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  1. Hi all, Having a clearout, so I've got a shedload of RPG books (World of Darkness, Dark Ages Vampire, Wraith Recon, Cthulhu Dark Ages, LO5R) on ebay. Follow the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/gwamonkey/m.html?item=230886946961&_uhb=1&pt=UK_Toys_RolePlaying_RL&hash=item35c1ef3891&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Cheers, Anodyr
  2. Help with Fae psychiatrist

    Cool, thanks Libra, I figured hypnosis must have been covered somewhere ( though I'd never have thought to check VII).
  3. Looking for a powerful token

    I like the Throne idea - riffing on it slightly, I was reading Autumn Nightmares last night and theres a power in there (I think its an Echo for Fetches) that involves trapping a changeling inside a mirror (they can only be freed by someone breaking the mirror). So as a different take on your Throne token, the token could be a mirror into which the Changelings soul passes, with the fetch/doppelganger/mirror spirit taking possession (or even control) of the Changelings physical shell. Whether the imposter is then controlled by the changeling in the mirror, or is in fact a malign entity which then can go off and do what it wants while the bodys owner is trapped could be a possible angle (though the benefits of such a token might be a little hard to define... So it could be a dangerous false token - a trap for unwary Lost that think using the mirror will do something else instead.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of help in profiling an npc for an upcoming game I'm running. What I want is a freehold member who was a psychiatrist before his abduction and has resumed the role since. His duties now are offering psychiatric help to the freehold members, helping them adjust to their new life or unlocking memories and suchlike. Part of the setting background is that some years ago there was a series of abductions in the county, most of which were replaced with fetches. The fetches, when examined by the authorities (as they were children who vanished and returned) were unable (unwilling) to explain their absence. Psychiatric evaluation formed part of their examination, as did therapy sessions to try and get to the bottom of what happened. I'd like this guy to have been the psychiatrist that carried out the evaluations and therapy, with a view to trying to gain info for the freehold on what had happened, who was responsible and what level of threat this posed to the freehold. Anything he found out he would keep to himself ( to report to the freehold), his official explanation to the mortal authorities being that the returnees had locked away whatever had happened, they were mentally exhausted etc. However, the core book states that a fetch will know a changeling on sight, and I'd imagine this would present a problem for a Fae trying to examine them. What the psych needs then, is to be able to interview the fetches without giving away his own identity (and freaking them out). I'd also like the psych to be able to manipulate memory through hypnotic therapy (on changelings) and perhaps conduct therapy through dream entry. So, beyond capability with dream contracts, can anyone suggest good contracts that would help him achieve all this? Is there a hypnosis skill/merit that will cover the memory manipulation angle? How can he protect his identity from the fetches he interviewed? My first thoughts for kith/seeming was wizened/chirurgeon (obviously with a psychiatric leaning rather than surgery), also considered making him an antiquarian and focussing on his info gathering role ( possibly also making him one of the thingy of worms guys, looking for patterns in the experiences and deeply buried memories of the freeholds lost that might provide clues to future assaults by the True Fae. So, any and all suggestions gratefully received. Anodyr
  5. Hunter by Gaslight

    Been mentally turning a few more ideas over for this game and I think I'm goign to go with Jack being an ex-asylum inmate at large. The PC group have been asked to create characters tied to prostitution e.g. pros themselves, family/friends of the first two victims (or a PC pro) etc. and I'm waiting to see what concepts they come back with, but the premise is that they will effectively form a small vigilante group determined to succeed where the police are failing, before they or someone they know become the next victims. I've also floated the idea of one of the PCs being a medium, which I really hope someone will take on as the potential for using second sight/dreams to insert clues and other nastiness (unwanted first person view of a murder in progress, anyone?) would be awesome. But what can I do for clues to lead them to the identity and hideout (an abandoned asylum where Jack spent some quality time undergoing various "treatments" (cue flick through WoD Asylum), left derelict in favour of a more "modern" facility) of Jack for the final showdown? If theres a medium, I like the idea of a psychic insight revealing Jack talking to his victims using phrases learned from the doctors that administered to him in the asylum - perpetuating the myth that hes a doctor/surgeon, providing them with a lead, but ultimately supplying the twist that he was actually the patient). Are there any other cues I could use to lead them towards his identity? A particular smell would be good, if theres one I can link to psychiatric institutes...
  6. Hunter by Gaslight

