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  1. Hello

    Coming back to this site, reading over what I posted, literally, a decade ago, and seeing who I was made me realize one thing: Twenty year old me sucked.
  2. Bear Swarm! Podcast

    Awesome, I'd be honored to have the legendary Mr Gone in our listenership. I love your character sheets man.
  3. Bear Swarm! Podcast

    You heard that right, Bear Swarm! Podcast is now up and running. There are a couple ways you guys can get to our podcast, I'm hoping we're up on iTunes now... but no promises. First off, you can just head over to www.BearSwarm.com and get it direct like. If you want to be awesome and subscribe to our feed you can get it direct like at http://feeds.feedburner.com/BearSwarm and lastly, if we're up on iTunes well, thats our link to iTunes. Our first episodes are rough since they were our first go at podcasting, but we get better. Stick with us, you'll be in for a wonderfully vulgar, opinionated, and tangental ride.
  4. Mortfiles VX - New layout :)

    I've seen better. HAHA! Just joking, looks great Mort!
  5. Weebl n' Bob

    Oh yeah, I used to follow that series YEARS ago. Lost track of it at some point.
  6. Star Wars d20 third edition

    I think when everything is said and done its not so much the system and the mechanics of whatever game I'm playing that pose problems, its the other players and/or the GM. Have a problem with powergaming? Its not D20's fault that happened, its your jackhole friends who exploit the system. Have a problem with hack-n-slash? Again, its not White Wolf's fault that all your buddies see Werewolf as a combat game. To much roll-playing and not enough role-playing? Hell, I can take a role in a Rifts game and still have a good time despite the massive amounts of charts and graphs. They system is only as good as the people you play with. Every mechanic has potential to be abused, if it doesn't then its likely far to restricting to have fun with. IE- You can't do that because the book says you can't, no matter how approprate or entertaining it might be.
  7. Release Schedule

    I'm stoked for Bloodlines: The Chosen and Damnation City.. Little excited for Asylum and Changling. Ohhhhhhh I hate waiting! I want new books NOW! *pout*
  8. Star Wars d20 third edition

    The reason I opted to put a Vehicle section on every sheet is because my friends and I all tend to have Swoops, Landspeeders, ect along with our Starships. Just about everyone in my group has a vehicle of some sort. I also try to keep everything on one peice of paper, hence why everything is condensed down. Also, I create more room for feats and powers then the standard sheets do. My sheet still needs some refining, I'll quickly admit to that. The only way to tell if sheets are any good is to use them durring a game. After playing a session I already have a list of notes on things to tweek. Don't ever expect to see it less condensed. I try to waste as little paper space as possible, which is also why my sheet isn't very pretty.
  9. Star Wars d20 third edition

    I did this. The Vehicle section is getting reworked after the first playtest with these sheets. I wasn't sure how to translate the vehicle stats onto a sheet so I just did a fill-in-the-blanks stat block and it didn't work very well. I'm also going to find somewhere to drop in Species Traits, likely by juggling my XP boxes and stealing some slots from my Feats section. In short, that sheet is a work in progress.
  10. Star Wars d20 third edition

    *Shrugs* I hate all character sheets. I always make my own.
  11. Star Wars d20 third edition

    For you anti-d20-ists out there, remember its not the same system that D&D 3.5 uses at all. Its more along the lines of True 20 but not broken down that much. I personally love it because it gets ride of a lot of the mechanics that bogs down D20 normally and lets for more control over the game in the whole. No longer are you boned if you don't have a million skill points as a Jedi or totally screwed if you need to fly a ship and don't have ranks in it. The more D20 Modern approach to classes is also a breath of fresh air and the HUGE amounts of feats everyone gets really makes the characters feel more Star Wars.
  12. 101+ Cool things from your campaign

