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  1. So, I've got two swords I'd like the share with you all. Sword oF Blood (Relic 5): This potent Relic is a Scottish Claymore of ancient design, predating the first known Claymore by several centuries. The blade is of poor craftsmanship, pitted and black, and on closer examination, the metal is too impure to support itself. Despite this, the weapon is tougher than any would suspect, and even seems to repair itself; any scaring (or attempts to sharpen or polish the blade) seem to vanish at sunset. The blade functions as a standard Greatsword (4L, size 3). But, when the sword is coated with blood (sufficient to deal 1 point of Lethal damage to a living being) and one Willpower is spent, it grows hungry. The next attack made with it during the scene deals damage as 8L with 8 again. Also, for the remainder of the scene, it can be primed with only a single point of blood (without needing willpower). Thus, a successful attack primes the sword for a second strike, and so on, until it fails to draw blood. It was last seen in the late 18th century, and no one living remembers it. Energy Sword: It is said the first of these was crafted by a Mage on May 26th, 1977, though this particular weapon is less than three years old. Traditionally, the weapon is a simple cylinder less than 30 cm in length, and has no mundane function. It uses a variant of Phantasmal Weapon, thought to be Forces-based, though it's not known if anyone has cast the spell independently in combat. When activated (a reflexive action), a beam of energy about one meter long emerges from one side of the cylinder. This weapon has zero Durability and one Structure, has Armor Piercing 5, and has a base damage of Three Aggravated (3A). It lasts for one round, though it can be maintained by spending one mana. The cylinder holds 12 points of Mana, and as always a Mage can spend Mana from his own pool instead. This particular weapon is a variant on the above style. Instead of emerging from one end, the beam of energy forms in front of the fist holding the cylidner, and splits in two. While functionally identical, it was widely considered heresy and a corruption of the original ideal. As one said "Teabaging leads to the Dark Side."
  2. The Carols have started

    which is surprisingly fitting.
  3. Happy Unbirthday to all!

    I am very confused.
  4. Firefly: Map of the Verse

    Good Question.
  5. Two Merits

    Fence and Armory are both from the Banisher book, Page 50-ish.
  6. Adapting to Vista

    ...sheesh, I wasn't looking for a debate on the evils of Microsoft. Microsoft sucks on toast, but it's big enough and familiar enough that people who don't know much about computers (most people believe it or not) feel more comfortable with it than some other 'operating system'. We don't use XP because we like it. we use it because our customers like it. But anyway, from the three or four useful replies, it sounds like an extra 500 meg above what we currently get will be fine. Thanks.
  7. Help me craft a Pledge

    And yes, the Pledge is great. thanks Nopp.
  8. Adapting to Vista

    Okay, I've got a question from my boss, and I suspect that someone on here knows a lot more about this than I do. We purchase shoebox PCs and install them in our industrial application products. So far, we've been able to keep on getting XP on them, which makes our customers very happy. But, eventually, we'll have to switch to vista. We probably won't switch until microsoft stops selling XP entirely, but it'll happen sooner or later. We want the change to be as seamless as possible. Our application runs in full screen mode and the desktop is not normally accessible, so the only people who can get to the desktop normally are maintainence. Which brings me to my question. Vista has all sorts of annoying quirks, but most of them can be turned off or hidden, especially with a full-screen app running. My bosses primary concern is CPU and Memory. How much 'stronger' should we try to make the hardware when jumping from XP to Vista in order to get the same performance? Is there any significant impact at all?
  9. Help me craft a Pledge

    Okay, I'm potentially running a game here soon, and I've got need for a magically binding agreement. The guy arranging things is actually trying to be honest, because he wants the characters to not screw him over. But, jsut in case, he's going to put them in a pledge AND a fate-oath, along with a legal contract, and he'll make sure they know the consequences of doing the aforementioned screwing. Without getting into too many specifics (because I'm not done coming up with ideas, because my players might read this, and because I have no clue what they'll agree to), The guy wants the characters to take a package to a place that's far away, trade it for an item, and bring the item back. They've got a week. He doesn't want them to look in the package, or drop the package, or mystically explore the package (this is more for the end-recipient's benefit than illicit contents, and he'll make that clear, though he won't tell them what they're carrying either). In exchange, he's willing to arrange a useful safe-house (so the players don't have to put dots into Haven, Locus, etc). He wants the mystical bindings to be as harsh as possible; he's not worried about what would happen to him if he broke the pledge, as he doesn't intend to. Any advice?
  10. Firefly: Map of the Verse

    Now, if only the Role Playing Game didn't suck on toast...
  11. 2nd week of my new training regime

    MMA = Mixed Martial Arts. Workling Out by learning how to kill people. AWESOME.
  12. Possibilities of Life

    Well, I'd like to highlight the rather creative solution to drowning that Nepher came up with, located HERE: http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....mp;#entry327134 The first post ends with a challenge, and Nepher almost immediately posts an enlightening solution. EDIT: I wasn't able to find the other source, but I recall this post leading to a way of regenerating Limbs with Life 4. Permanently. Without spending Willpower dots. Basically, use Transform Other, cast as a Ritual spell for a 1-week or 1-month duration and big reserve Potency to resist Disbelief and Unraveling, granting a single trait to the target: the ability to regrow limbs like Starfish and certain reptiles. The spell isn't permanent, and the regrown limb isn't itself magical, so it all works out. Life 3 for self, Life 4 for others. The catch, of course, is that it needs to be cast before the wound closes. If too much time passes, the body adapts to the loss, the underlying Pattern changes, and there's nothing left to 'heal'.
  13. See? SSSSEEEEEE@!??@!!!?!3! I TOLD you!
  14. Opinions of Changing Breeds

    Well, I really liked the book as a whole, but the Spider Forms are ridiculously broken. There's one, that's described as "the most poisonous spider ever", and has Venom 4, and right next to it one column over there is an assassin spider with Venom 5. The "small critters" actually managed to be mostly balanced with the "really big critters", and the "cats" and "dogs" and "birds" are all by and large matched. they excel at different things, but actually seem balanced overall. And then you have the spiders, which make no sense. Wonderful in concept, but the mechanics are awful. It's like Second Sight. Most of the phychic powers are perfectly reasonable and fit with each other, and then you have thermokinesis. The Spiders are the Thermokinesis of Changing Breeds.