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    Just so you know, Vampires of BP 7 and up ARE immune to blood addiction according to the rules in the V:tR. Of course that doesn't stop them from forming an addiction to Diablerie. Some people never know when to stop drinking. cantrip
  2. What new WoD clan for the Tzimisce?

    The Tzimiscie as I see them. I've always felt the the over all theme of the Tzimiscie was control and ascendancy, spiritual, mental or physical. Each individual choosing their own path to power whether through altering the flesh, through spiritual devotion to elemental forces or through martial and mental prowess. Given these themes I do not see the Tzimiscie as a distinct covenant or bloodline. Instead I see the Tzimiscie belonging primarily to the Ordo Dracul, especially if the defining element of the Tzimiscie for NWOD is Fleshcrafting. In addition, there would be a Tzimiscie presence within the Crone and the Invictus. Of course, members of these two groups would emphasize spiritual and martial control and ascendancy/transmogrification. An Invictus Tzimiscie emphasizes ascendancy over mortals and society. Nothing less than complete control would be acceptable. A Tzimiscie Crone knows she will ascend to the heavens, not as petitioner but as a God herself. She seeks not spiritual ascendancy for heaven's grace but spiritual ascendancy for Heaven's throne. The plague as origon of the Tzimiscie was never well received in OWoD I'm still not a big fan. Then again, I'm not really a fan of the numerous Bloodlines now populating NWoD. I could go on about NWoD Bloodlines but I'll leave it for a different thread. I believe the Tzimiscie ability should be a set of Devotions rather than a new Discipline. Perhaps there was an individual, or group of individuals who changed their blood to become a Bloodline but did not choose to sire a new Line. As each of the Founding Tzimiscie or THE founding Tzimiscie grew old and the weight of their blood called more and more to topor the founder(s) took in students to pass on their secrets so the founder(s) could reclaim them upon waking. Their secrets were literally written into their flesh and blood. I think I kinda like where this is going. The background allows for several conflicts and secrets. Hmmm..... The original Tzimiscie were three. Although each were A-type personalities and fought for control of themselves and their environment each emphasized a different road to their end goal. One wished to overcome the limits of his flesh. Vampires were the next evolutionary step of human. This Tzimiscie decided he would overcome the curse and take the next evolutionary step beyond vampirism. His blood and Flesh were his to control as was the Flesh of others. This Tzimiscie joined the Ordo Dracul. The Second Tzimiscie choose to control her spiritual evolution. Evolution meant spiritual ascendence. She transmogrified her flesh to free herself of its burden. By strengthening her spirit she controlled her Beast and the Beasts of others. She joined the Crone. The last of the original Tzimiscie cared little for ascendency or evolution. Instead, he sought mastery of man and complete domination of society. Having been embraced late in life and having been through several topors, the third Founder feared the tricks the mind played on the aged. He came to fleshcraft seeking a means to master his memory, to prune weakness from the battlefield be it the battle grounds of Elysium or the Streets. He altered himself to find physical, mental and social advantage as he sought to Dominate and ascend over all those around him. The last of the founders joined the Invictus. As rarely happens in kindred society, the three founders found each other. The history of the Tzimiscie varies between different lines of the family. Each line with a different variation on how the Founders first met and which of the three led/dominated their coterie or whether they were ever really a coterie to begin with. Despite the conflicting history somehow the students of the three formed a house. Outsiders call them a Bloodline but members know better. All Tzimiscie are loyal to the family but are free to follow their own path to ascendance and control as they see fit. This includes murder and betrayal. Loyalty to an individual by mere familial ties should not get in the way of ones path as long as one remains loyal to the founding ethos the House. To falter from the founding paths of ascendance and control is to no longer be Tzimiscie and therefore no longer family. The Tzimiscie will defend the family and its ethos no matter the cost although they care little for individual members. Each must find their own way. Each new member of the Family must first attract the attention of a mentor. Tzimiscie care little for others, so new members must be creative in convincing a Tzimiscie to take them on as a student. Before a student is ever taught the families proprietary devotions or Merits (Leaving the door open with the merit reference) the petitioning kindred is indoctrinated. The Tzimiscie master is harsh on their pupils and punishment for failure comes swiftly. Often a Tzimiscie will teach through sacrifice, the students sacrifice that is. The student becomes a test subject where the Tzimiscie will poke and prod, trying to learn the effects of this or that adaptation before discarding the