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  1. C20 Kithbook Boggans

    I prefer your version. The C20 version makes boggans too squeaky clean for my tastes.
  2. Sales targets for 5e

    I'm hoping the actual edition will be less right wing edge lord than the preview was. But I think even if it does better than V20 that still won't hit their sales targets.
  3. What sort of sales targets do you think White Wolf has for 5e, and do you think they can reach them? Personally it seems like they're expecting at least as much as in Vampire's heyday, and given the market fragmentation these days I don't think that would be a realistic goal.
  4. What is cold iron?

    I thought it was possible using some of those older techniques to still melt the iron.
  5. Walking Away From Arcadia - A CtD Podcast

    I absolutely love that podcast, and the two creators are very approachable as well.
  6. What is cold iron?

    Based on how the description is in C20, I think that the restriction is that cold iron cannot be made in a blast furnace, and must use charcoal instead of coal. So it isn't quite as restrictive as you're saying Pathgalen, but also you're pretty much still only going to find cold iron made in the past 500 years is through recreationists, and even then you can go back almost two thousand years and find iron that isn't cold iron in China.
  7. It's been a long, long time

    I remember you!
  8. Renaming the forums

    Now that New World of Darkness is Chronicles of Darkness and Classic World of Darkness is now just World of Darkness should the forums be renamed?
  9. Dresden Files RPG

    Well, the do have a writeup on both Chicago and Boston in the two books. I'll probably end up setting the game in another city (like say my own) anyway.
  10. NEW vs OLD

    Lost: Playing scared little wounded people abused by the Fae. Dreaming: Playing the Fae.
  11. Dresden Files RPG

    I got both books recently, and I'm working on starting up a game of it. Anyone here played it, or at least read it? I figured since the setting is so similar to the WoD that some people here must have.
  12. And we're back!

    *looks around* Hung out on a site that's basically a kinky version of Facebook. I swear my kith is Nocker, I swear!
  13. Resisting Regeneration

    True. You just basically double with each step though, so it's not hard to extrapolate up to 10.
  14. Resisting Regeneration

    Sure it can, if your Primal Urge is above 5.
  15. Top of the Chart Song on your Birthday

    Imagine by John Lennon for the UK, Starting Over by John Lennon for the US, and Shaddup You Face by Joe Dolce Music Theatre for Australia.