    In terms of length, it'd be a pbp game so even short plots have a habit of taking a long time to run, and means I can't really break it into typical sessions... Although if I were to picture it as a round the table game I guess I'm thinking 3-5 sessions, if that helps. I suppose it could break down into: 1) introduction and hook 2) investigation 3) encounter 4) investigation 5) resolution Does that sound reasonable? As for jack, there were so many suspects with different backgrounds I could spend ages picking one... One of the early suspects was a Jewish butcher, nicknamed "leather apron" - if that's not a perfect slasher name (or a perfect red herring)' I don't know what is! As for the doctor angle, that was indeed one of the possibilities, so some footwork in the hospitals certainly isn't out of the question, and definitely a plausable identity. So, running with that idea, what could turn a surgeon into a slasher?
  7. Hunter by Gaslight

    Hey all, So, a few things have mystically aligned in the last few days for me, prompting me to consider running a Victorian Hunter game, specifically hunting Jack the Ripper. Its all very vague at the moment so any thoughts anyone would care to offer would be much appreciated, and all I've got so far are a couple of bullet points around which I need to build. - The PCs will effectively be mere mortals caught up in Jacks rampage. I'm currently thinking a policeman, a whore, a petty criminal and a medium could make an interesting and appropriate group. - Jack is a Slasher ofcourse, the details I'll work out later. - The group effectively represent a Tier 1 pre-Hunter cell. They won't have any of the Hunter advantages or connections that Tier 2 or 3 bring. The idea is that after going up against jack, they'd be in a position where the darkness has been pulled back to reveal the horros of the world, and they might then form a Cell and ultimately become involved in Compacts/Conspiracies (though thats outside the scope of this first game). - Possible opener - The first couple of murders have happened, word is on the street about someone butchering two whores, but the real fear has yet to set in. The cop chases the crim through the streets of Whitechapel, intent on apprehending him for Misdemeanour X. At the same time whore is leading her latest John down a side street with the intent to provide her services. The crim's flight leads him and the cop closer to the whore and her customer as the scene progresses. - John turns out to be Jack, attacking the whore just as the crim and cop burst around the corner. Struggle ensues, Jack exhibits some decidedly non-normal abilities and escapes, murder averted. Need a reason here for the cop and the crim to ultimately set aside their differences and join with the whore to track Jack down. - As I have the timeline for what actually happened, I can insert the real events (murders, arrival of the Ripper letters etc) as and when they occur. If the Cell corners and deals with Jack before historical events ended, thats fine - history is rewritten (though the truth will probably be hidden ofcourse). - If I have 4 players, the medium is another possible PC, providing some mystical insight towards helping track the Ripper. Or perhaps there are other roles a 4th PC could fill...? So, as I said, its all a bit bare bones at the mo, but if thats sparked any ideas off for anyone, please shout out. I could use all the help I can get. In terms of source material, I've got access to all the nWoD books, plus Call of Cthulhu (for period inventory and pricing and stuff), as well as the Victorian Age Vampire books, so I reckon I should have everything covered rules wise. Just need to work out how to run this as a Hunter mystery. Cheers, Anodyr
  8. Filling the long nights

