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  1. I survived Ike...

    Not sure about the Werewolf or Mage but the Vamps will follow the food. glad you got through it, and even had some fun along the way
  2. Motivational Poster

  3. Motivational Poster

    awesome, very nearly became my new desktop background @Krieg one 5 dot artifact is never enough, the combined dots must add up to at least 27 for it to be enough
  4. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    that can be arranged if you come to Ireland... but you can almost certainly find someone closer than that to do it for you... look out for balloon conventions
  5. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    almost forgot to post my picture my friend made me from balloons
  6. What's yer poison?

    My drink of choice is wine but I also like a lot of other drinks. I mainly drink red these days as my best friend prefers it and we usually share bottles, but I also like white and rose, I'm not too picky about the country either, though there is a difference in taste. If I'm in the mood for something different or I'm in a bar that doesn't serve wine I tend to get Southern Comfort (either straight, with orange juice or with lime cordial, which i highly recomend) If I'm drinking beer i prefer bottles to pints. I like a lot of Mexican beers (Sol being my current favorite) but again i'm not too picky, although I don't like most of the main comercial brands (Budweiser and Heiniken imediatly spring to mind). a lot of German beers are very good, Belgium too, in fact most of the countries in northern Europe make fantastic beer. I'll drink most spirits, not too fond of Gin (too emotional) or Jagermeister (liquid sin). I'm do like shots of Tequila, if your interested in getting drunk there is nothing more fun, but be carefull its really easy to go overboard and get too drunk. Salt and lime (some prefer lemon but lime is far better in my opinion) are optional. Whiskey is a very nice drink once you get used to it I've tried and liked most types (Irish, Scotch, Bourbon etc.), my personal favorite is Midleton Very Rare, its made in a town about an hours drive from where I live. social life in Ireland is very much tied into alcohol, its been a big influence on our culture for far too long.
  7. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    you could try to get sponsered, pretend your doing it for charity and not just for the cuddles... lotsa work though, just how much do you want these cuddles? are you still in EdinBurgh? I'm planning to visit there soon, hopefully before the end of the summer edit: I'm also planning a shopping trip with Alexandra to Camden in London if you would be interested in joining us... shopping is fun and Camden in a great place to shop
  8. Gehenna Smackdown

    i bet it still made you smile
  9. Need a name for a Vampire Hunting Organization

    The Order of Ash actually created when Ash goes back in time in Army of Darkness The Will of God no writen record of this group exists but if you listen carefully you can occasionally hear whispers of "The Will" among the higher members of the church. The Order of Light Walking the dark places of the world so that others don't have to and bringing the light of God to all they find. Warriors of the Sun created by the Romans and answered only to the Emporer. Came under the juristiction of the church when Constantine I converted to christianity. I like the idea of that game, wish i could play in it.
  10. Gehenna Smackdown

    Dementation 10: extend the madness network to the entire world population Potence 10: HULK SMASH Temporis 10: Travel to the future when all this is over. Chimeristry 10: ha ha, fooled you all, you thought Gehenna was here Dementation 10: Childmind on the world... if your gonna act like children you might as well be convincing Dementation 10: elect Bush for a third term
  11. Dear Irish People

    I really don't think that the Treaty had much hope of passing in Ireland, the way it was handled it seemed as though our government was trying to sneak something past us, they have done it before, on one particular occasion they made us vote twice, the second time yes ment no and vice verca. with this kind of behavior in the past we are suspicious of anything they try to do.
  12. Ideas on self promotion

    There is quite a lot of money to be made by selling art on the street in Ireland at least, in most cities here there is at least one spot (usually a park and on sunday morning to afternoon) that will have rows of artwork to be sold, never underestimate the power of the "impulse buy" I assume you wear your own t-shirts at least some of the time, if not you should basically get your artwork seen by as many people as you can
  13. Theres some weird crap going on.

    I never understand why when someone realizes that their house is haunted the first question they ask is "how do i get rid of it?" where do you think a ghost goes when its banished from the house it was haunting? Personally I have no idea but before i kick someone out of my house I will make sure that they have somewhere to go...
  14. Internet Issues and a New Browser

    Woo! ubuntu rules
  15. Greetings

    welcome all the forums are great for house rules, and don't be afraid to post, this is the nicest forum on the internet with some of the most knowlegable and informative WoD players in the world Also check out The Void's in-character thread