    Ok, here comes some more stuff but I'll start with answering questions. Nope, both Gangrel. One is actually the sire of the other. Not terribly creative, I know, but thats what I wanted. Thats actually what the Ordo Dracul book talks about... but it stands strong in my game. The last Prince declared himself King and it now has a negative stigmata attached to it. The current Prince also views the term Lord by the etymology of the English word which goes back to Old English hlaf-weard (loaf-guardian) – reflecting the Germanic tribal custom of a superior providing food for his followers. He sees it more as his duty to his peers and not a title of Nobility. Nope, Daeva. My "House" is an Unaligned Nosferatu/Mortrophian 11) The Anti-Obstructionist Army is still mostly secretive, but their leader "Smiling" Jack Anarchy is vocal about their actions. They also have a very Project Mayhem feel to them and they still mostly focus on mortal society, occasionally branching into Kindred areas. 12) There are two major Circle of the Crone coteries, one is The Syndicate and the other are Modern Primitives. The Syndicate is an all Japanese group and operate much like a corporation. The Modern Primitives are pretty much the reverse style as The Syndicate but they two groups maintain friendly relations due to two characters based off of Kakihara from Ichi the Killer. 13) The Gangrel Priscus is EXTREMELY ambitious and manages the entirety of the clan by herself. She's the only Priscus to not appoint a Whip. 14) The Carthian Prefect begged for domain and was given territory in The Bronx right between some of the hardest hitters in the Kindred communities. Its more like punishment for harassing the Prince. 15) One of the Viscountesses in Queens is insane, and not fun happy shiny insane either. She only maintains her domain because everyone is to afraid to dislodge her. With that in mind, her domain has become a sort of haven for Malkovians. 16) Staten Island is totally controled by the Ordo Dracul. 17) There is a small time sorcerer who has learned a ritual that allows them to command electricity. He's been using it around NYC to murder women. He's gone unnoticed by local mortal police due to the appearance of the deaths, so far they have been all called accidents. The kindred are sure these killings aren't accidents because a old Promethean has shown up in town again who they know has command over electricity. Some kindred have began to round up a posse to deal with this probelm. 18) A red star has appeared in the sky again, its shown up a few times over the last century but no one has hard dates. Its invisible to non-Kindred and makes it harder to resist frenzy on the nights it shines brighter. It runs in a cycle, a week of dim light then three nights of bright light before it goes back to being dim for a week. There are tons of stories about what the Star means and it mostly makes for great campfire stories. 19) There are alligators in the damn sewers! See Urban Legends for all the fun details. 20) There is a bloodline of Mekhet that are based off the old New School Inhabit wraith powers. Its all based around technology and lets the vampire do everything from shorting out devices, storing and removing blood from writable media, or even transmitting themselves across telephone wires. The only person in NYC who knows their power is actually a Malkovian and no one is sure how he came about learning it...
  13. Outgrowing SnE?

    Oh yeah. I move on all the time. I think I'm the person with the most retirements and returns around here. I've been floating around here since Nexus: The Dark city in '99. But I've been far from active that whole time. Mostly I jump from game to game or group to group and my intrests change from time to time. As far as growing out of gaming all together, I'm still to young for that. I've got the best years of my gaming life ahead of me still. So you're far from being alone. Everyone changes and with that so do their tastes and desires.
  14. 101+ Cool things from your campaign

    1) There are a group of Ordo Dracul who work endlessly to catalog, test, prove/disprove all vampire myths they can find. Their extremely though, spending the last few years working on Garlic to see if there was any way in which it would hurt a vampire. They finally ended up putting small amounts of C4 inside the clove and blowing it up, which turned out to be able to hurt a vampire. Their final verdict, Garlic: Myth Busted. 2) The current Prince (Mekhet/Unaligned) doesn't really care about his position, in fact he didn't even want it. The primogen are really in charge and the Prince is just a figure head at this point. The only real time the Prince takes any active control is when something goes wrong. Local Kindred idolize this Prince because under his rule their left to their own devices but he makes sure everything around runs smoothly. 3) There are two Sheriffs, Russian brothers with ties to the Russian mafia. They are holdovers from the last prince's reign and take a very hands on approach to keeping the piece. The older one has some power that allows him to withstand sunlight for small periods of time and he enjoys holding accused out of windows at dawn. The rumor says that he was once Ordo Dracul and has defected. 4) The former prince (dethroned only a year ago) outlawed the Carthians and Circle covenants and ordered them to be put to death. Its the final act that led to the revolt that overthrew him. Due to the hunting of Carthians and Circle there are fewer members of those covenants than any other in the city. In the last year only the Carthians have really made a comeback. 5) The Ordo Dracul are extremely small in numbers, but its because their the most exclusive about membership. They also have an extremely difficult social structure to navigate in order to rise in ranks within the Covenant. 6) Almost every post has a different title then the book recommends. Prince = Lord, Marquis = Primogen, Count/Countess = Priscus, Baron/Baroness = Whip, Knight = Hound, Viscount/Viscountess = Master of Elysium or Domain Holders 7) There is a secret room in the Coney Island dark ride 'Dante's Inferno' that serves as Elysium to the local Viscount. 8) Street gangs are a huge problem, their not even about assaulting Kindred. Coney Island is even home to a group that bears a striking resemblance to The Warriors (from the movie, The Warriors) 9) There is a hot new drug hitting the streets called V. Its big in the heroin crowd and there are rumors its being developed by local kindred. 10) Sir Dr. Walter Harrington is working on creating a new SUPER GHOUL that can sustain itself longer on kindred blood, can hold more blood, and can use blood more effectively. Most are quick to write him off as a mad man but its rumored some highly respected kindred have been funding his research. The biggest downfall most people have when attempting to find out about his project is Harrington's attitude. He's modeled after Dr. House.
  15. Shadows of the UK/Ordo Dracul Question

    Wow. I'm impressed as hell (one of the top most teirs of my Impressed scale) I can't even remember if I tied my shoes this morning....