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  1. And if you are going to to do stuff like that You might as well use Technomancy.
  2. Leaders in a fera Only Game Zhong Lung or a Simba. The Zhong lung cause the keep their socials in there Hybrid Form, And socials are what Simbas do. Of course the Zhong Lung are hengeyokai specific so if you want to allow them it is your call but those two would be my votes.
  3. While I it doesn't go into it that much in the core book pure breed is tribe specific. A specific type goes down while a different one gets mixed in. So the question isn't if he has enough pure breed, it is if He has enough of the right type.
  4. Glasswalker infiltrate companies better than other Garou so for a Pentex based game it would be the best way to go in my opinion. They also get the best techno based gifts like: Jam Tech, Diagnostics, Cybersenses, Control Simple Machine, etc. Oh and Bone Gnawers can have jobs they just need to buy a 1 Point merit Struggling to get a job and a few other amenities.
  5. Well first they awkwardly position them selves then.......... I imagine they get adopted into a pack and then after a little while challenge for dominance. And for some I think that there would be septs set up around preserves thus allowing those member a base for their family it would only really get in the way for prolonged time away which if you are of sufficient rank or the area has a significant threat they shouldn;t wander away for a while anyway.
  6. It is a path that allows you to teleport. It is in Blood Sacrifice the Thaumaturgy Companion page 64 the actual name of it is Sadhana The Path of Praapti. Path of Mercury is just the Tremere version of the path. Essentially for each level you can travel a little bit further away instantly.
  7. Yes I meant MET and as for the Why it would be the book he actually owns of Werewolf. In order to get one he would have to buy one which are hard to find last time I checked or borrow one. Which the only one whom he knows that owns one is me and I don't live in the same state currently.
  8. So a friend of mine is starting up a PBP Werewolf the Apocalypse game and it is in desperate need of players. He is using the LARP system to run it and is open to anyone who wants to play. The Link Below gets you to its home page if you have any questions feel free to contact me or to use the site to ask questions of the HST directly. Sept of the Black Spear
  9. Will sleep when he is dead

  10. Will sleep when he is dead

  11. Yeah but as long as you use non specific language like "What do you suppose so and so's connection to the corruption of the area is?" the language is non specific yet it allows everybody in on it to follow along and for all the eavesdroppers know is they're cops or reporters talking shop. It doesn't scream werewolf hell it doesn't even scream supernatural.
  12. I was ask a question today about possible meeting places for Tribes and Auspices that aren't on the Sept or in private homes and I am Having trouble thinking of possible locations. So I was wondering what your thoughts were?
  13. I had a character who's concept actually required that to happen to him by force. The Concept was "Disappointment to his Father" or "No Son of mine is going to be a Pussy Child of Gaia".
  14. It says in the book that a significant disturbance to the ground causes the vampire to become aware of it. In old school however if you did the above it would cause the vampire to come to the surface. You could house rule it so this would happen in Requiem.
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