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  1. Vampire....Rape & Abuse metaphors?

    This topic's somewhat old by now, but anyway... Blore, as you yourself point out, it's a personal choice what you see as a metaphore for what. Personally I'd argue that VtM is not metaphorical for rape and abuse. At least not to me. But sure, it can be, if you want it to be so. It's just not an objestive truth, even if it's a subjective one ;-) As for your *wink-comment* on the "rape culture stuff", I'd argue that it's faulty, because it requires that "rape culture" is objectively real. And from my pov, that's not a proven fact in general, even if I don't deny that you thepretically can have very small and limited groups within which "rape culture" is a difficult to deny fact. But pls. lets not sidetrack into a debate on sjw, rape culture etc. irl. There's plenty of other places on the net for such debates.
  2. Bloody...Ô_Ô

    Not complaining Mortekai. I got married in '16 and the wife's expecting a boy come May this year. I could wish for some more turnover in my business, but otherwise life is good :-) Hope you can say the same?
  3. Bloody...Ô_Ô

    Good lords! So Shadownessence is really back. I've missed this place. Realistically speaking I haven't had anything to do with Vampire or WoD since before the point the site went inactive last time, but... /Kyrel
  4. Dropping Wod, Good Or Bad Choice?

    On my part I have to say that I don't believe that it is quite as simple a question to answer as yes/no. From a business perspective I'm tempted to say that the switchover could have been a good idea, as it opened up the chance to try and catch a new crowd of players, and it opened up the opportunity to "remake" a number of books already released for the oWoD. That being said, however, I personally believe that it would have been a better idea if they had done something with a truely new feel, and not reused ANY of the old names. I'd imagine that they did what they did, because they wanted to try and maintain the feel and theme of the games, thereby hopefully converting existing customers to the new system. Most likely this is also the reason why they maintained a number of the old names and terms. Recognition. Being a huge fan of the old games, however, this was basically a "red rag" to me, as it kept bringing up all the old knowledge associated with the term, causing the new game to feel bland and 2D, when compared with the old game and all of its background. This is the main reason why I didn't convert to the new game. On a personal note, I believe that the old game still had new venues it could have explored. Vampire - Antiquity (Roman times and before) could have a blast to explore for instance IMO. The DtF game was very much lacking all sorts of possible books etc. So, from a business perspective it might have been a good idea for the company, but they lost a number of old fans in the process. Question is whether or not they managed to get more new fans than they lost overall. I have no idea about the answer to that one, but this is really the only deciding factor in whether it was a good move or not.
  5. Anyone up for a gathering?

    *HEH* I'd love to go to such an event, but a gathering in North America/Canada is not going to work for me. Denmark is a little too far away to make attending practical (or economically possible at this time).
  6. Passing of a former SnE Staff Member

    My sincere condolences Amaranth :-( Loosing a loved one always sucks, especially when said loved one isn't dying from old age. Best of luck to you and your kids.
  7. LARPing Intrigue

    CSW. I hear and understand what you say, with regards to your "connection" to your character, and I partially agree that you tend to be better at portraying a character that you like playing. But...Do yourself a HUGE favour. Develop and maintain a very clear cut line between you and the character Theresa. You and Theresa are NOT the same people. Theresa is a theoretical construct you are using for some temporary fun and entertainment. It's fair enough to feel sad for a few hours, if a character you liked playing gets killed in the game, but then you should be able to let it go and move on. Becoming engrossed in the character while in the game improves your portrayel of the character, but once the game ends or the character dies, you HAVE to be able to let it go at that and move on. The death of a character shouldn't trouble you more than loosing at a friendly game of cards or chess, because the character isn't any more important than that. The next part I'm going to say, is simply a statement I believe all LARPers should take to heart. It is not necessarily relevant to you, so don't put anything more into it than it simply being me sharing an opinion: The moment you can't separate the out-of-game YOU from a CHARACTER is the moment you should give serious consideration to whether or not you should be playing LARP or not. Stuff done to your character by another character is not something that is done to or against YOU. Actions between CHARACTERS are NOT actions between PLAYERS, and once you change a character the slate is whiped clean. For various reasons some LARPers forget this, and this ALWAYS leads to problems of one sort or another. Have fun and enjoy your game. But remember, it is only a game, and beloved characters can be replaced by new beloved characters ;-) /Kyrel
  8. LARPing Intrigue

