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  1. It's been a long, long time

    I remember you!
  2. Renaming the forums

    Now that New World of Darkness is Chronicles of Darkness and Classic World of Darkness is now just World of Darkness should the forums be renamed?
  3. Dresden Files RPG

    Well, the do have a writeup on both Chicago and Boston in the two books. I'll probably end up setting the game in another city (like say my own) anyway.
  4. NEW vs OLD

    Lost: Playing scared little wounded people abused by the Fae. Dreaming: Playing the Fae.
  5. Dresden Files RPG

    I got both books recently, and I'm working on starting up a game of it. Anyone here played it, or at least read it? I figured since the setting is so similar to the WoD that some people here must have.
  6. And we're back!

    *looks around* Hung out on a site that's basically a kinky version of Facebook. I swear my kith is Nocker, I swear!
  7. Resisting Regeneration

    True. You just basically double with each step though, so it's not hard to extrapolate up to 10.
  8. Resisting Regeneration

    Sure it can, if your Primal Urge is above 5.
  9. Top of the Chart Song on your Birthday

    Imagine by John Lennon for the UK, Starting Over by John Lennon for the US, and Shaddup You Face by Joe Dolce Music Theatre for Australia.
  10. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    I see White Wolf's decisions as having the intent to increase and maintain their customer base. They might still be shooting themselves in the foot (knowing that requires information that we and possibly even White Wolf doesn't have), but they're not getting rid of customers for the fun of it; they're no Palladium.
  11. Radio Free Death

    That link is for something in Orpheus. Maybe it's an easter egg basically, that's an oWoD reference?
  12. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Well, here's the thing. Every book made costs White Wolf money to make. Every physical copy printed costs White Wolf money to print, and the larger the batch the cheaper the per unit cost (you'd be shocked to see how much of a difference this can make). So it's kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type situation. Sometimes White Wolf will have to change practices that lose the total number of customers if the current practice doesn't have enough customers to be profitable. The PDF issue is more straight forward, but how would you recommend producing something that the nWoD fans and the oWoD fans will both like? It's pretty clear that the oWoD fans that are not nWoD fans aren't going to buy enough books to produce something aimed at them alone.
  13. Politics in the other gamelines

    Vampires are very human like in their mind sets. There are some differences, like the inability to form new emotions, but I think the current Covenant structure takes those into account.
  14. Dropping Wod, Good Or Bad Choice?

    I do think you can make a strong argument that the nWoD is close to being "complete" at this point (baring creating new games, and after awhile that gets really cluttered), and without the metaplot or really detailed setting bits (like you'd get in say Exalted) all you can really do is put out a new edition with the same setting bits with updated rules.
  15. Dancing in the ruins

    I'm waiting with bated breath for The Dresden Files RPG to come out.