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  1. Will sleep when he is dead

  2. Will sleep when he is dead

  3. Can you force a gangrel out of dirtnap?

    It says in the book that a significant disturbance to the ground causes the vampire to become aware of it. In old school however if you did the above it would cause the vampire to come to the surface. You could house rule it so this would happen in Requiem.
  4. A sentiment I can get behind. Onward!!!!!!!!
  5. Sex in the City

    I seem to recall them being able to do that in OWOD. i.e. Sabbat guide Storytelling chapter the difference between graphic and subtle storytelling.

    Ah chaos the stuff in which my dreams are made of. Welcome to the Shadows! And if I may ask What are you interested in playing?
  7. Favorite Covenant

    Except that the Unaligned are a group of apolitical individuals. And the Anarchs are a group of strongly political individuals bent on tearing down the current status quot's sociopolitical system and replacing it with a more balanced fair minded system of government like democracy communism socialism. Or are you thinking more along the lines of Anarchists rather than the Anarchs from VTM, if that is the case you are correct. And to disagree with you yet again the Invictus are not Monarchistic, they are Feudalistic. in monarchism a leader is decided through heredity if the current monarch dies with no heir the next one is named based on the closest relation to the former monarch. A ruler in Feudalism is ruler because he has the most political or martial power. In other words whomever has the power to take control has control regardless of their hereditary. All in all I personally like the Lancea Sanctum the best cause I am most comfortable playing a Sanctified. I can play Invictus but I don't like it as much cause I get tired of playing a game where everybody is a chief and nobody is an indian. And I have interest in Ordo Dracul but have never played one so I cannot make judgment on them.
  8. Reverse personality test via disciplines

    How about a vampire whose existence is totally bent on over coming their physical deficiencies. Like a child vampire he is smaller than the adults, so he is physically weaker. However due to these facts he is much more manipulative and can easily get more sympathy than someone older. So in order to compensate for his natural flaws he develops the physical disciplines.
  9. Atmospheric Music

    Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth, Hurt, Head Like A Hole, The Hand That Feeds The Eagles- Hotel California Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium, Slow Cheetah, Otherside, Parallel Universe, Save The Population The Beatles- Across The Universe, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps I had more but I can't for the life of me remember.
  10. Blast them trumpets!

    I would Shoot more for your 5554 posts than Mr. Gone's. Oh and congratulations! What is your secret?
  11. He would take over the Gentry by force and be offered a kingship which he would refuse to go back to his job a S-Mart. Hail to the King, Baby.
  12. Motivational Poster

    Apparently it is very necessary. Why else would it be here?
  13. While I am slightly interested in the topic i currently have nothing to add. I am curious though. Did you got the title of this topic from a Stephen King book?
  14. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    I thought that was a big improvement. I didn't really like the idea of reality police to begin with.
  15. IHAL's Halloween

    Dude you've got issues!!