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  1. New Member

    Welcome to the Shadows, we hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Whatcha listenin' to?

    So much of her music really makes me see Jamilla, fanciful, powerful and beautiful all in one. It never ceases to amaze me just how someone can make me feel a character so well.
  3. Anyone still play the old games?

    its goes to java and then says failed to detect version of the game check to see if it is properly downloaded. now that I look it apparently was not gog I got the version from.. I will have to go back tehre and get it.
  4. Anyone still play the old games?

    well I can not longer get my old copy since the site that was holding the information is no longer there. I tried gog and it never installed.. not sure what is going on
  5. We are now ready for 2018, but more is coming.

    This is wonderful, I am so happy to hear of all the upcoming changes and what has been done. It's so great to see everything beginning to come together again! Look for me in any ic things you do. I am there!
  6. The cracked rose

    Just a little play around with a lovely filter. Rose free stock photo, with On1 filters added.
  7. Anyone still play the old games?

    humm I am going to have to dig up my old copy from the site I bought it from way back when and see if I can get it running again.
  8. Lost in space reboot?

    Ohh yes, this I could get into for sure. I loved the show as a kid.
  9. Welcome to the shadows, may  your visit be free of trouble and pain. If not.. just let it happen :D

  10. Another Studio in the Manor

    To better show the countless works that lay around and her constant view and belief that nothing is good enough. The Artist's conundrum was the original title of this piece of art, this one is taken by me and left raw to show the capabilities of the program that I use to take my shots. Yes the avatar seen in the picture is mine as well.
  11. The Studio

    Most know, that remember from the past, miss Jamilla's passion was art she would spend hours in front of the canvas, creating and producing beautiful works that she never sold. Not able to let go of them because she thought they were never good enough. A perfectionist in all she did, her art room was filled with countless works that if someone got a hold of them would be worth a mint. Once again taken by me in a game called Second life where I spend a lot of my creative time now. Filters and enhancements done on On1
  12. What Jamilla's Gardens would look like

    thank you!
  13. What Jamilla's Gardens would look like

    Sunset on the manor of the Rose would bring the light seekers a moment to think that peace could be found here. However they would be mislead, as this would be the favored place for Miss Jamilla to take her evening tea while she plots her next move to regain her footing in the society ladder. This picture was taken by me in a game called second life that I spend a lot of creative time in. Filters and enhancements were one in a program called on1 to make it even more beautiful than the normal games abilities which are grand indeed.
  14. Altered Carbon

    okayy first episode down and I an loving this, I do not feel like I have to slog through it to get to the meat of the situation, this and black mirror are two of the best they have done in my opinion.
  15. So I have been thinking

    all right I will throw something together then, flowing from the last post I had put up and see what I can come up with.