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    Hello all, I've just found this forum. You can thank Google. I've been playing White Wolf games since 1991 (boy am I old!) though, since I live in the middle of nowhere it's been quite sometime since I've had a good old fashioned tabletop game. I played most of the old World of Darkness games, though my first love and favorite game of all time is Werewolf: the Apocalypse. I've not gotten into the new WoD because it is new and different and I am old and fear new and different things because they probably are of the Wyrm! I'm currently running a W:tA game with a few friends online each week, and having a very good time. I look forward to joining this community! [Added a few minutes later...] I noticed a sticky post in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse forum for people looking to exchange or get copies of old WoD rulebooks. Gaia knows I've looked high and low for some of them. I did a quick search in the other forums and didn't see any similar posts... can anyone direct me to some... because I would gladly sell cheap / trade some of my oWoD Mage and Vampire books to those looking for them especially if it would help me get my hands on some of the Werewolf books I'm missing.