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  1. Books that should or would make great films.

    Book adaptations I'd love to see as movies would be Elric, lavishly made epics. A series of Elric movies that don't change how they were written, don't end differently, and don't end up being half baked wastes of money like many other disappointing adaptations inflicted on us. Comic books, I'd have to say the first 12 issues of The Authority would make a superb monster of a superhero movie. Pull no punches, heroes out to save the world whether the world likes it or not. Vertigo one off from 1995 - Face. A disturbing tale of facial deconstruction, eccentric recluse with insane demands for a make over, and a drunk plastic surgeon. Oh boy.. The late Drew Hayes Poison Elves as a feature film would be brilliant, busty goth elves, arterial spray, foul language, and outrageous destruction. Fast and dirty paced fantasy meets Zhang Yimou wire fu, with a gross amount of vulgar Tarantino attitude. Not for the fluffy leafmuncher fans or under 12s.
  2. Signature Ranks and Titles

    Many forums have its own user group for the enthusiastic followers to join and take a greater interest in specific forums. The Changeling The Dreaming forum rewards it's faeric followers with unique pretty signature graphics as a sign of their unhealthy obsession and fanatical devotion with the Dreaming game and it's mythos. It's just for fun. If you have a favourite World of Darkness game and want to join it's user group, earn your place among the fans and who knows what shiny trinket you'll end up sporting to flaunt around SnE to the envy of others.
  3. Yahoo is closing their geocities sites

    ahhh how much things have changed, i think i prefer your new site MrGone.. less traumatic on the eyes
  4. Wacom Bring Your Vision To Life Contest

    Good luck !mpact
  5. Joslyns art

    I like your character design Joslyn and thats a nice colour job. I use the skeleton approach when I draw figures, helps keep some from of control and reality and not end up with giraffe people with long limbs and goofy heads. Unless I want a giraffe pooka of course then thats great!
  6. !mpacts little gallery

    Crushed. At least I can admire the copy here , rather swanky armour and so posh. I love where the mythology and designs are going in that game world now. You captured it so well. I really should do the Adepta Sororitas pic I promised to do one day although it wont be as good as your marines.
  7. !mpacts little gallery

    Alright.. took me awhile to finally finish drooling like an over excited squig. I like the Eldar helmet, not a fan of Dark Eldar at all so I wont bitch an moan. Nice hat though, love the eyes.. I bet you could paint some excellent Craftworld Eldar pics after seeing this as a teaser. As for the other pic.. oh my.. Sanguinus, absolutely stunning! I'm a huge Blood Angels fan (vampires in 40k, whats not to love) and I can honestly say I've never seen an image so beautiful and so magnificient depicting Sanguinus in or on any Workshop book. Doesnt help that I've just been reading the Index Astartes books and thoroughly enjoyed that version of the Blood Angels history which has some addition bits fleshing out their history. Mmm Sanguinus. I'd buy a print of that one without hesitation. I wish that was the Codex cover for a new chapter book.
  8. Victory

    LOL my hero, will you rename the Void? The Kingdom of the Sneaky Panda Pandaland The Fuzzy Forum Whiskers & Whiners The Dream Burrow of Bamboo Bedazzlement
  9. !mpacts little gallery

    What can I say but.. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! hehe couldnt resist. You dont mess around do you, a mere 5 hrs to make such a visually stunning piece. Hopefully the powers that be will one day employ you in some troll cave, shackled to a stone slab with all the paint squigs you could ever need to churn out the emperors propoganda.. or to earn some teef an join the big wah in the stars with the other paint boyz. Any fancy Eldar art in your archive !mpact?
  10. !mpacts little gallery

    ooOO demonettes, I like monsters. Always good to see your 40k inspired work, look forward to more when you post some and I'll keep an eye out for ImagineFX.
  11. New emote

    Surely they cant take up that much space, as Han the smuggler clurichaun said to the fubar golden mekanique.. "let the pooka win. fubars dont poop in your slippers while youre asleep in bed.. a pooka will though"
  12. Site Issues - old, locked

    My hero thanks very much Annael. I'd never even noticed that button before yet it solved the problem.
  13. Site Issues - old, locked

    Sometime over the holiday week my ability to view SnE threads as a seemless page ended, now all I see is the first post followed by a list of posts that you now have to individually click onto in order to read each piece of a thread. I have been told this is not a site makeover and somehow a technical problem effecting lil ol me. I've not altered settings and stumped as to whats happened. Theories and resolving solutions are most welcome as I have no clue how to get back to seeing the site as it was. Please PM a remedy, I'd appreciate it LS
  14. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    A superb plan, sign me up! That'll teach him for having the Dark Horse "Ghost" action figure. grrrr
  15. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    Kabuki and Dawn and Purgatori you say? *salivates* Glad I didnt visit you after all, I would have cried.. then get bitchslapped for trying to steal em hehe Damn you and your trophies "where does he get such wonderful toys" oh yes, and as for that crown "Sire" i'll have to return that to the Freehold.. *envies* i'll see its returned. Honest