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  1. Good. The chronicle setup was confusing as hell for a lot of RPG'ers outside of the WW community. And then there is also the difference between the GMC, which is a campaign book and B&S, which is a setting book. So good move. A move away from the mismanagement of the WoD.
  2. Re-Introduction

    Yep that's the one. It's one of those generic RPG sites with people who play all kind of games. Just like RPG.net and RPGGeeks. Only without moderation. I always thought people who played fantasy RPG's played it like one big dungeon hackfest. But most people sandbox it with lots of NPC's and lots of factions and rivalries between them. So it doens't really matter what kind of RPG you play. It's always a bit the same style, I guess. And I always like it when people compare their games with other games and say what they think are the stronger and weaker points of each game. It helps me as a GM.
  3. Arrow & Supernatural in relation to HtV

    I would stat Arrow with high combat skills. Weaponry and brawl 4, firearms 5. He really is that skillful, almost supernatural. Dean and Sam wouldn't be that skillful. Above average. I think they are so good, because they are well prepared and knowledgable. So high occult, probably 5 and maybe high acedemics as well. High investigation skills. Composure and resolve are high as well. Supernatural is really like Hunter the Vigil, except Supernatural has established lore (Heaven and Hell related) and Hunter only has urban legends like all WoD games currently have. That game is a perfect match.
  4. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    I mostly use the new clan and covenant descriptions and stick with the original rules, except the original humanity and the virtue/vice system. I use the mask/dirge system and integrity from GMC. I don't think the Order is anti God. I think they believe they can become Godlike themselves. At least that's how I read it.
  5. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    My 2 cents. It is definitely an improvement, but it isn't perfect. I like the new clan and covenant descriptions. It is actually flavorful and not bland like the old core edition. It makes me want to play all of them, which is good. I like the sample settings they made. Most of them break the mold and don't fall into the trap of becoming the same setting all the time, which probably comes from the static nature of the factions in this game. I also really like the backstory of most of those settings. They all have something happening (like vampires disappearing) which affects all of them. I don't like those very elaborate histories old vamp has, but I don't like the complete lack of a plot either. A setting should have something going on affecting the entire setting. It doesn't have to be much (one page is enough) and it can be something as simple as "vampires have to leave town once a year, every vampire who stays behind is getting killed". The rules are a mixed bag. I like some things about it like the active dodge roll, masks and dirges (yay nature and demeanor), banes and touchstones, aspirations. I don't like all of those conditions and I hate the new humanity system. It is even more EMO than the earlier version. I will be using Intergrity, because I like it better when it's more open-ended and I prefer sanity systems. Overall I still like it. But Onyx Path has to be careful to be still in the spotlight, because the new WoD games have fallen of the map for a lot of people. And the year long pause and switch from WW to Onyx Path didn't make that better.
  6. World of Darkness Noir

    If you want to play a Noir inspired WoD game I want to recommend Deadlands Noir. It's more cartoonish than WoD, but if you ignore that you a great inspiration out of it. It has New Orleans as default city setting and in the Companion there is Chicago as one of the settings. Both are WoD staples. It has every WoD ingredient: a dark reflection of our world, monster and magic are real. It has a really nifty mystery creator, which allows you to create a mystery in six steps. You choose a hook (how did you get the job), a crime (murder, theft, blackmail), a location, a perpetrator, a motive (greed, wrath, knowledge) and evidence (1.psysical 2. documents 3. witnesses). Optional is a twist at the end (your client is the perpetrator!). It gives you tips, like leave a lot of clues and start at the end with the crime and work your way back. It really works and is easy to use. Very recommended for mystery creation.
  7. Re-Introduction

    Hey, I thought this forum was dead. Anyway, I am really getting into that whole sandboxing thing, I have two WoD games going (one as a player and one as a GM), I am broadening my scope gamewise and I am mostly hanging out on TheRPGsite nowadays, which turns out to be a good move with a lot of learning and me getting out of the WoD mold for once.
  8. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    I just read Chapter 6 of Blood & Smoke is all about worldbuilding. That's the part I missed in new wod for all those years. I also missed that part in the GMC, which seems to be more of a toolkit campaign book than a setting book.
  9. Just wondering ... First I thought the GMC was going to be a default setting. When reading I was thinking it was more of a default campaign book (or chronicle as WW always calls everything by a different name). But now I have come to the conclusion it is a campaign toolkit. It's about the God-Machine, but the setting is adaptable and the stories too.
  10. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    Did you buy it? Can you tell me something about the new setting material?
  11. Just skimmed through the new rules. So far it looks good. The Integrity system looks better than the morality system. It moves away from the biblical morality to a more humanistic morality. The new virtues and vices look good too. More psychological instead of biblical. The new merit description seem more practical, so does the equipment which seems to be as practical as the stuff in Hunter. Basicly the rules seem more fitting and cohesive for the setting material. The setting itself I have not seen yet, because I only have the free rules. But it looks like it will be a Cthulhu meets Silent Hill mixture. I like the new rules (they feel more immersive to me), but I am probably going to love the new setting. It is what was always missing from the game. Finally years of complaining seems to be paying off. I still don't know if I should call it canon or plot (or both; they seem related), but I like it. Because there is some plot, there is also is some setting material that is created by that plot. Now there is something to tie a lot of the books together. Some sort of glue. An overarching setting/plot/entity which could be used to tie in the Book of Spirits for example.
  12. From the VtR DevBlog: Predatory Aura

    Agreed. Lashing out is much better. Yes that's better. Another complaint is that it doesn't cost anything at all when you use it on mortals. Makes it a bit easy I think.
  13. Requiem Devblog

    So far there are several things that I like: The new disciplines. They empower you more and I like that. Now it is actually cool being able to use those powers. The new predator´s taint. Way better. Hated the old version. Very unpractical. I always ignored it. Haven´t seen them yet, but I will probably like the new write-ups for the clans and the covenants better. The old ones from the core weren´t that great. Last but not least, I will probably like the 12 new domains with each their own history a lot. Gives the setting some sense of world building and some backstory all in one package. It needed that. I get the idea behind the modular design new wod has. It allows the GM more options to have some more stake at the setting. But it could have more setting material that actually makes me wanna play the games. Looking forward to the new morality system too. The old one I hardly ever use. It makes you drop to humanity four for self defense and after that it´s pretty much impossible to drop further unless you set fire to a kindergarten for example. So far, so good. My only complaint is that it is a little late. It´s about fucking time, I would say.
  14. The Tier system across games

    Tier 3 is basicly when there is a bureaucracy above city level. For example what the Archons, Justicars and Inner Circle is in the Camarilla. There are some differences in tone between the conspiracies in hunter and in vampire. In vampire the conspiracies are way over the top. They either want to control the world or destroy it. They just should have given the covenants some form of overhead like a Council of Elders, an Assembly, the Grandmaster or the Pontifex. Just like the covenants in unisystem's Witchcraft. But White Wolf , they always find a way of making it more complex than really is necessary.
  15. Designers & Dragons

    Just found out. There is a new RPG encyclopedia on the market. It's called Designers & Dragons. It details RPG's from different publishers from the beginning with the first D&D till now. http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpgs/othergames/designers-dragons.html http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=96077 Looks pretty cool. I will probably buy it myself.