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  1. I definitely need to grab the new Demon and the God Machine Chronicles to be able to partiicpate properly.
  2. Hello lurkers in the dark. For those who remember me, I need no introduction. For the rest, was once the Villicus of the Demon: the Fallen section of Shadownessence. In the past years, I have been developing a concept for a video game called الآخرة (Al Akhira). It means "The Afterlife" in Arabic, and tells the story of Azra'il, as interpreted by Muslim beliefs. I was recently able to assemble a small team to work on the game, and while we have made some progress towards building the game, we've mostly been doing this part time. To this end, I've set up a crowdfunding campaign on our st
  3. I have indeed been lurking the SnE halls. It's been a long time, maybe too long. Feels like a different life. Still, it's been a while, and things have been developing. I'm not back, not completely, but I do miss these old robes.
  4. I've just heard the news. I wish I could say something but I can't shake the feeling that something unnatural happened. It's as though a constant was removed from reality. You'll be missed, Spikey.
  5. You will need approval from one of the SnE staff first. I would advise you contact Morlandus or one of the others with the cool badges. That, or I could re-take my place as main Demon moderator and vouch for you guys.
  6. Hello, I'm the old Demon moderator. We did have some rules written, and I believe there's a version available somewhere in the forums here. I may have a copy stored on a hard drive too, but I can't confirm it now. For now, I can only wish you luck and patience in your endeavor. I believe the last working version we have can be found here.
  7. That's pretty much how the forums were ran back in the day ™ Ask your questions, discuss. That's the life of a forum!
  8. I currently have all of VanirSmuck's work on IL, but I never got around to compiling them in one document. If anybody wants to do it, I can send the files as is.
  9. Azraelthe7th As if you were expecting something else.
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. In short: Styr was never given any stats. It's mostly believed that the metal no longer exists, but that it would deal aggravated damage. You can refer to other books for weapon details.
  11. There isn't one. I'll add it to SnE's downloads section. Thanks everyone, for the warm words. They are very much appreciated.
  12. Has brought some closure to the Sundered Heavens. Here's to the futre!.

  13. Has brought some closure to the Sundered Heavens. Here's to the futre!.

  14. You can find the announcement here. I've said all I had to say in that topic and in the attached files. I admit I feel liberated, but still saddened that it didn't become what it could have been.
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