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  1. How's the the Coldest Monarch been faring?

  2. wants to be Batman.

  3. wants to be Batman.


    ... I forgot that. Goddamn. So. Well. Awkward. Well, I am still back, even if slightly better aquainted with the flavour of shoes. Yaay.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes it is me! I was not there, and now I am. It is like... magic! So, I'm Nopp. I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and the colours sky-blue and blueish-white. Hello! But yeah, I am back. Hopefully. Unless I fall over something and forget I am back, and then I won't be.
  6. I totally agree, Serial Experiments Lain is very sexy! One've my favourite animé's ever possibly.

  7. Harvest rules

    Depends on your harvest pool. If it is people who you can regularly go to for a quick emotional boost, dice pool will depend on the emotion and situation. Wits + Survival + Harvest works for a goblin fruit garden.
  8. In Character Thread II

    All the following in italics is OOC. All other OOC comments will be surrounded by double brackets. Right, so, a while back, this thread here was a crazy popular thing between like, four or five people. So to bring it back to the masses, I figure it'd be best to start a new thread, the old Everywhere having been cleaned up a bit and returned to a neutral state, so new people aren't all 'What? Ruined dollhouse wtf?'. The basic idea of this thread is that there is a magic bar outside space and time. A pub. A tavern. An Inn, even. Perhaps a bed and breakfast if need be. There are doors all around, a bartop, and alot of tables and chairs. There is a bathroom, with a bathtub and everything. There is also an impossibly large wardrobe. For new players, the rules in here are simple; play any WoD character, old or new, however much experience, you want. The doors can open randomly, they'd just stumble on in. Or perhaps they purposefully opened one. Maybe they are aware things are suddenly different, maybe they think they're in any old bar. The rules regarding combat and other actions towards another's character are basically you declare your attempt, the other side declares result. A degree of fairness on both sides is expected, but remember this is for fun, not contest. If you're ruining things for another player, maybe you should step away and calm down for a bit. For old players, I think it'd be fair to just say the Bar was left for a while, and then Julius (seeing as I am posting Donny's stuff first) found it again and started vending drinks. The old demon magic is gone, it is now simply a thing of it's own, with no masters or rulers (to stop Demon players having a sort of unfair advantage). Also, I left out the library for now, because meh, nobody spent much time in there anyway. Say there is a backroom for storage of nobody is quite sure what. Right, so, I might clean this introductory post up later, but for now, welcome to the Everywhere Bar.
  9. In Character Thread

    ((I have a suggestion! If we're starting with an empty room, why not start a new, less intimidatingly sized thread? I might even get off my arse and get back into the game, although less so for new people to look around more. I might just do that. Give me a moment. Word, yo, this shit be done. Head to the new, smaller thread. I'll lock this one, so nobody gets mighty confused.))
  10. Psychic Merits

    Yep. Pretty much. We can leave this here in case people want to try revive it, but yeah. Pretty dead.
  11. Courts/Contracts revised

    First, criticism, because that is just the way I am. I would make the mantle bonus by Chapter or Story rather than daily. Daily is far too frequent. The only immediate precedent I can think of is the Residual Memory Promethean merit, which gives bonus dice per chapter to skills, but as Clarity is more weighted than skills (or at least less frequently tested against), making it one per day is overpowering that merit. Otherwise, good idea. Kinda bugged me I had to join the Spring Court if I wanted my Woodblood to have a magic green thumb.
  12. Triple Kiths, Anyone?

    Where is the 'yes, if only in special circumstances' merit? If someone I know to be a good RPer comes to me with a really good idea that needs three kiths to pay off, I might just let the triple kith at character creation with a fancy more dotted merit, no earning required. Of course, it'd depend on who and how good the idea.
  13. The Return of American McGee's Alice

    Played what now?
  14. Fetch me an answer?

    One could not make a Fetch from a Promethean, because to make a Fetch the True Fae robs the changeling of some of their shadow, representative of the soul. Prommies are soulless. Although, once Redeemed they are souled up old mortals, and I did once come up with the Fetchmethean idea. Closer to a fetchdoran, though. To recap, say the spark of pyros still within the Redeemed went over to the Fetch when the True Fae made it. That Fetch would be fucked up hardcore, and probably get all Flux up in it, word. Also, it is said that the True Fae are almost completely uninterested in Vampires. They don't want that dead soul (even if they have one), can't transform a walking corpse into a faerie and they'd make terrible servants anyway. Because Vampire soul-status is ambigious, I'd probably avoid allowing them to make Fetches too. As for multiple Fetches, the only reason why not is because it'd probably take more effort for the true fae to make, and it'd confuse who is replacing who's life. Maybe if someone had a doublelife the Gentry might get confused and make both aliases as fetches, I dunno.
  15. Victory

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Shadownessence.com. This has been a Technocracy sponsored public performance. We would like to thank the performers here today for their display. The costume designers outdid themselves on the wolfman, I'm sure you can agree. My colleauges in the dark suits and glasses here are going to take the "performers" back to their... *ahem* trailers now, for some well deserved "rest". Please, the show is over, move along, nothing to see here. *speaks into earpiece* All clear. Teleport the flag out. Deviants are under process of quarantine.