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  1. The artist behind demon avatar #3

    It could be, yes. I've spend half an hour browsing pictures of him (and might even dream about women with six-packs and firm yet rather large breasts tonight) but I havnt come across this particular one. thanks though
  2. Hey there I'm looking for more information on one of our avatar options as the image would be perfect for a major npc in a Demon, the Fallen chronicle I'm running. The avatar in question is "demon morland3", I'd be very grateful for any information on the picture. regards MalaFide
  3. Monte Cook's World of Darkness

    I only played a little Modern/DarkMatter so I could be far off the mark here but I get the impression that this is a setting book more than anything. d20 modern is pretty much a system book, as in rules that makes you create a character and roleplay in a modern environment. MCWoD lets you play vampires, werewolves or mages in a setting that is similar to the WoD counterparts on the surface. My impression is that MCWoD has less background/history and fewer powerful elders living right next door to you (an advantage depending on what playing style you like). The awakened and especially the demons have very little in common with hunters and demons of WoD. Again, these are my impressions of a product i have not fully read (the idea behind the setting is interesting but the system and crossover element doesn't appeal to me). Someone more in the know can give you a better answer once we have the definition of gateway and whether it applies to this product nailed down. MalaFide
  4. An Introduction.

    As Jahanjahan said, drop by the Demon forum with any questions you might have about the game or just to exhange ideas and opinions with fellow fans of the game. Welcome to Shadownessence
  5. General roleplaying discussion

    I just came across something that screamed "zomg, world of darkness!" before I'd even read the article. I thought I'd share this story hook but where to post it... So thats my excuse for revieving this thread. I realise that you dont just create a new forum but I'd like to see one for discussing storytelling, roleplaying and sharing plot hooks and character concepts. The void is used a lot to discuss all things not roleplay, which I like a lot and mixing it with general rp-discussions dosnt seem like an obvious choice to me. Posting things on a game subforum that any roleplayer could use dosnt make sense to me either. So is this out of the questions? are most people not that bothered really? Anyway, here is the article that got me going. Bunkers beneath Moscow! noes! in a bit of a rush here so no spell checking. sorry MalaFide
  6. Greetings

    Welcome Seal of Solomon just wanted to give props for the blake avatar and the effort you put into you mage chronicle. There are quite a few canadians by the way, most of them from Ottowa, I believe. Regards MalaFide
  7. Hey

    Welcome Josyln I'd agree with Mindnsoul that this is the ww forum to join I hope you'll enjoy it here and that we will be seeing you around the Demon forums! regards MalaFide
  8. Honeymoon in Paris

    Louvre and Montmarte are well worth visiting but, as mentioned, the crowds can detract alot from the experience. Check the opening hours and go at about six in the evening if possible and if you dont feel like going early in the morning. Early in the evening most tours and families with kids have left to get ready for dinner and the art museums are less packed. And make sure to check if a band you'd like to hear is touring europe at the time, most would stop by Paris in that case.
  9. Ramstein Germany

    Hello and welcome, Advocati. We have forums devoted to both the games you are interested in but I have no idea if we have gamers near Ramstein. If you dont find any/enough here try white wolf's game finder
  10. Eurocon?

    Not UK/Scandinavia then? I'd be intereseted, absolutely. I dont have a lot of resources to contribute with though (car, mansion, organisational talents that sort of thing).
  11. !mpact is in hospital

    Good to hear you are on the mend, !mpact. I hope the health care system can provide you with the guidance and facilities you'll need to make a full recovery. All the best MalaFide
  12. Shadownessence Closes down

    Thread title = not funny I second Jahan, this site is damn fine work both aesthetically and functionally. Thanks. Did I read something ages ago about you having back trouble? If that's what you're going into surgery for you'll need more than the weekend off? MalaFide
  13. I don't remember *THIS* from the bible....

    Maybe I didnt get it either but seems to me that Krieg thinks Jesus is a little more perforated than usual. Im pretty sure however that the person on the picture is supposed to be Saint Sebastian
  14. !mpact is in hospital

    I'm glad to hear he recovered from the coma, I hope he makes a full recovery. I'm sure he will, given rest, time and the proper exercises (I'm pretty sure the hospital has to offer you assistance there). Cant you get a relative or close friend to help you out in dealing with the state offices and insurance company? The paperwork can take a lot of time and energy and it seems like you have plenty on your hands already. All the best
  15. Riots in Copenhagen

    The municipality gave the house to local youths 25 years ago, its been the home of anarchists, punks and young people on the far left in general ever since. It’s been used as a gathering place, civic kitchen (food for the needy) and for concerts. Then the municipality decided to sell the house. The courts ruled that the youths had been given the right to use it but not proper ownership. The house was sold to a religious sect that would like all nasty deviants to perish so the world can be lovely. The youths refused to move out, the coppers threw them out and we got riots. Closer to angry tenants than squatters. And like Nepher, I personally see this as forceful norm-enforcement (in a capital that sorely needs subculture venues, by the way). This morning I saw how someone had plastered new signs on the downtown street signs giving loads of streets the same name as the one where the Ungdomshuset used to be. Not sure if they are saying “now we are everywhere/scattered” or “this is our city, no matter what” but I like it.