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  1. Dracula Spectacle in Paris!

    Road trip! http://www.draculalespectacle.com/ ~Venetian
  2. Nice to see this place is still here, and still waving the World of Darkness flag proudly!

  3. Where is the love?

    I, for one, would very much like to know more about this character concept!
  4. Requiem for Rome

    Waiting with all the patience I can muster! If it's even half as good as <i>Damnation City</i>, then I'll remember 2007 as a landmark year for <i>Requiem!</i> (And I suspect strongly that it will be at least half as good as DC!)
  5. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    The Divine Conspiracy album by Epica
  6. Psyche and Eros

    Not to pick nits, but the line "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers" is from the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire, not from the film Gone With the Wind. Fortunately I don't think that changing the attribution alters the point you were using the quote to help you make. Purely FYI!
  7. Faerie Tales

    Brilliant and inspired! I particularly like your interpretations of the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. How about a Little Red Riding Hood to go with your Big Bad Wolf?
  8. Horror In Changeling

    This is precisely the theme I'm exploring with my Changeling character. He's a Fairest Muse of the Autumn Court, and he struggles to avoid becoming like the Gentry. He's a playwright and director who stages strange and macabre productions at his own small fringe theatre, and he takes Glamour from the acting troupe and the audience. But he's not particularly nice, and his ability to refrain from manipulative and mentally or emotionally abusive behavior -- is by no means certain, despite his own recognizance that his behavior may be wrong.
  9. Bugger

    Thank goodness I changed professions. The video game biz pays on time and better than freelancing. Sure, I do miss it, sometimes...but not that much.
  10. Bugger

    I can read my own work now. Excellent! Feel free to commence with the Reliquary spoilers at your leisure. Strangely enough, back in the day--a thousand years ago it seems now, but it was truly only about a decade--when I did a bit of freelancing for White Wolf, my author copies always arrived promptly. It was the payment that always seemed to take the slow boat.
  11. Vampire Online Game

    In answer to your question about Damnation City, I'm of the opinion that reading this book is arguably the single best decision you could make at this point, since it includes mechanical systems and suggestions for doing almost exactly what you are proposing (to the point where it converts some rules and concepts from Prince of the City, White Wolf's strategy game of city domination based on Vampire the Requiem, into tabletop-game-friendly mechanics).
  12. Thank you! Indeed, we had a great time in that game, and chronicle. During that particular evening, the Invictus made a serious play to wrest control of the domain away from the Carthian Movement, under the cover of the Renaissance ball event, and emerged victorious. The Carthians never recovered from the coup, and spent the rest of the chronicle trying to play catch-up. My character was the Gangrel Prince, who defected from the Carthians to the Invictus in disgust, declaring the Carthian "experiment" an utter failure. I perished at the hands of an enemy in the final game. Good times!
  13. More Music!!!

    The Messenger, Blackmore's Knight My apologies for the double post!
  14. More Music!!!

    The Messenger, Blackmore's Knight
  15. Here's a pic of me taken during a Vampire LARP last winter. It's a Requiem modern LARP, but the Invictus threw a winter ball with a Renaissance theme: hence the decidedly un-modern togs!