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  1. Curious as to see what stories can be run with it. Pondering picking up the book, but I'm not seeing what games really can be run with it. Nothing jumps out at me compared to Changeling the Dreaming, with all the conflicts with it (to be fair I had far more time to read CtD and I've got a good chunk of the books, compared to nowadays). For example, Winter Was Coming in CtD, but even though so many Changelings try to fight it, there were the struggles between commoners and Sidhe, Seelie vs Unseelie, etc. In CtL, the big threat was your own personal boogieman possibly comming after you (or maybe pick up one or two others), so to me that screams that the Lost really, really, should be banding together for mutual protection. As I see it (please correct me if I'm wrong), having escaped the Gentry, you return to Earth, your old life taken from you, so you build a new one. But a lot of the art suggests to me that Changelings end up in run-down areas or poor. Is this deliberate to hide from the Fae? What's the setting like to those who've played it? Is it like say Lost Girl? (I was toying with the idea of making some kind of Changeling character a'la Dyson or Kenzi).