character in Krieg’s game, a Nuwisha named Dont-Touch-That, who has succeeded in agrivateing every last character, to Daniel- a Son of Ether who, although he has not had a conflict with anyone about anything, was unanimously voted most disturbing PC. The list goes on (Included at the end of the post, the list provided is not exhaustive). I think my problem is that I don’t make characters so much as I make thought experiments. I think “What would happen if we took a human being (or werecoyote, or whatever) and did X to him. Remove all fear. Give him an unfailing moral compass. Or make him an archetype, but not in a two dimensional way or course. Lets flesh out a good old fashon Harlequin. Or a shotgun preacher. Basically I take an idea and run with it. Build a character around an idea I find interesting, but in doing so I he becomes OTHER. Someone sufficiently outside the norm or eccentric that he cannot get along with the other players. I think I tend to make “daemons,” instead of people. I am using the word “Daemon” to describe a theoretical being, much as the word is used in the phrase “Laplace’s Daemon.” Perhaps another problem I have is a fear of having characters killed. Early in my rpg career I had a string of bad GMs would randomly kill of a character. Now, when I make ANY character, it tends to have at least 12 hours of work going into it. At LEAST. Thus, any character death is no small thing, and to have random deaths for being the first person through a door that was impossible to de-trap... you tend to get a little munchkiny. A little min-maxy. Of course, since I have a need to have well made characters, I explain everything carefully and diligently, trying to build a character that is fun to roleplay without a high risk of him being killed off right away. Although I’ve found better GMs since then, I believe that basic fear is still there, and my characters do tend to be powerful. I don’t want to continue to experience such friction when gaming, and I am wondering if you guys had any similar experiences with making characters, or how you avoid this kind of thing. Any thoughts or reflections on how this tendency of mine? Silenti Ecouti (DnD) caused friction with gamemaster and PC alike because he did not believe in good and evil, and thought everyone had equal rights (even goblins and koblads). Dogfeather (Deadlands: the Weird West) was disliked because he was First Nation. I am serious about this. That character, I did nothing wrong other then mis guessing racial tolerance of PLAYERS. Gabriel (Another Deadlands) disliked because he was shotgun preacher. He kinda got upset when the other players thought it would be a fun joke to paint 666 and reversed penticles on the side of a barn with chicken blood while he slept. And the more they antagonized Gab, the more resolute he got. Vicious cycle I am sorry I took part in. Again, I mis guessed the religious tolerance of that group of players. Rain (Prometheus) annoyed the ST because he believed that humanity lay in how you did something, not what you did. As such, he was content doing almost anything, and was hard to motivate. Daniel (Mage) the Son of Ether has True Faith and saw the universe as one giant quantum computer that had archived omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. He was genuinely concerned for all of the universe, and had little understanding of hate, anger and no notion of evil. Everything would happen as the universe/quantum computer ordained, and if he didn’t understand how it was perfect, that was his problem, not the universes. His faith, good will towards everything, and total honesty made got him voted the most disturbing character. Dont-Touch-That (Werewolf) the Nuwisha has no fear. He throws himself into every aspect of life expecting to die and is joyously delighted when he does not. Everything is funny and entertaining, especially pranks to try to bring more love of life into his companions. Unfortunately, he also has no sense of personal boundaries, and I think he is only alive cause the others are fighting over who gets to kill him Vespael (Cangames Sundered Heavens game) was a freakin giant wasp. No joke. He was the angel who created wasps, and was upset that humanity didn’t appreciate his offering he made for them. Everything went smooth because it was a short game, but still, I wonder. In the other SH game at Cangames, my character was originally the Fiend who created learning from experience. Until in ignorance he tried to learn about human insanity from experience. Again, everything went smooth cause the game was short. But long term? Ignatius (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) was a solid character. I just picked the wrong group. He spent most of his time yelling at the fellow PCs that sex, drugs, and alcohol was not a good alternative to fortifying their location and scavenging supplies during a zombie invasion.
  12. Ovdue Notification of absence

    Hello Everyone! I am currently happy as can be here on beautiful Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Only problem is that there is very, very limited internet access. I have been here since early May, and will remain here untill Augest, my appologies for not posting this sooner it seemed to have slipped my mind. I will try to pop in now and again. Cheers and smiles, DV

    I've seen it twice already and I am thinking about rounding up people for a third go after exams are over. And I completely agree about them making movies an "experience." WHEEEEE!!!

    The reviews in this section are not limited to White Wolf material. I can't stop thinking about Grindhouse, I think I need to see it again...this weekend. My god that movie rocked so very, very much.

    Hey, I just got back from an advanced screening of Grindhouse, and it is amazing. I would recogmend it for everyone, excepting those who cannot handle gore and violence. Because there is a good deal of both (although it is mostly surreal). It got out some three hours ago, and I am still high on adrenaline from that movie. At some times I was almost overwhelmed by suspense and frightened and disturbed, at other times I was laughing my guts out. Two real good movies, paying a delightful homage to the B movies of the 70s, complete with scratches on the film and the occasion missing reel. And the fake trailers were simply brilliant (Werewolf Women of the SS, anyone?). The whole audience clapped when each film ended. As soon as possible, go and see it. There is a lot of gore I must warn you though. Especially in Planet Terror. Death Proof doesn't have as much, but it is a LOT more realistic. Bottom line: If you can handle guts, a must see. Absolute MUST SEE. P.S. to those female members of SnE, when you do see it, you will notice that there is a good deal of "girltalk" in Death Proof. Would you say it is realistic?