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  1. Shadownessence 2006 Discussion

    Hi everyone. I am willing to help with the oWoD forums, but I know very little of the nWoD. Also, I am in my last semester of undergrad work. I have very little money to donate right now as of trying to pay for this last semester. Also, there is grad school to consider. I am willing to donate my time.
  2. *peers over at all of you*

    Hello to all of you too! Thanks for all the replies....so many of them. I should remember to check back more often. I still don't get what is wrong with the sig? it's just temperary until I poke Morte to make me a banner as I am the one with the poking stick. *guards it* mine! My precious.... *coughs* Yes. I am still learning demon but what I have played of it with my twisted friends have been fun. Mostly playing about with the NPC type people....(Lucifer, Gabriel, Micheal....) but it's been fun. (There's also been slash going on. *grins innocently* not my fault) I do have it on the to-read list. *poing* So I'm going to wander about and I just wanted to give everyone a hug! *Hugs all here*
  3. Hi. I'm Liz as you can see by the thing on the side of the post. The part of WoD that I know best is the realm of Mortals. Just because they are weaker, they should not be ignored as it's so much fun to mess with the bigger people's plans. I am also a big fan of Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage. I am slowly slowly slowly learning Changeling so I might just watch those boards and ask questions. I have no clue what else to say. *gets off the stage*
  4. The Chatrooms discussion

    I hate living across the ocean....*sigh* I miss all the good things. But....meh. I'll do forum stuff. I just want to chat up to speak to people OOC and see what people are like before getting into RPGing. Just my thoughts.
  5. Here's a very odd and possibly a stupid question. Do they mean old WoD or new WoD? Because if it's new....I don't think I'll get through it. But I do have until March....and google to help me search for stuff.