    You know CSW, to be honest, I think that the character you describe IRL would be one of those Embracees that would never see the turn of her first century of undeath. To me she sounds like she would have elected to greet the sun long before then. Based on your description of your situation as a caitif, I have to say that your first goal has to be go ingratiate yourself with someone. It's survival for your character, pure and simple. Associated provide potential resources and power that might be possible for you to use. "Friends" are also easier to talk to and share information and rumours with, than "enemies". Anyway. You want to scheme and be able to manipulate in a LARP. That's a little difficult to actually teach you how to do, but personally I'd suggest that you start off having your character try and get in with someone. Find someone your character can collaborate with and learn from. Talk to as many people you can get away with, and try to pick up on every rumour and other piece of information you can get your hands/ears on. Knowledge is power, and manipulating people is more difficult, if you don't know what they care about, and who they deal with, who they get along with, and who they don't get along with. If you want to manipulate something into happening, I'd say that you have to start out with a clear idea of what you want to happen, and then work your way back from there. Which events are prerequisites for having your goal come about? Who can make those prerequisites fall into place? How can you cause a key individual to behave in a certain manner? As for reading people, that's a skill that can only come with experience, though you might be able to compensate a little by knowing who people work with, what they are working on, and what their goals and motivations are. As a rule of thumb I always tended to considder all other vampires in a LARP as potential opponents, though not every player does this. Finally, don't be affraid of having your character killed. It's a game, and you can make another one and treat the last one as a learning experience. And as for playing style, listen somewhat to what _vamp wrote earlier. You don't have to plan scenes with other players, but don't be affraid to act out and create a scene. LARPing is IMO improvisational acting at its purest, and you are both actor and spectator. Sit in a corner and brood over a drink and you become an extra and a piece of scenery in the game. Interact with others and participate, and you're an actor and participator in the game, and you'll get much more fun out of it that way. Have fun and enjoy the game. And remember. It's just a game ;-) /Kyrel (who some years ago spent around 2 months as a Brujah character, over the span of a 2½ year LARP chronicle, a few years back...). P.S. As for what your character would know with Camarilla Lore 1, I'd say that she will know the Traditions, the name of the Prince, the existence of the Primogen and other positions, and the name of the main clans within the city, and possibly the Camarilla in general. As for having heard about "Golconda" I'd say "Forget it". The theory about Golconda is not anywhere near common knowledge in Vampire. A few Kindred and Cainites might have heard about it, and a very limited number of Elders and older might even know something about it, or even try to persue it. But a recently embraced Caitif! Not a chance in hell. Same thing with regards to more or less obscure bloodlines and their internal concepts. A recently Embraced Caitif with Camarilla Lore 1 will know jack shit about them or their philosophies.
  9. SnE Members Map

    "Kgs." is short for "Kongens" which basically means "Kings".
  10. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    Oh man that sucks :-( My condolences from Denmark. /Kyrel aka. Christian
  11. SnE Members Map

    Kgs. Lyngby (little north of Copenhagen) in Denmark for me.
  12. What Gaming Do You Do?

    At this point in time I both play and ST regularly, and over a number of different games. Specifically I: ST a bi-monthly Vampire chronicle ST a short Star Wars Saga ed. game (currently standing in for the Vampire game while two of the players are away for 8 weeks) ST an occassional Shadowrun mission or two Play in a monthly D&D 3.5 ed. game Play in a monthly Shadowrun game Play in another monthly Shadowrun game Play in an at the moment rare, but when running as intended, monthly D&D 3.5 campaign Play in an at the moment rare, but when running as intended, monthly Star Wars Saga campaign (Dawn of Defiance Campaign) Play a variety of boardgames with some friends about once per quater Try to get a weekend worth of heavily houseruled Blood Bowl in about once a year (normally combined with one of the NFL Play-off weekends in January...) And a friend of mine is considering starting up at Pathfinder game in the "Al-Kadim" setting, converted from AD&D 2nd ed. (I also used to do a bit of LARP gaming, but I haven't been to a scenario for the past couple of years, so let's just call me inactive in that regard at the moment) Damn! Never realised just how many different games I'm actually involved with at the moment *LOL*
  13. Is it 'Just a Game' to you?

    Hmmm...What to answer to this question...Realistically speaking, I find this question difficult to answer, as on the one hand, these games are just that. Games. RPG is a hobby to me, and one I wouldn't want to be without. But still, it is just a hobby. Something I do for fun and entertainment. But on the other hand, RPG's are also something that I share with the majority of my circle of friends, and it is the cause of a lot of my social interaction with many of my friends, and preparation for the games we play, and the online discussions about them, is a serious creative outlet for me, as well as the occassional mental challenge. Could I live without RPG's? I probably could, but I don't really want to at this point in time, and I would be lying to myself if I didn't at least acknowledge that these and other games haven't played a significant part in my life over the years, and have had a part in shaping who I am today.
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