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  1. World of Darkness in the news.

    I'm sure everyone has heard about the Werewolf video game in the works, but I noticed this article in my news feed on my phone today. I figured I'd share: http://onlysp.com/world-of-darkness-exclusive-interview/ I've never especially fancied Werewolf nearly as much as Vampire, but if it gets the ball rolling I'm more than happy to check it out.
  2. Someone new

  3. So where do we stand now?

    Speaking of Discord, that seems to be where a lot of the buzz is these days. I've joined a couple Discord channels but don't do much with it, personally. Still, might there be some good in a Shadownessence Discord channel?
  4. Good to see the site back up!

    I was just thinking of the old site a few weeks ago, and here it is again. Fantastic!
  5. Annual Drivethrurpg Halloween Pumpkin Hunt is on!

    Not a problem. #4 in the list above took me forever to find. Kept skipping past it.
  6. Annual Drivethrurpg Halloween Pumpkin Hunt is on!

    The loot is: There are 7 pumpkins to find. To find them: Keep in mind that the locations of each pumpkin is the same across the sites.
  7. Annual Drivethrurpg Halloween Pumpkin Hunt is on!

    Unfortunately, I tossed the list I made when I found them all. I think I remember where they all are, though. If anyone is still looking and wants the locations, let me know.
  8. Drivethrurpg.com, drivethrucomics.com, and wargamevault.com are having their annual pumpkin hunt for Halloween. Find the pumpkins and get free stuff!
  9. If the Forum breaks again?

    Hmm, I've been wondering why it was so very quiet lately. Checking in over the last few days and was curious what was up.
  10. Anyone here familiar with weight by volume calculations?

    Low enough that it's still in a gaseous state. :-p
  11. Anyone here familiar with weight by volume calculations?

    Yes. I included the cargo volume as it's a required part of the calculation. I posted that at work yesterday while being distracted with...well...work, so it looks like I edited out my caveat that the specific type of the material would matter if one wanted to get into specifics. One cubic meter of gold and one cubic meter of gaseous oxygen are going to have substantially different weights. Right. That was one of the things I was wondering. Is there a standard density that could be used to calculate a rough estimate of the weight able to be contained in a given volume? if limestone's the standard, that works for me! The formula is: weight = density x volume In my scenario above we know the weight already(12,000 tons), as well as the volume(3950m3). Using those we can calculate the assumed density like I crudely did above(3.03 tons/m3 or roughly 3,030 kg/m3). Of course, my rough calculation to the left may not be entirely accurate as the conversion would normally be tonnes to kilograms, but the game says "tons" which could be short tons, long tons, or tonnes. Dunno, and at this point going to assume tonnes for simplicity and it seems reasonable that if everything else is in metric then their "tons" would be the metric "tonnes." That said, I don't know what has a density 3.03 tons/m3, but I'm not sure it's important insofar as we have a roughly accurate number that a given freighter captain could quote as an estimate of his ship's carrying capacity in raw ore. If the ballpark is about right to the customer, then they could get more detailed with the actual type of substance and do some...math! In case anyone else is interested in getting fussy about this like me, I also found this page that lists the densities of different substances. I appreciate everyone's assistance with purging this demon!
  12. Anyone here familiar with weight by volume calculations?

    Ha. I apologize. Not sure if I described the problem well. After giving what I typed another look, I suppose I could just divide 12,000 by 3950 to get 3.04 tons/m3, and apply that to other freighters. I just want to make sure I'm not being a doofus with such a simple calculation.
  13. Reading through some sci-fi settings and after trying to muddle out why some freighters are rated at a certain cargo capacity I'm looking for some rough calculations for it. Scenario is this: A given freighter is said to have a cargo capacity of 3950m3. The ship is then described to be able to carry 12,000 tons of ore. The specific type of ore is not specified, but we have a rough number that a given freighter captain could use to ballpark his business decisions. Other ships, however, do not have that ballpark estimate listed. They have their cargo volume but nothing to tell me how I could calculate that ballpark estimate. What I'm looking for is a relatively simple rule of thumb that lets me say a given ship could carry X tons as a rough estimate. I've poked around a bit and the best calculator I've found has been aqua-calc's. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this...anyone have any suggestions?
  14. What keeps you up at night?

    I find I tend to be as well. Still, when I actually do try to get to sleep, it is sometimes frustrating. The other day the problem was that I could hear my own heartbeat. Seriously, that was keeping me up. Not entirely sure why, really. I mean, what was I going to do if it stopped?
  15. What keeps you up at night?

    I'm sure all of us have had times where sleep simply eludes us no matter what. Some of us experience this more often than others... Those of you who sleep soundly with nary a concern...nuts to you! So, I'm curious, what keeps you up at night? For me: Lately I have this feeling that I am one thought or idea from, for lack of a better description, some sort of transcendental epiphany. I feel like if I can just figure out what that one thought is, and solidify it, I could tie together so many dangling ideas, half-formed understandings, and conclusions from idle perceptions some of which I'm not even aware of. To be entirely truthful, this is a feeling that has come and gone for years, so it's hardly new. Still, it's frustrating. It's like trying to remember a name or a tune that's just out of reach in your memory. You know it's there, you can hear its echoes, but you just can't bring it to the fore. Most likely it's just the unfortunately interplay between fatigue and an inflated ego, but dammit it makes it hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour for work the next morning.