    I think you might need to have a little bit of a heart-to-heart with some of your players - one of them (Josyln) has posted on this board in the last day or two that he (I presume its a "he" - apologies if I'm wrong...) seems to be struggling to actually do anything beyond the minutae of vampiric existence in a play session with you... First things first - your post and Josyln's just don't seem to match - where you feel you are struggling to fill the nights, Josyln seems to feel hes having to micromanage every minute just to cover the essentials of feeding and whatnot every night, and not finding time for his character to actually do anything else. It might be beneficial to know what kind of thing you are throwing at the players on a nightly basis? Whilst its all well and good to look at what needs to be done for a Kindred to exist, if its actively getting in the way of developing an enjoyable story, I think you may need to reconsider what you are asking of them. To take the feeding chore as an example, I don't think Kindred necessarilly need to feed every night (unless they are constantly burning vitae doing other stuff). While I agree that contacts is a good way to fill time (but only when you need to - as suggested, use it as a hook, don't use it to deny the players time to do their own thing), I think some of the estimates for other things are a little high in previous replies. Haven - I'm with you on this. maintenance of the haven obviously differs from one to the next, but essentially it wouldnt take more than half to one hour a night (and only then if they've got some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder about cleaning (though how dirty can a place get when all you do is sleep there and you aren't generating dust through skin decomposition...?). A notable exception would be if a character wanted to do something to his haven that served the story/character e.g. he wants to beef up the security by spending the night fitting a metal door, or wiring up a surveillance camera. Otherwise, he wakes up, goes out the door, locks up and gets on with his nightly Requiem. Feeding - Yes it could take a couple of hours, but thats what Racks and Herds are for! Easy hunting for all!. Plus see my previous point about not needing to hunt every night. Consider where their haven is and how easy the pickings might be nearby, let them feed and then crack on with the other fun stuff. If it takes 2 hours to source some vitae one night, give the character a break on another night and rule that he spots a homeless person in a dark alley on a deserted street and manages to top up with only a few mintues lost whilst en route to whatever they actually went out to do that night. Obviously, my points here are about cutting down the time spent doing stuff in a given night, while your initial concern was about having too much time and not enough to do. this is where the things that actually contribute to your story come in - the covenant duties, the personal favours, the investigations and espionage. I imagine your chief concern is that the players might unravel your entire chronicle in the space of a night or something similar - in this case, are you considering how long it actually takes to do things like travel, or meet and converse with an individual npc. Research is another good one that eats hours - consider how long you can spend contributing to an internet forum on an evening without spotting how quickly the time has gone. If your player wants to research something in a library or on the net, that can easily be his whole night accounted for (assuming the info he seeks is tricky to find, or particularly in-depth). If character x has to meet npc y to discuss "Insidious plot device 1", consider things lke what time the meeting is scheduled for (npc y may have his own chores to complete that night, and most likely won't be waiting outside player x's haven when he wakes up), how long it takes for x to get there, does y turn up on time, or does x have to wait, are they somewhere they can communicate clearly (or say, in a noisy club where they fight to hear each other and the conversation takes three times as long as normal) and so on. As a general rule of thumb, I think its probably better to consider not what a Kindred does in a night, but what he does in a week. One or two nights he might aim to get his various "chores" and duties done, another night might be for fun activities like clubbing or whatever (combined perhaps with feeding well to ease the need for Vitae on other nights), another night might be reserved for Cov responsibilities, another might be taken up by Elyssium, and the rest are left blank in his diary in case something comes up. hope that helps, but I'd definitely recmmend getting together with your players and discussing this, as at least one of them seems a little dissatisfied with how the games going, and that can only spell trouble in the long run.
  9. is suffering from last nights office party... but not as much as some! :)

  10. is suffering from last nights office party... but not as much as some! :)

