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  1. Spark RPG now on Kickstarter!

    Hey there Mav; The costs for Canadian, American, UK, German and Chinese backers is the same. I'm making the conscious choice not to add any shipping premium to people who happen to be from different countries than I am. The prices are indeed set in US dollards, despite my Canadian nationality. That said, if you were interested in the Leader Tier with the extra stuff, or to get a local retailer in on the pre-order? That would be very handy for my bottom line. Glad it interests you Zeroninja!
  2. Spark RPG now on Kickstarter!

    Hey folks, I know I have drifted a little away from good old SnE, but it's been due to working on designing my own game. I just finished it off and have a new kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to print the thing. I would love it if some of you would be willing to take a look. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/Jagash/the-spark-roleplaying-game Cheers!
  3. Spikey is no longer with us

    *lowers head* That is a tremendous loss indeed.
  4. Game Designer Questions

    Any more game design questions? I also have a GenCon playtesting seminar recorded over on my site for those who are interested. http://www.genesisoflegend.com/2012/09/gencon2012-seminars/
  5. Spark RPG Open Beta

    Ahh, ok. That makes much more sense to me.
  6. Spark RPG Open Beta

    *chuckles* The current version of the game is 17K and I expect the final word count will be closer to 25K. I actually expected it to have a higher wordcount based on my initial predictions, but I'm comfortable with a mere 25K. Spark does indeed refer to the spark that fires the imagination. It also refers to the spark of god, the spark that starts the wildfire, that small nudge that changes everything forever. Big and metaphorical.
  7. Spark RPG Open Beta

    Thanks for linking it and for reading in detal. The reason for the title of "Spark" is a bit of a subtle play on words in english. It refers to the initial spark that starts a wildfire (a small thing changing the world), the spark of god (the element of creation) and volitility (challenging beliefs). You are quite right about the similarities with Burning Wheel. The difference is that BW tends to follow the principle that your emotions drive you to fight for what you believe. Spark tends to ask you to challenge and examine your beliefs through play, and examine the emotional outcome. The game tends to support more bleed than BW and it's a great deal lighter weight!
  8. Spark RPG Open Beta

    It's my great pleasure to announce the Spark RPG Open Beta is now available. I wanted to let you folks know as quickly as possible and I would love to hear your thoughts. http://www.genesisoflegend.com/spark-open-beta/ I would love your thoughts. I am eager to get as many people testing out the game as possible so that I can produce the best possible game.
  9. Reintroducing myself

    Hello and welcome back.
  10. This is absolutely astounding and worth supporting. I have already pledged!
  11. Game Chef 2012 - Try out game design

    I just produced a free game for GameChef 2012, in case any of you are interested. Our world is ending, as it has countless times before. Our mortal worshipers are passing into the void as this apocalypse claims their lives. We hope to maintain our divine mandates with the ancient Lantern Rites handed down since the dawn of time. We can speak with the few mortals who remain and petition them to take our cause. Their final moments will give us the light we need to find a new world in the void. In exchange, we will remember them and provide them a legacy in our new home. Which of us will each Lantern choose? How will they spend their last moments? What legacies shall we pass along into our new world? Those are divine mysteries we hope to explore. http://www.genesisof...anterns-legacy/
  12. Game Chef is a great contest where people spend a limited amount of time (April 7th-15th 2012) to create a short roleplaying game. They will give you a theme such as "Last Chance" or "Journey". They also give you a set of "Ingredients" such as "City" "Edge" "Assault" or "Dawn". You get to think up of how you could combine those ingredients into an interesting setting. You get to put together some mechanics to represent that setting. You can collaborate and support other designers and give you feedback. Anyone want to join in? http://gamechef.wordpress.com/
  13. Game Designer Questions

    Thanks, I will have to read that.
  14. Game Designer Questions

    Good questions; 1) How do you make people want to play your game? The short answer is that your game needs to create a uniquely rewarding experience of play, where players get to make meaningful choices. The particular techniques for achieving those goals are plentiful and complex. For a little more reading, check out this post from Lumpley.com (http://lumpley.com/comment.php?entry=646) 2) Why should they buy my game instead of any other? I tend to take more of a collaborative approach rather than a competitive one. I want people to play, learn and buy a variety of different high-quality games which give them different experiences. I don't want to say "Mexican food is the best food ever, you must exclusively purchase my burritos rather than any other style of food." I want my audience to taste the wide variety of available options so they can enjoy my particular offering for it's own unique qualities. 3) In order to improve my economic platform, the first thing I need to do is finish writing and editing the text of my game. It's a remarkably challenging task, but you need a finished product before you can start earning revenue. After that, I intend on using the Kickstarter platform to gather preorders, raise awareness and generally get seed money to pay for my expenses and get a head start on selling my game. I plan on reinvesting those funds back into the business so that I can pay for things like reprints and freelancers. Oh, for the record I did misstate something earlier on. While I am not hiring freelance writers yet, I have already hired some freelance artists and editors to help me develop my game. Many people also hire experts in layout/graphic design, so these can be other ways to start in the industry. 4) No, I have yet to hear about Pierre Bioudreu's work. Could you please provide a link so I can look it up? 5) From my perspective, the real reason why supernaturals are popular for RPG's these days is less on their own merits and more on what there represent. Supernaturals are at their core, human stories. Each supernatural group has their own set of moods, themes, beliefs and conflicts that relate to their chosen society. Vampires characters are faced with forbidden temptation, oppression, deception, violence and identity issues. Each of these aspects of "The Vampire" give those characters more depth and complexity. Add in the fact that supernatural beings usually have a greater ability to be "awesome", where the players feel like they have more agency and control over the narrative. I totally understand why it's a popular genre. How do you reinvent Vampire? Find one particular aspect of "The Vampire" trope and provide mechanics to examine that in more depth. The game "Amaranthine" is a game of perpetually resurrecting immortals who form and develop long-standing relationships with other Immortals over the millenia. They have systems to represent the strength of their relationships and how they will go from hot passion to cold distance. It's a very different game from Vampire, but it deals with some of the same themes and provides a different experience entirely. Hope this helps!
  15. Game Designer Questions

    The central core of the system is relatively solid and I respect that. Even the morality system has it's benefits; the way that humanity caps social rolls or that theft is not a sin against harmony? Those are small areas where the morality system shines. Still, it seems too.... simple for a game of moral complexity. How much playtesting is adequate? That is the million-dollar question right there. The more playtests, the more chances you get of the following things: 1) Discovering how your game is perceived by a variety of different demographics, so you can avoid inadvertent discrimination. 2) Examining each of the different combinations of feats, skills, abilities etc. 3) Examine how the structures of play shape long-term play. 4) Examine how long you can play before the game simply stops being fun or a challenge. 5) Hear about what kinds of emotions and behaviours your game promotes. 6) Examine what techniques and procedures you inadvertently use at the gaming table to run your game, so you can document and share them. In my personal experience, playtest feedback can and will dramatically alter a game system. Now, if you are starting with an established mechanical system, the magnitude of these changes will be much smaller. The current version of my game is nearly unrecognizable compared to my first version, but it's also a much stronger game as a result of my alterations.