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  1. Why You Should Avoid Buying V5 - Bad News

    Well, not having seen the finished product I find it very hard to judge anything. However, Vampire has always been a power fantasy. Heck, I remember people from my college days who identified themselves in terms of a Vampire clan or Garou tribe. I mean, I almost thought they really believed they were vampires or werewolves. This was back in the '90s and these were as much adults as I, who plainly knew how ridiculous this was. So I'm not sure that part is new or how much the new edition actually caters to this element.
  2. Christopher Robin

    Yes, the real story of Christopher Robin was rather sad. He ended up thinking that Pooh had ruined his life.
  3. Christopher Robin

    What's everyone think of this?
  4. Music that reminds you of VtM

  5. Sales targets for 5e

    I got no idea. While the numbers probably won't be as big as its heyday, Vampire is still a popular product. I don't know how much of a cash cow it is, since I have literally not spent money directly on it in years, but I guess anyone can dream.
  6. Clan suggestions - Clean-cut lawyer

    Lasombra Brujah if more the activist type of lawyer Tremere is also a possibility Toreador perhaps for your con-man type lawyer Nosferatu might make it an interesting struggle to keep his business
  7. Looking for an old fanmade VtM adventure

    Do you remember the name of it?
  8. Lyrics that make you think Demon!

  9. Things I will do if I am ever the Vampire

    "I will never once in my life say 'Blah blah bleh', except when I say that I don't ever say it."
  10. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThingsIWillDoIfIAmEverTheVampire I did have to laugh a lot at these.
  11. Have You Seen This ... Man?

    He would have been easier to do on film if they left him like he was in the book. It's not even clear in the book if Adam (the creature's given name) was made from corpses, as in every adaptation since, or if Victor just stole the corpses to study anatomy for building him (I guess out of primordial clay like a Golem).
  12. How about you? What puts you in the mood to howl at that bad, bad moon?
  13. Music that reminds you of VtM

    An oldie but a goody:
  14. has anyone playtested V5 yet?

    Louisiana in the bad old USA
  15. has anyone playtested V5 yet?

    No gaming group to try it with. Looked like some interesting ideas, but no idea how well they work.
  16. The flame of Vengeance still smoulders.

  17. FIRST POST OF 2017

    Wow. Good to see you guys are back.
  18. Mayan Apocalypse End Of The World And Other Garbage

    All I can say is if the apocalypse happened and *this* is the afterlife I got, I am darn disappointed.
  19. "Believe it or not, Twinkies have an expiration date. Some day very soon, Life's little Twinkie gauge is gonna go... empty. " - Tallahasse, "Zombieland"

  20. The Twinkie Apocalypse is upon us! Oh, what fresh hell is this?

  21. Oh, what fresh hell is this?

  22. Killed fifteen zombies last night. Can't figure out why they were all carrying candy...

    1. Selkiss


      Hah! That is fantastic. Sugar is brain food so maybe it is tied in with that.