  11. The Forsaken wild west

    So was that Apocalypse: Wild West you ran, or have you done anything with Forsaken in the setting? If the latter, I'd love to hear what you've done with it. I may have to look at picking up GUN for my X360 if I can find it super cheap somewhere. As for 3:10 to Yuma, haven't seen it but will certainly keep an eye out for it now.
  12. Been away from these forums for far too long, so let's see if this stirs any interest... I've been skimming through Deadlands:Reloaded recently, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, prompted me to take a look at the Wild West setting for W:tA, and subsequently led to me dusting off the W:tF books and beginning to cast an eye over the published material with a view to running Forsaken in the Wild West. So, I thought it might not hurt to throw this up here for any of my wolf-blooded brothers out there to post any ideas (no matter how small or how big) that might fit a Forsaken West setting. Character ideas, spirit world thoughts, funky klaives and fetishes, allies and antagonists, anything at all that you think might be cool or worth expanding on. To start things up, and given that I'm working my way through Lodges: the Faithful at the moment, the Lodge of Arms is screaming to be featured, perhaps a lone wolf with a pair of spirit-bonded six guns or a Winchester making him a truely legendary shot. A second Lodge worth considering, given the good old Wild West trope of ghost towns, could be the Lodge of Cerberus. Plenty of scope for a Lodge member (or even a pack of members)to breeze into town, following rumours of abandoned, collapsed mines, plague-hit settlements, or Injun-massacre sites looking to clean up any traces of those victims that aren't so keen to move on into the light and get the hell out of Dodge. As a premis, this could actually make for a pretty sound chronicle set-up that allows the players to try on established Loge members for a change of pace. Kind of like Ghostbusters with claws. A few other bits and pieces that have occurred to me so far, which could be developed: - a gold miner accidentally dynamites a seal that imprisons a powerful spirit. - a bar/brothel where the girls are renowned for their beauty and grace, and the patrons generally leave looking a little more pale-faced than when they arrived. - rail road construction continues apace, and with it come whole new breeds of spirits, previously unseen in these here parts, rampaging through the local Hisil much like the great Iron Horses they precede. So lets hear what you've got - whether it's discussion of something I've mentioned above, or a whole new idea/fragment/personality/thing, post it up and lets see where we end up. The West is there to be won. -Anodyr
  13. crossover game

    I think that the issue with any crossover is always going to be the motive behind running such a game. Is it because the players can't agree on one game to play and the ST is forced to try and please everyone (in which case "Which combo works best?" is going to be a pointless question because you'll be forced to run for whatever the players choose anyway...)? Or has the ST already got a plot in mind which caters to a mixed group? In which case, again the question is moot, because whether or not the game is successful will depend on the quality of the story the ST has cooked up and how the players take on their roles within the story. Personally I wouldnt run a mixed group game, simply because it robs you of the chance to really delve into the background that makes each game special. How can your werewolf player work on developing his territory and ingratiating himself with/appeasing the local spirit courts properly if he's constantly running round trying to get to grips with the Consillium thing his "pack"mates have to sort out? For me it would be like diluting each of the games in the hope of producing something coherent. Thats not to say someone else couldnt make it work - if I had the time to run a chronicle where players had multiple roles, and I could develop a story which could be approached from the different splat views separately, but ultimately leading to a combined conclusion, I could see that being quite a chronicle (or three...). But it would take a lot of work and a very strong storyline.
  14. WW:tF versus WW:tA

    Almost true - I seem to recall some half-whispered rumours of wolf born werewolves, possibly in connection with the Pure. But its not something thats been expanded upon, just something for inquisitive ST's to play around with should they wish. The other side of this of course is that when a werewolf takes to Gauru, they are surrendering to the beast within. The inability to take actions more complex than pursue/hunt/smash/kill is down to the werewolf's shift to an animal instinct frame of mind. Its liberating, but it should also be scary - once Death Rage comes into the equation, you're running a serious risk of causing more harm than good, potentially turning on innocents or your own packmates/friends/family. Its not just a "power up" to be unleashed as and when required - its a state of conciousness that should be feared at the same time as its embraced. As for tribe and "inheriting", I'd agree with Deflare's explanation. Tribe in WtF can be nature or nurture, depending on the situation a young werewolf finds him/herself in. A family of uratha could contain any combination of auspices and tribes, or they could have a proud dynastic tradition of joining the Blood Talons after their First Change, and therefore expect/encourage the same from any newly changed family members. Or a werewolf might find themselves in an area where freedom of choice is upheld above all, and their decision as to which tribe to join is entirely a matter for them to decide alone. Such a decision could be informed by their own skills and aptitudes leading them in one direction, or it could equally be that the other Uratha he gets along best with just happen to be of one Tribe. As long as he makes the grade in the eyes of the Tribe's totem and its members, he's in.
  15. Werewolf fiction

    As far as I'm aware (and I'm always ready to be proved wrong...) White Wolfs new fiction run ended after the VtR trilogy and Chicago anthology (Three Shades of Night) came out, due to a decision to focus their efforts on the sourcebook/rulebook market rather than the novels. Therefore, I believe your only WtF fiction is in Three Shades of Night. Which is a real shame, given that I was a big fan of the various oWoD novel series.