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  1. And We Are Back!

    I definitely need to grab the new Demon and the God Machine Chronicles to be able to partiicpate properly.
  2. الآخرة (Al Akhira)

    Hello lurkers in the dark. For those who remember me, I need no introduction. For the rest, was once the Villicus of the Demon: the Fallen section of Shadownessence. In the past years, I have been developing a concept for a video game called الآخرة (Al Akhira). It means "The Afterlife" in Arabic, and tells the story of Azra'il, as interpreted by Muslim beliefs. I was recently able to assemble a small team to work on the game, and while we have made some progress towards building the game, we've mostly been doing this part time. To this end, I've set up a crowdfunding campaign on our studio's website (Studios LU/NE). We're hoping to have more to show in the coming weeks, and a working demo in two to three months. The game is an action platformer, and is planned for release on Windows, OSX and Linux. Cheers all!
  3. You're not imagining things

    I have indeed been lurking the SnE halls. It's been a long time, maybe too long. Feels like a different life. Still, it's been a while, and things have been developing. I'm not back, not completely, but I do miss these old robes.
  4. PS Network Friends

    Azraelthe7th As if you were expecting something else.
  5. Has brought some closure to the Sundered Heavens. Here's to the futre!.

  6. Has brought some closure to the Sundered Heavens. Here's to the futre!.

  7. The Sundered Heavens, archived

    You can find the announcement here. I've said all I had to say in that topic and in the attached files. I admit I feel liberated, but still saddened that it didn't become what it could have been.
  8. Eclipse Phase

    Hmm good point. Just checked out the permissions attributed and it looks ok.
  9. Eclipse Phase

    I don't think it's freely available. DTRPG link. Official Website. Sorry, but I'm taking down your links for legal reasons. Also, Open Source applies to software, not books. That's the Creative Commons.
  10. Zombie plague analyzed by Canadian maths prof

    My plans have been exposed! Damn you Smith!
  11. Spider Man vs Batman

    If the fight were to occur sometime after the end of the first movies, as you've stated, I'd give the overall edge to the Batman. First fight, Spider-Man would be dancing circles around Bats, due to his arachnid agility, but his constant taunting would give enough opens for Batman to at least give him a good fight. Anything after that goes in favor of the Bat. He's excessively methodical, very well trained and extremely patient. He'd lay enough traps to confuse Spider-Man's spider-sense and then take him down. Then the Joker and the Green Goblin team up to make Atlanta die of laughter delivered in exploding pumpkins and the two pair up.
  12. Guess who's Homeless!!!

    I've just read about your situation. Best of luck in your path, Dahlia. I hope brighter days are ahead of you.
  13. T2 Endoskull Blu-Ray set!

    Whoa. Shiny.
  14. A 1980s Requiem supplement?!

    Actually, the thing about the 80's that pop culture wants us to forget is that the shadow of WWIII was very much looming on the horizon thanks to the ever-present threat of a nuclear holocaust. That alone inspired things like V for Vendetta, Watchmen and the Metal Gear games. So, this could be an interesting supplement.
  15. New Wodal 0.4a

    I am Azrael the 7th Murderer, and I endorse this mod!