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  1. Amazon's Geist blurb

    Perhaps they are born-again Christians out to save some souls from damnation.
  2. Geist has a name....

    I can't be the only person who appreciates the (relative) in-your-face-ness of the subtitle. :|
  3. What do you want in Geist?

    Do we get to play as skulls this time?
  4. The ressurected and the dead

    It could be a study of not just death and dead things themselves, but rather the concept of dying. How does one lose life? How does the process of necrosis occur, and why does it render the corpse unconscious and unsuitable to hold onto a soul? Why do people have to die, when all the cells in a human body regenerate themselves every three years or so? Why is a human being afraid of death? And such.
  5. I had hard time with writing d, b, q and p when I was learning English 8 years ago. It's kind of funny how this kind of thing does get ingrained into your brain circuitry...
  6. Taking the two at the same time may not be -too- bad, unless you plan on being fluent in both. The hardest part of learning Japanese, or at least what people claim to be, is the essential 5000 kanjis. If you are learning a Chinese language simultaneously, you'll probably have that easy... well, easier. But personally speaking though, taking a course in multiple foreign languages seem a bit inefficient. >_>
  7. Virtual Table Top

    It's actually pretty common. Even, for some people (like me), this is the only way they play/get to play. People have been RPing over IRC, IM services and forums for quite a while, and now that there are services like Skype and Teamspeak, you can actually RP vocally instead of typing everything up.
  8. A quick, unscientific poll of U.S. gamers

    This poll doesn't have libertarian or fascist as options.
  9. Large Hadron Collider

    The particles won't actually smash until October, will they?
  10. The Lascivious Poll

    I guess the female signature characters are too hot and male counterparts too ugly.
  11. The Criminal Poll

