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  1. Your art rules, a pure pleasure to view it . . . .

  2. Hi Dave, I hope all is well.

  3. daveleri.com now live

    Hey Mortanius, I've been working on a couple illustrations for Realms of Fantasy Magazine. I'm about midway through the second one. I've also been picking away at a portrait of an Eastern Cherokee indian named Laughing Crow in between projects. He's leaning against my wall and glaring at me. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing that soon. I finally got a good look at what is going on over in the UK last night on the news. It's really unbelievable. It looks like the scenes of what happened in New Orleans. I hope that you and your family aren't caught in the middle of that. Take care and be safe, -Dave
  4. daveleri.com now live

    Very sorry to hear about the flooding there. I think that I saw something about it on the news the other night but did not realize that it was happening in England. i hope that it subsides soon. Mount Vernon is not far from here at all. I believe that it is bit farther north and west of Columbus. Their website say that it is one of Ohios most liveable cities- as opposed to Ohios unliveable cities :)You don't need to worry about derailing the thread, I'm not going to have anything new to add to it for a while as the stuff that I've been working on is still waiting to be published. -Dave
  5. daveleri.com now live

    Hey Mortanius, It certainly is a small world. You'll have to look me up when you get here to Columbus. We live in Westerville, which is basically northeastern Columbus. Did you meet your fiance over here or in the U.K.? I hope some day to cross the pond, most of my family have visited England and really enjoyed it, but I haven't made it there yet. The Doorgunner painting was for a Realms of Fantasy story. It was about a soldier in the Vietnam War who was shot and killed, but returns to continue his tour of duty as a zombie. The Heavy Metal stuff was included in their artist gallery section where they feature a different artist each issue. It wasn't work which was commissioned by them which explains the minimal amount of nearly-nekked women. I hope that you are able to get your visa squared away, I had heard that both passports and visas are really backed up due to the new Homeland Security requirements. Don't worry about the links in the gallery section, it looks like you have plenty to keep you busy transferring the old gallery Take care, Dave
  6. daveleri.com now live

    Hi Mortanius, Thanks for the compliments, I don't get a whole lot of feedback while painting in my basement, so they're always greatly appreciated. The Badlands illustration is an oil painting. My father-in-law was the model, he had posed for another painting that someone had commissioned and I had a lot of good leftover photos of other poses that ended up being used for that painting. I also had some good reference for the background (vacation photos from a relative's trip out west) not sure where specifically that is. We don't have a whole lot of good western scenery where I live in Ohio. Thanks for offering to add a link to the individual images. That would be great. I'm still not all that computer/web savvy so i would be hard-pressed to figure out how to do that myself
  7. daveleri.com now live

    Thanks Gavin, I've been checking out your work for a while now, in the White Wolf forums and your website. It's great stuff. i especially like the Promethean work you've done, it's perfect for the mood of that game. Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to seeing more great work from you.
  8. daveleri.com now live

    Thanks Hyacinth and Jose, I always enjoy working on the Mage stuff. I appreciate the welcome too.
  9. daveleri.com now live

    Thank you Jagash
  10. Approving your art as soon as I can :)

    The gallery will soon look much better as well, so it will be more fun to work with.

  11. daveleri.com now live

    Thanks for the gallery Mortekai. I'll get started on it, hopefully, later tonight. I appreciate the welcome Leaps-From-Shadows.
  12. daveleri.com now live

    Hi Mortekai and Walks-in-Shadows, Thank you for the welcome as well as the kind words concerning my artwork. I greatly appreciate it. I would definitely be interested in having some artwork in your gallery if that would be alright. I tried to post a sample of my work in this thread, but couldn't figure out how to do it as I am not too familiar with the "ways of the forum." I've read a lot of forums but never posted anything before. Are those actual pictures of yourselves? if so, you would make great models for paintings. Thanks again.
  13. daveleri.com now live

    Hi, My name is Dave Leri and I've been working as a freelance illustrator for White Wolf for around 10 years now. I had been meaning to put a gallery of my work online for quite some time, but am somewhat web-ignorant and was a bit intimidated by the whole idea of it. I finally got the site up a couple weeks ago and have decided that a website probably isn't any good if no one knows that it exists. I'd like to invite you all to http://www.daveleri.com The site contains galleries of paintings done for a variety of companies as well as original artwork and prints for sale. Thanks and take care, Dave