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  1. Boo!

    1. Libra


      Remind me some night to let you know the perils of saying boo to a vampire. :D

    2. Joslyn


      hah, will it end badly for me? if not i'm not worried!

  2. Long time no see SnE

    Finally got back into my account, still dont know how to reset my password(the captcha thing isnt showing up for me) but thanks to the facebook connect thing being fixed i cna at least log in with that until i can figure out my pass haha Anyways, i've been lazy in getting back onto sne, tried afew months back couldnt get on gave up blah blah. Still an avid PnP player, though thanks to morning sickness and an utter desire to not get out of bed, not so much the last few months. (I miss it!) I'm anxiously awaiting exalted 3rd, and now awaiting wraith 20 as well. Still stuck in Portland, Or, with the same awesome ST/husband to be, celebrating 9 years in febuary.likely gonna celebrate with a nice dinner and some Exalted or vampire haha Hoping to poke around in the wraith fourms again and get more active on here again.
  3. What can a mage offer a vampire?

    The closest thing in Requiem to the sabbat are prehaps Belials Brood? I dont know much about them however. ANYWAYS. Yeah i got mixed answers from white-wolfs fourms too..it seems at best it would be dangerous at worse dcause more of a headache then it is worth to keep up the charade. We ended up scraping the plot idea in favor of something else, since after alot of thought, and a disscussion with my ST we decided that bringing the vampires into the game well would just be a friggen headache to deal with plot wise. (There was alot going on in the game already and we needed to tie a few things up and by the time it was done the vampires were not even a passing thought)
  4. copy pasted from my question the the whitewolf foums) hoping to get a bunch of ideas..heres hoping Its come up in game and i'm to lazy to explain the story thus far and how it got to this. So my character is about to get her self tangled up with the vampires She wants to work with them, and maybe one day be a god to them. (oh did I mention she's not very sane at this point in the game and being shadowed by some dark spirit that is influencing her without her knowledge? yeah. its complicated.) Arcana wise I have: Death 4 Mind 4 Life 1 limited monetary resources, acssess to police(via her job as homicide detective..though honestly a vampire probably has little problems with this kind of stuff.) Wisdom is 3( I point this out so we can lay a baseline of what a. she will not do, and b.what she can do) (I can post my whole sheet if skills are needed to help in ideas..but i will only do that at request) As far as allies in the mage community...She has none, well at least none she is willing to go to at this point she honestly believes that the mages in the city are out to get her and show her no respect, and thus doesnt trust any of them, even the ones she once considered friends(derangements...oh how fun.) I'm not complaining it makes for an interesting game. However none of the ideas have to be lasting as this is a solo game(1 player, 1 st.) and we have discussed out of game what story we wish to work out, this will lead to a path to redemption(aka gaining back the lost wisdom, but we dont consider XP to be enough, the character has to actually work to gain it back)and of course dealing with the consequences of what she has done. I have a small say in what i'd like to see in the story but st still has majority(the vampire thing was his idea based on previous things my character did and it fit the game) However its on me to come up with how i plan to get a foothold in with the vamps, and i honestly dont even know where to begin. Any ideas would be great
  5. I so wish i had more people to debate rpg rules and campaigns :(

    1. zeroninja


      I could, but I haven't played many of the gamelines yet. Or at all. It sucks when your old friends loathe World of Darkness for the mechanics and your new friends only play Pathfinder. :(

    2. Joslyn


      You should look into PbP for world of darkness, theres a ton out there :) And I know the feeling sorta, stuck playing in a game I dont want to play at all x.x

  6. I officially HATE the guitar...I should have just bought a wind instrument at least that wasnt so damn complicated..I dont have the patience to learn this crap i thought i did..it was an impulse buy and i should have listened to reason but i didnt..blegh

  7. lawl my neighbor just came over asked me if i was smoking pot because the smell was coming into his apartment. I was not and told him so, he was very polite and said he doesnt care what we do but if we are to open a window so the smell vents and stops filling his apartment...makes me think he didnt believe it wasnt me.

  8. yay for more weird shit happening in my house, i walked into my bedroom yesterday to find the alarm clock(usally on the windowsil) on the floor and the window wide open. An hour or two before I know for a fact that window was closed and the clock on the sil. These windows cant be opened from the outside, and opening them from then inside even takes force...yeah i'm a bit creeped out.

    1. zeroninja


      Those damn leprechauns...

  9. ouch just got my power bill for november(yay for not checking the mail till 7!lol)...my love of keeping the heaters on constantly came with a huge increase in our bill...still not turning the heaters off though i hate the cold...

  10. we start our diet on the first, i actually mean me and mike, i got him to agree we both needed to loose a few pounds..and by a few i mean many lol we've both gotten lazy and fat thanks to our current diet of eating what we want when we want in large amounts. It shouldn't be so hard with both of us doing it as we can support each other. I'm excited!

  11. my god my teeth on the left side have been hurting all day :( nothing makes it stop either I have no idea what to do the pain is nearly unbearable...

  12. fiance seems to think i need hearing aids because i dont catch what he says half the time, insist on having the tv up godawful loud to hear it, and i talk to loudly...cant tell if he's right or i'm just being lazy and dont want to strain to hear things

  13. just bought a 20 lb turkey for two people, this is gonna last us a good while lol

  14. day 1 of learning to play the guitar...going terribly :( the instruction video is good very good i just am a terrible student...will continune to try though cause i am not going to give up after one day...especially not after what i paid for the damned thing lol

  15. yay turns out i get my guitar on friday! Yay!