    Only until a few years ago, I was to be deported on sight. *returns to his duties of stealing American jobs and leeching off American tax money as a goddamn immigrant* And I didn't really appreciate the idea of payment when I was a wee kid, but that's about it.
  12. Oh boy. I almost forgot you posted here. Anyways: a riposte. ...I tried to write up the Atlas, then I thought "oh man, they are actually basically Aegis Kai Doru + the Ascending Ones." Damn. There just aren't enough entirely/nearly mortal organization in Type-Moon universe to do a counter with.
  13. Group Name: The Four Demonhunter Clans (They don't really have a real name that they go by.) Source: Kara no Kyoukai/Tsukihime Short Description: These four ancients clans, after having discovered the presence of demon-blooded fiends in the lands of Japan, swore to destroy them from their homelands and dedicated their entire bloodlines to this goal. To compete with their demonic enemies, the clans largely employ eugenics and even incest to thicken their blood, so their children may inherit the martial prowess and psychic knacks of the parents. The clans might have been able to spread beyond the isles of Japan and combat the demonic parasites more effectively, but their methods have severely limited their numbers. Eventually, the demon-blooded hybrids have come to found their own clans in mockery, and with this new organization the demonhunters were all too easily shattered. Now only the branch families of these clans remain, with some having even forgotten their duty, though some still choose carry on the candle. Factions: The Ryougis - The most martially-inclined of the four clans. The members of this family have come to exploit from their hereditary multiple personality disorder. Mostly male-dominated and misogynistic, though the current head is female as she is the only one who managed to develop a split personality. The Fujyous - Traditionally served as the supporters and doctors while the other clans were hunting the fiends in the front line. Retained an extensive record of supernatural anatomy and biology. Considered eliminated. The Asagamis - The most spiritually aware of the four clans. This clan served as the prophets and spies. The women held the power within the family, but for an unknown reason they were prone to lose sight and become blind. The Nanayas - The most extremist of the four clans. The Nanayas were the assassins. They empowered their generations of hunters through incest, thickening their already psychic blood over and over. In the end, the degree of inhumanity their members exhibited alienated the other clans and they became the first to be attacked by the demon-blooded clans. Status perks: (It's been a long while since I read anything mechanical, so I'll just describe how the effects'd be like.) 1 - Through countless generations of selective breeding, the Clans have come to saturate their veins with such fine blood that almost all members can feel the presence of supernatural phenomena around them. 3 - Though the Clans have fallen, their connections and allies are still mostly strong. The character knows where the mystically aware doctors are as well as the sponsors whose ancestors swore endless servitude to the Clans for their protection. 5 - The character is most likely one of the surviving heads of the clans. She will probably exhibit the most potent psychic powers the Clans have come to possess, depending on the clan her blood comes from. Perhaps a Dread Power? Endowments (if any) Though the Clans do possess supernatural traits while remaining largely human, they don't really have many of them. Perhaps some Dread Powers might be accessible (since they are so prone to killing sprees already anyways.)
  14. The Beast was once a Galateid Centimanus. He was consumed with vanity, of course. He had the power to create any kind of servant he wanted in any shape or form, and with his beauty, it was not difficult to procure the best parts for his creations. However, one day, a Qashmallim visited his castle of fascinating horrors, and he did not recognize who it truly was. He mistreated the entity because of its ugly shape. In return, it conjured a terrible Firestorm throughout the entierty of the castle which ravaged the Promethean of his beauty and his statuesque offsprings into awkward... things. It warned the Beast that, unless he learns where true beauty lies, he will be stuck with his hideous form forever. One day, a girl walks into this castle, seeking for her father who has become lost in the forest. She is struck with wonder at the residents of the castle who are both people and things, like clocks, chairs, candleholders and such. Then she meets the master of the castle, the Beast, whose grotesqueness disquiets her deeply... as if it were an instinct. It was odd, as the girl was known for her kindness, but perhaps that just shows how ugly the Beast was. Then, she discovers that her father has been put into the castle's dungeon because of his misbehavior and will be kept forever. Out of love for her father, she offers to trade places with him. Therefore is the girl sentenced to spend the rest of her life in the castle. She tries to become used to the castle, but she has a hard time overcoming the sense of wrongness throughout the place. The various servants of the castle are rather amusing folks, but they are not really people. Not just because they sometimes are teacups and mirrors, but because they behave as if they were things, made to serve a specific purpose, not as if they were real humans. The Beast himself is also strange to the utmost; he says he was once human, but he simply cannot understand how a human would think or feel. Does the Beast lie? Is he keeping her for a foul purpose? Doubts and fears overwhelm her regardless of the degree of hospitality the Beast and his servants offer. Though, she tries. She eventually learns to ignore the disquiet the Beast's body gives her and begins to treat him as a real person. The Beast's Pyros burns, once again and brightly. When he allows the girl to leave the castle to save her father, who has become lost in the forest once again, he unknowingly prepares the ritual that will transmute his Pyros into a real soul. He contemplates the meaning of the act he has just done, and what exactly compelled him to allow such a thing... however, the girl and her father are forced to tell the townsfolk about the Beast, and simply by hearing about the foul thing drives the crowd into panic and hatred. The Disquiet takes them to such a degree that they are irrationally obsessed with destroying the monster, and to do this, they lock up the girl and her father so they may not distract the mob. Seeing the crowd coming to destroy him and his castle, the Beast becomes weak and without resolve. His servants fight bravely to protect the estate, but they are unable to defeat the town's champion, who challenges the Beast to a duel. He fights half-heartedly, seeing no point in winning the battle, which he could have done easily with the myriad of Transmutations the Promethean has learned over the centuries. His unnatural vitality betrays him, and he is subjected to a lengthy and torturous murder... but when he realizes that the girl has fought the mob to come to see him again, the fire burns again with the will to live so hotly his tormentor is scorched to death by the passion. When the girl arrives to him, the Beast is about to become destroyed. Even though he is capable of withstanding much harm, his Pyros has withered over the decades of solitude and misery and will not be able to sustain him much longer. Content with how things turned out, the Beast calmly accepts this final death in his lover's embrace. Yet, the girl sheds a tear of losing him... and it becomes the catalyst of the Beast's lost Great Work. -------- I was watching the musical adapation of the Beauty and the Beast, and it occured to me how easy it would be to turn the story into a Promethean story. :|