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  1. Hello fellow creatures of the night!

    Check out the link in my signature. It might end up helping you.
  2. Passing of a former SnE Staff Member

    My sincere condolences to the family of the departed.
  3. Looking for Storyteller advice

    Always happy to help. ^^ I can't stress enough how useful a tool an R-map (relationship map) can be! GMing is essentially (to my mind, anyway) improvisation guided by a solid framework of preparation. Playing a character is very similiar, but traditionally the framework of preparation is lighter, and mechanically anchored in the character sheet. I think that it is extremely helpful for GMs to make things like R-maps to help anchor their improvisation in similiar ways. So instead of having a book full of notes to go over before every session, having a piece of paper or two of meaningful information (mechanical or not) to look at while playing. For me, it helps guide me in the direction I want to go, and makes my job as a GM (and the jobs of the players too) much easier.
  4. Looking for Storyteller advice

    I'd like to contribute, but all I can really do is point to my sig. ^^
  5. Hey guys!

    Yay slushie! I've missed those.
  6. Awakening 15.000 years ago

    No Orders, no Rotes. Nice, I hadn't thought about that! I like the Awakening as a spirit quest. I'm tired now, more tomorrow.
  7. Awakening 15.000 years ago

    I like the way you think, Libra. Always have. About the Orders, though; weren't the orders a part of Atlantean society? I seem to recall something about that in the core. The real question is, though, wether or not having the Orders would make the game more or less interesting.
  8. Awakening 15.000 years ago

    Nah, I don't want fantasy. I want sorcerous cavemen!
  9. So, I may be starting a M:TAW game in the immediate future, and I'm toying with the idea of setting it in the past. The far past. Like the stone age. How do you think Mage society would be? Is this immediately after the Fall of Atlantis, or is was that the stuff of legends even then? Did the Seers of the Throne exist back then? How did they operate? I'm not looking for canonical answers and page references here. Lets just jam and see what happens! Inspiration: Disneys Brother Bear!
  10. Hey guys!

    And so I'm back! From outer space! I decided to drop by here again. The time seemed right, and I'm playing a fair bit of WoD lately, so I thought "why not pay a visit to my good old friends on SnE?" For those young'uns who aren't old enough to remember, I was a regular on this site for years, a long, long time ago. Nice to meet you.
  11. Norse Culture?

    Viking isn't something you are, it's something you do. To go viking was a term the norse peoples used to describe the journies they took to trade, loot and conquer. The Vikings werent a people or a social class, they were just people who had weapons, armor and boats and wanted a taste of wealth.
  12. Family Tragedy

    Im sorry for your loss, Libra. I hope you and your family find strength and carry on through this. Your friend Skjalg Kreutzer
  13. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    I have Jimi (Morte) on Facebook, and I just read that his brother has been killed. Jimi, I am so sorry. And I know the entire SnE community is feeling for you. I hope you can find the strength to carry on through this. Your friend, Skjalg Kreutzer
  14. Dark Ages in the nWoD

    They made an entirely new vampire game for their shiny new system.
  15. Björnings

    Hehe. The name is unfortunate. In norwegian, adding "ings" to a word is a very informal, joke type of thing. It's hard to explain exactly what it means, but it definately isnt easy to take serious.