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  1. Bloodlines: the Chosen and The Blood

    I hope this new sourcebook comes with better Ventrue bloodlines. I've yet to see a Ventrue line that prefers to take a lot of action instead of being in the haven so gosh darn much. A ventrue that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.
  2. Chain of Devotions

    Does anyone know a good Dovotion for a level 3 Obtenebration and a level 3 Guilded Cage. I've had these two disciplines with my character for a long while now (got them through Diablerie, don't judge me!). I heard once that a level 5 on both disciplines together bares the same kind of powers that Allesa had on Silent Hill when everything turned dark and the architecture turned all steel like and supernatural creatures came about. Is that really a possibility as a Devotion? I also have an idea for a level 3 Protean and a level 3 Obtenebration BLACK SPACIAL ANOMOLIES Requires no dice roll Creates black holes from the walls of whatever connects to the earth and black clawed entities crawl out of the holes and causes aggravted damage to whatever enemies. After first attack the entities fazes out into a black mist. That's another idea, if anyone else would have better feedback I would appreciate it. My character also knows Protean as well.
  3. Favorite Clan

    I always play as a clan and bloodline that befits my personality. My favorite is Ventrue Bloodline Malkovian. Because I am kind of a lune in the sense that I really do have a severe paranoia, had it all my life. I also dress up fairly decently too and enjoy higher class activities.
  4. the Vampire series

    Ooops wrong thread.