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  1. I believe Inception is the best movie I have seen this year. It's an experience, that's for sure. Although I haven't seen True Grit, as of yet.

  2. District 9 nominated for best picture! Yeah baby!

  3. District 9 nominated for best picture! Yeah baby!

  4. CtL+MtA+HtV= Night Watch?

    Start with the basics, maybe? What is an Other's "Power" stat? (i.e. Blood Potency, Primal Urge, etc.) What is the "Morality(?)" stat? (i.e. Humanity, Harmony, etc.) Power stat would be used for stepping into and operating within the Gloom as well as using and resisting powers. Morality stat will be used for degeneration rolls as well as dice pool and attribute caps. Seems to me that this would be the first logical step in making this a playable supplement to the nWoD as they are the basis of all the other supernaturals.
  5. CtL+MtA+HtV= Night Watch?

    I've been toying with the idea of setting up a Night Watch/Day Watch ruleset for a long time. The most difficult part is definitely the abilities and limitations of light and dark Mages. In the books it seems like every time one of the characters on either side of the conflict are presented with an obstacle of some kind, they always have some kind of magical solution. It makes it difficult to pin down what exactly they are capable of on a regular basis. That coupled with the fact that, to my knowledge, there is no official or unofficial list of powers other than those from the two absolutley dreadful PC games. Other things are more straightforward. Twilight rules can be almost copied and pasted from WtF with deeper levels added in. Vampires and Werewolves are almost exactly the same as they are in the nWoD. HtV serves no real purpose other than inspiration for equipment and organizational structure. Reliquary would aid with some of the crazy gadgets/relics that Boris owns and creates. Now my brain is starting to hurt because it is a large project. Probably also why it's never gotten past the planning stages every time it pops up on message boards.
  6. Hunter Inspiration

    Although the Night Watch were supernatural their main role in the film was to keep the peace and enforce the rules of the truce between the Dark Ones and the Light Ones. They were essentially put in place to keep protect mortals from any supernatural threats. I wouldn't consider them Hunters simply because they knew the names and locations of their enemies but chose to make a truce rather than kill each other. Hell, the main protagonist in the film knowingly lives right across the hall from a small family of vampires. Now if another supernatural broke the truce then yes, they were hunted down, but not killed - at least not "legally". It's an extreme situation for a WoD comparison which is why I would just use it for flair and structure as I can't see the new Hunters wanting to make truces with the supernaturals.
  7. What's Next?

    Yes, the question is still entirely in the air. My troupe is taking an extended break right now but we will be back on track in a few months. It seems to me like they would rather let these characters become more a part of the story and start anew with some fresh faces somewhere else. We are currently enjoying Gloria Mundi and plan to finish that before coming back to any Kindred.
  8. Hunter Inspiration

    My personal inspirations for Hunter stories: The Walking Dead for examples of dealing with Morality and survival. Night Watch for flair and structure. Although it seems much more Mage, than Hunter - I think aspects of it could work for either game. The novel is much more satisfying than the film.
  9. I don't like playing the good guys

    My troupe and I, all we play are bad guys. Not because none of us can play the hero, we just don't want to. Although we have yet to play a mortal game we have bounced around nearly all of the supers. Regardless of which WoD line we go down, it's always more fun to be bad. I don't agree with the Morality system, just doesn't suit me, so me and the players have decided to make a Good/Evil system. Wanna do bad things and try to get away with it? Be evil. Wanna start a crusade to save you fellow man/vamp/wolf/mage? Be good. Simple. I have yet to come up with the specifics though. Just trying to allow room for evil without characters degenerating into a mental and social basket-case.
  10. Roleplaying The Great Work

    Agreed. I think that sounds like the fairest way to go about it. Maybe 35% xp reduction for buying new Coils and/or Bloodline Disciplines that are represented in the OD book. Or is that too high?
  11. Roleplaying The Great Work

    I'm not going to demand anything. It will of course be voluntary. Instead of spending half an hour at the beginning of a session explaining how their characters have become more powerful through the expenditure of experience points, I'm giving them the option to take care of the details away from the table. Aside from that, they'll have more to show for all of the time they've put into roleplaying than just a character sheet with dots and notes scribbled everywhere. I see where you're coming from though, Temple. It it sort of breaking the wall between the game and real-life but, my players are into that sort of thing. In moderation of course.
  12. "Trained to Kill"

    I've always believed that morality is in the eye of the beholder, not something that can be generalized. I don't tell my players when their characters have done something immoral - they decide what's moral and what isn't for their characters. So far it's worked for me. This is a very thorough Merit, Skel. Well done!
  13. Taking inspiration from The Blood and Fight Club I came up with a rough idea for a new system for roleplaying advancement in the Ordo Dracul. If a player wishes to put experience points into Covenant Status or a Coil - I will require them to submit some sort of study (from the perspective of the vampire, of course) about some aspect of the Kindred condition. Now, I'm not talking about a thesis or anything lengthy - just something meaningful to their characters or the Order. What do you think? Waste of time? Should I have been doing this all along and I'm just sounding like an irresponsible Storyteller? Can similar ideas work for other Covenants as well?
  14. What's Next?

    You're right. It would fit his personality perfectly and, the best part of all, my players completely and absolutely trust him. I took him straight from the Ordo Dracul book: Elder Sworn of the Dying Light (pg. 225) "When looking for proof that a vampire can survive for centuries without being a fearsome battler, look no farther than this wily politician. Operating on the principle that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, he has found that a lot of knowledge is tremendously dangerous. Above and beyond his occult skill, he is respected (and feared) for his connections to Lupines, mortal sorcerers, the restless dead and other, less clearly identified entities. He has gotten an Oath, controlled one major Wyrm's Nest and created several minor ones — all without ever raising a weapon in anger." As you can see, he is particularly well-equipped for just this sort of thing. He has connections all over the city with all sorts of things. That, combined with Auspex (*****) and Obfuscate (***) make him horribly dangerous. Now I just have to come up with a way to tie all of his actions together in some sort of scheme and I have to get my players to take the bait. Purposefully make their new jobs seem boring and static. Just when they are getting sick of the responsibilities and petty squabbles or whatever conflicts I come up with, I'll drop it on them. Rather, Alfred will. Best part is - none of them will see it coming and I know they'll get a kick out of it.
  15. What's Next?

    There is still a lot that I can explore within NYC itself, so I think I'll leave other Princes out of it for now. However, the thought of using other supernaturals hadn't occurred to me yet. Which of the other supers do you think would be the most interested in Kindred politics? I have all of the core books so reference shouldn't be a problem.