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  1. I'm doing some pre-embrace sessions with my players, and one is a clean-cut lawyer with his own office, with a smattering of support office staff. Obviously, the easiest clan to pair him up with is Ventrue.... but I'm looking for reasons other Clans might give him the Embrace. What Clan do you think would be most interesting and why?
  2. How rare are the old books now?

    I'm still working on my collection, but I'm getting closer to completion.
  3. has anyone playtested V5 yet?

    I played it late one night at GenCon last year... It was fun, and the ST was great, but my group was rough. I wonder how many of them were really fishmalk players.
  4. so A3 B3 is not possible, in this instance? (just for clarification purposes)
  5. Hello folks. It's been forever since I've been around here. I just started playing in a Mage game with a few friends, and I've got a couple questions, since the text confuses me. 1) When picking Arcana, I really only need two dots in one of my major arcana, and then I can disperse two points to any other Arcana, the none in another, and one in another? I'm not clear on exactly how many points must be spent in my Major and Inferior Arcana, and the outside Arcana. 2) Rotes: When picking my six dots of Rotes, I can only pick spells which state my Order can use them, right? Other than that, they have to be cast as improvised, right? I just want to make sure I'm going by the general rules instead of the ST's homegrown rules, or at least have knowledge of how it's supposed to be done, by the book, because I'm confused.