modification or applying the process to themselves. In this manner the Tzimiscie feels she has not wasted her time and accomplished two goals with little wasted effort. The student quickly adjusts to the appropriate ethos of the family and has an incentive to learn. Little of what a Tzimiscie teacher applies to her student is ... "safe". Many petitioners to the Tzimiscie family do not survive. None, however, ever just up and ... "quit", just as none fail. The Tzimiscie tutor always learns something. Elder experienced Tzimiscie literally craft the petitioner into a member of the house. Secrets: A. The Tzimiscie founders were indeed a Bloodline and sired several children. These childer, however, are not members of the House of Tzimiscie. In fact the surviving members of their Bloodlines were subjects of many of their sire's experiments. The three distinct bloodlines hate the founders. The founder's childer have vowed revenge and have instilled down their lineage to the youngest neonate. These Bloodlines have created their own devotions/disciplines to assist them in their vengeance. They still seek the resting place and Havens of the founders. Unfortunately the founder's Bloodlines/family lines are not unified in any manner nor do they have knowledge or ability in any of the Devotions that define the House of Tzimiscie. B. A Tzimiscie takes on a student when the weight of age brings the fear of topor, not before. Normally a student would be a waste of the Tzimiscie's time. The Tzimiscie takes a student, as the founders did, to safe guard their memories and power. It is their last desperate attempt at control. C. Topor due to age and Blood Potency is the curse the Tzimiscie have yet found a means to control. Only one has achieved the Holy Grail of all Tzimiscie. The Ascended, however is not the Saint his epitaph would imply. The Ascended is an Angel of the Old Testament. One wing in blood and one wing in the Heavens. It is said the Ascended is the third of the founders. The Founder who sought temporal ascendence and control rather than the founders who followed the spiritual or evolutionary paths. Some scholars say it is in fact all three of the founders merge into one which makes the ascended. D. Because the Tzimiscie elder's memories and powers are imbued into the bodies of their students each member desperately seeks to ascend before their master awakens. Stories abound of students being consumed by waking elders as they seek the power they lost during their long slumber. You would wonder then how the house stays together. Could the student not stake or kill their sleeping master. It has been done. Sometimes it even succeeds. But in the dark there are whispered stories where murderous students attempt to avoid fate only to be consumed by their own flesh shortly after completing their fowl deed. Other stories tell of cases where the murdered master consumes the his or her murderer's soul even if the murder did not commit diablerie upon the elder. There are other tales where the master retrieves his past from the student and the student survives but these tales are rare and far between. Of course the house is very young so perhaps the stories are all lies. No one knows for sure. None can recall having met an elder of the house that has actually risen from topor. It doesn't lessen the fear. E. Just as their is a rumor of the Elders consuming the flesh of the young to regain their memories and powers, neonates whisper that when the Founders waken they will consume them all, as their gifts and years of memory are spread through out all the generations. That the founders designed it in this manner so no individual loss would leave them out of control and weak when they waken. F. The original students of the Founder were in feud over which of the paths is the correct path. It threatened to break the house. One or more of the Founders woke and ate their first students leaving only three. One of each of the Founders. Since then the House has remained strong with little division of the magnitude that had nearly destroyed the House in its infancy. G. The most powerful Elders have found a means to keep their power through the ages when they waken from Topor. H. Each of the clan founders have an additional weakness. They are bound to the earth of their birthplace. For creatures who demanded complete control, it is an element of their lives that instead controls them. cantrip
  3. Weird sites in the mortal world

    Why would the Lost hang out at a location that attracts the Fae? I believe someone has already mentioned Glamour or a Trod. Both are valuable commodities to the Fae and Changelings. Perhaps the Lost's presence and the rituals of the Court(s) prevent the Fae from finding the Freehold and gaining an important commodity or entrance to retake the Changelings. It may instead be a location where the Changelings won some victory or the Trod from where a majority of the Lost found the Realm again. Maybe the Changelings want to be found. Maybe they're waiting, waiting for vengeance. It could be any one of these reasons or all of them. Perhaps each court has its own purpose in gathering at that location. It may be another reason for tension between the Courts in your chronicle. Lastly, perhaps they all stay because most, or some changelings of influence, are bound by contract to the area in some manner. cantrip